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  1. Cheeky lot ain't they! With regards to SAR - I've also been told they can't be actioned for the deceased, is it worth sending one anyway, saying in effect 'as executor of his will, please send me all the details you have on my father [name]' etc? Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Congrats! I'm just starting all this journey for my late father's cards etc, so it's nice to read about successes with historic accounts.
  3. Could I use an agent to determine whether PPI has been paid, then do it myself? Or is it not worth the hassle?
  4. Wonderful, thank you. I did try and ask each (when closing his credit cards) whether PPI had been paid - two banks said they don't have that info, and one said she'd transfer me to the relevant department and then hung up. This bodes well, I assume...
  5. Hello, Pretty simple question really. My father died a few weeks ago, I'm his oldest daughter (not even 30 yet, never thought I'd be planning his funeral at this age). We've since discovered he had three credit cards, and has three interest only mortgages, and two repayment mortgages (4 were buy to let properties, bought so mum would have a bit of an income should anything happen to him - all pre-2008 so needless to say selling isn't an option). Dad was quite financially savvy so it's very unlikely he'd have paid PPI - but we'd like to double check to ensure he wasn't paying f
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