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Found 17 results

  1. Forgive me if I'm rambling, but can someone point me to some advice about power of attorney. My aunt has vascular dementia and her faculties are not good. She has issues with her short term memory and now long term is starting to be affected. My wife and I have been looking after her for the last 14 years, but the dementia has only been over the last year. Auntie owns a cottage and a small amount of land. We are now having issues with her step family - they're all coming out of the wood work and you can probably guess why. We've finally got her gp to diagnose the dement
  2. Hi All, Thank you for all your help over the many years - been a long journey but almost there. Now that I have the strength and knowledge (from here) to take on the financial system in this country, I'm now trying to help my elderly Dad fight back. My Dad was always in control of financial affairs in the past but for the last few years now has become less able to deal with the modern world and now he is showing early sign of dementia. It came as quite a shock to find out that he has 6 credit cards which are now leaving him with no pension to live on. It became noticeable las
  3. Mum has Power of Attorney for her husband who has Parkinsons and lewy body dementia. Whilst she's managing the day to day stuff, she is really struggling to cope with finances, not least because she's caring full time and doesn't get 5 minutes to herself most days. She's asked me for help with sorting out Dad's bank account as there's lots of payments going out every month that she knows nothing about. Spent a day yesterday going through all the paperwork she has (she saves everything, but Dad went through a phase of throwing everything away without opening it just before he was diagnosed
  4. Hi I have found myself with a new problem. My Mother who is 82 years old went into residential care with advanced Dementia 6 weeks ago. I was her registered Carer, I helped with her finances but when she went into care I could no longer afford the minimum payments on her credit card. I notified the Co-operative Bank explaining the situation, sent a copy of the Mental Health form completed by her GP and a copy of the Power of Attorney. The Co-op are now requesting I take an original certified copy of the POA into a Branch, the nearest being in another town, before they can spe
  5. My Mum In Law is in a local care home and today I received a letter from the home asking for a copy of the Power Of Attorney for her, which we do not have. The same letter also stated that if we do not have Power Of Attorney for her, the home would look into appointing an Advocate or Welfare Deputy through the Court of Protection. Can anyone please advise what this is at all? I do not want to visit the home to talk about the letter without first being at least aware of what it all means. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. My brother in law obtained POA over my son without consulting me, My son tells me he never asked for his uncle to become his POA, I cannot get access to my sons accounts (at his request) indeed my son cannot view the state of his account himself, My son wishes to cancel the POA. where do I stand in this matter
  7. i have just been given power of attorney over my father , his grandson is 45 and been living with my father rent free bill free all his life, my father has been in a home for over a year and the grandson has been using my fathers bank card, there is a police investigation due to over 10 thousand pound being stolen from my fathers account the outcome of this investigation is near , but my question is , i have asked the grandson for the spare set of keys for the house as i need access to the house paper work ect but he has refused to hand the keys over to me , i want to do this the correct way ,
  8. please redirect if posted in wrong place mother in law has dementia wanders got ran over 3 weeks ago thank goodness not to bad. had mental capacity test done in one hospital conclusion lack of it. moved to different rehab unit they at first said they wouldn't accept other hospitals conclusion her home social services did the test. how do we as a family apply for both financial and medical power of attorney she cant consent herself
  9. Please does anyone know how companies and specifically banks, appoint employees to have Power of Attorney and where I can find that information I have tried Companies House
  10. I am asking for advice on behalf of my partner. My partner jointly signed a power of attorney along with his sister back in 2004 regarding his father's affairs. Over time his father has suffered bouts of ill health and stays in hospital. Last time he was in hospital he told my partner he didn't want to go home; however my sister persuaded him to go home against his wishes. Her concern was that if he went into a nursing home there would be no inheritance left. Anyway my father has since suffered further ill health and is indeed now in a care home. My partner's sist
  11. Hi, I`m not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this but dont know where else to look. I have a parent (My mum) who is disabled with multiple sclerosis. since 2010 she has been in a care home as my Dad tool ill at this time and he was her main carer. He passed away in late 2010. My dad was her appointee and dealt with her benefits and when he passed this was transfered to me. He also had left a pension which should of paid my mum a lump sum of money and a widows pension on a monthly basis. I have tried to claim this on my mothers behalf but they refused blank saying I need
  12. Since 2002 I have had an EPA for my husband which states "to be my attorney for the general purpose of the Enduring Powers of Attorney Act 1985 with general authority to act on my behalf in relation to all my property and affairs" The only institution I am having trouble with is Natwest Bank. I do have online access to his account but they are refusing to change the address. I'm pretty sure the address they have is from 2008 which is where they are sending the post to - but they won't confirm this. The excuse is Data Protection! They tell me that the EPA only covers me for de
  13. I am a carer for my elderly uncle who put a lasting Power of Attorney in place when he had a spell of ill health. There have not been any problems with the health side of the POA but when I went to his bank to register the Financial POA they said that once I registered it with them he would be denied all access to his accounts and I would resume all responsibility. I naively thought that the POA could be attached to his account ready to act on his behalf as and when needed. I walked away from the bank at that time as I didn't want to deprive my uncle access to the money in his curr
  14. hi all i need some advice for my inlaws on what route to take next. I will post a complaint letter for you to read that we sent to Allguard, its easier to read the letter to know what has gone on and any help or advice anyone can give would be much appreciated this is the letter we sent Dear Sir / Madam, I amwriting to you concerning our ‘Power of Attorney‘to make a formal complaint. In May 2012 we had a leaflet posted through our doorabout Allguards services and what you provide. On the 25th June 2012we sent a text message to Mr **** asking him to visit our home
  15. The New York Attorney General has sued JP Morgan Chase for allegedly defrauding investors who lost more than $20bn (£12bn) on mortgage-backed securities sold by Bear Stearns http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19795646
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