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Found 9 results

  1. In 2012 my father received a demand letter from a company called Mackenzie Hall saying that they were collecting a debt acquired from the Lending Stream. He had no recollection of any kind of contact with either company or even a need to use this form of borrowing. He was 77 years old at the time and not in the best of health and housebound unless others took him out. MH were dealt with through correspondence asking for copies of agreements and proof of any transactions which they could not do so. They could only provide so called figures of the original amount, payments made and interest applied. I also contacted the police in case any fraud had been committed obtaining a crime number. I checked all his bank records and no transactions matching or resembled any of this or any of the companies involved. I provided all of this to MH and that the next step would be to involve the police further and my father’s local MP. He received nothing again after that last letter over 4 years ago. This week he called me at work in a right state saying that he has received another letter from a company called Asset Collections and Investigations Ltd referring to a fixed sum loan of £575 from the Lending Stream dated 03/08/2012. Which has now been assigned to them with effect from 22 August 2016 with all its rights, title, interest and benefits in and to the assigned documents and the debt. Quoting a client ref number, balance of £1672.00 their ref number and a PIN number Paragraph about debt has been registered with various agencies. To avoid further collection activity and potential legal action, please contact us no later then noon 02/09/2016. We will be happy to discuss an affordable repayment plan. We would also like to discuss the possibility of a reduced settlement payment to clear your account. Collections Department I would appreciate your advice as to next steps as I really concerned that this could tip my father over the edge, if they start sending letters like MH did. Best regards KDA2016
  2. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me I was a previous member of Lifestyle Fitness when the gym first opened December 2012 to which I signed up to a monthly rolling contract of £17.99. After cancelling my membership in November 2015 I was phoned weekly numerous times and then sent an email from the manager Jason Lombard trying to get me to re-join. I sent an email stating that I would CONSIDER it under the same terms of my previous membership i.e monthly rolling contract £17.99. After a phone call explaining this to him. I then received an email from him that a new membership had been set up (he never specified a type) I checked my bank account and a DD was in place however I had not signed anything neither did I receive a membership contract like the one where I initially signed up. I cancelled the direct debit immediately and no payment was taken. I have then been pursued by Credit Resolution Services claiming that I had entered into a 12 month annual membership at £17.99 and that I know 'owe' £397.60. These con artists continue to pursue me through SMS messages, Recorded phone calls and emails. Despite emailing and phoning them to clarify that I did not agree to this they have not been interested in trying to resolve this and are unable to send me a membership agreement. This begun on January 26th, 2016. I have entered the stage of 'Spratt endicott' solictors. I've also used Resolver and tried to direct message Lifestyle Fitness on facebook. As CAB advised me to send them a letter to the complaints department funnily enough there is no form of contact details for such a department. Please help
  3. Assisting a friend, an "account" from what I can see is Stat B, she has just received a letter saying its not as a payment of £5 was made a year ago, is there a template "Prove it" letter, and should the letter and any responses be sent to FCA and TS? Many thanks
  4. Hello, I recently tried to renew insurance for my van, on telephoning the company i was with I was told that I had 3 claims on the cue database which tripled the cost of a new policy. Having more than one person on the policy I could not be sure that this information was not correct and so allowed the company to cancel my insurance policy due to non disclosure of claims. When I rang a different company to get a quote only one claim was present on the database. The claim in question was supposedly ongoing at the time of talking to the first company but by the time I rang the second it had changed to an at fault, closed claim for near £600. I do not believe this information to be true, I have received no mail regarding the claim and it was a very minor incident at slow speed with no real damage. My new policy is now threatening to cancel due to non disclosure of claims. I believe that 2 of the claims have been fabricated and the third has been exaggerated. When I phone the company I am put of hold indefinatly. What should I do? How can I ensure that I get truthful information regarding the open/closed exaggerated claim?
  5. just a quick one friends got a dca (cabot) after him debt he knows nothing abou8t but has been registered to his credit file they are telling him theres been 16 put in last month am i right in thinking they have to prove where that is from?
  6. Hi Guys In the event of requesting a CCA or DSAR and sending payment for the requested information, they attempt or align it to the debt to reset the SB 5 / 6 year period etc. While we all know that it doesn't... A certain DCA I've come into contact recently assisting a friend has aligned it to the debt and claimed that a £1 payment has been made to reset the SB period. What's they best way to combat this? If this was to hit court then how would you defend this?
  7. Had a letter today from the above re an alleged debt. the debt would be sb by now as we have not had debts for over 6 years. the statement part of the letter says 20 apr 11 payment rec'd thank you £5.00 now i know for a fact that this has not been payed by me or my wife. should I just ignore or go to battle? Is there a letter where a phantom payment has been made?
  8. Hi, today I had a letter from minicredit.co.uk about a loan that I knew nothing about I don't know what else I can do I have talked to my bank and they are sending the money, they apparently sent to me says in this letter they tried to call / text / email me but this is the first time Ive heard from them why would they start a loan without getting confirmation from the person who is meant to be setting it up! what can I do ?
  9. Has anyone ever had a problem with the DWP activating a debt for overpayment when you weren't even signing on? I am having money taken for an overpayment in January 2006 from Hull Jobcentre (for a job I was supposed to have done) when I wasn't signing on and not even living in the Hull catchment area, I was living off the proceeds of my house and credit cards. I did sign on later that year in late September when I was living near Hull. I can't seem to get them to grasp the fact that even if I did a job then it was none of their business as I wasn't signing on. I am awaiting written details of all this but to date have not received anything apart from a letter from the Hull jobcentre manager confirming that there are no papers for that time and that I am still liable for £138.04 in total (£65.40 has already been deducted). Anybody out there who can advise I would be grateful.
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