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Found 5 results

  1. I'm abroad and my mom is senile. She said she found a very nice old gentlemen that has been running errands for her. She has a few properties that she rents out. The guy managed to find my mom(landlord) through city council or land registry. Not sure. I think she said the guy was looking for some investments. Then today I finally got his email address and decided to google him. http://www.federalmanagement.co.uk/add-news/st-albans-director-disqualified-after-diverting-500000/ Is this something to be concern? I don't quite fully understand it. But it seems like the company borrowed money from the bank but he didn't pay the bank off when he made 500k from it. Plus the money seems to be funneled somewhere else? edit: not sure why the topic was changed. But original was : "This guy is probably [problem]ming my mom?"
  2. Hi all, So I found out last night my father of 74, is [causing problems] people by selling them fake brand named guitars, that he buys brand new from China. I live with him, so I noticed he started buying guitars sometime back, then would sell them on, nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, but then I realised he's buying guitars from a Chinese ebay style site, with the Gibson or Fender branding for about £150-£200, plays with them for a while, then lists them on Gumtree/friday ad as "original" (non fake), with the description of the guitar copied/pasted from the Gibson or Fender website, one such listing he is going to make soon says "This guitar cost just over £2000 new. Any sensible offer with be considered." When he told me what he planned to do, I said I didn't agree with it and how wrong it is, but he just turns his back on me and carries on. I have no love for my father, for reasons just like this, so I'm wondering, what's the best course of action? *(S c a m is a bad word here?)
  3. Parcel2Go are still scammming their fraud service. I sold item on Ebay for £50. I sent parcel by them and insured it for £50 Two weeks later still not recieved so customer reported me to Ebay who took £56 out of my bank. I asked P2G for refund but as of this date they are still refusing to pay bu claiming they cannot recieve attachments to emails so cannot get proof of nondelivery - yet they gave me a chart showing that the depot had handed the parcel to the courier and the courier had 'lost ie stolen it'. It seems they have a bad record of this and numerous complaints so it looks like they are operating a nice little fraud and my case may just be the tip of the iceberg.
  4. Hi, I feel into arrears with my council tax bill and as such the council applied for a liability order and passed the debt for collection to Rundles. Having read the advice not to deal with the Bailiffis I cleared my account direct with the council. I requested my outstanding balance and paid this amount in full. On requesting a statement I noticed that as well as paying off the debt i'd paid off this years account in full + over £200 in fees to Rundles. Currently the council is holding this money on my account waiting for Rundles to invoice it to them at which point they will pay it. The fees are as following; £24.50 Visit Fee - January 2013 £18 Visit fee - February 2013 £28 Levy Fee March 2013 £150 Attendance / Van March 2013 (Same date as the Levy fee). I am also being charged a visit fee for a different liability order, this visit was on the same date as the February visit and has been billed a further £24.50. So having had zero contact with Rundles I am being billed £245 for their non existent services. Rundles have never knocked at my door and have never arrived with a van. I live in a maisonette so there is nothing outside of my property to levy. Having discussed this with the council they don't give a fudge, they believe Rundles wouldn't lie and they will not entertain a dispute. My first step has been to report this to the Police who have given me a crime reference number but where do I go next?
  5. Hi everyone, 2 weeks ago i visited Scarborough in North Yorkshire, I parked in the Pavilion Square car park, I purchased my ticket exactly 1 minute after arriving, I left about 45 mins before my ticket expired; the thing is I did not realise I had to input my reg number in the ticket machine. I received a parking ticket to day for £80.00, I still have the original ticket so i sent them an email with the ticket number on, my question is: can they do anything, and if they keep giving me hassle can i do anything; many thanks in advance.
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