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  1. Well, we are looking for help and advice regarding United Utilities, our water bill is now £1,121.27 and we have been struggling to pay, i have requested a payment card so we can start paying towards the bill, however today they sent letter demanding the full amount in 30 days if we don`t pay they will start court action. Over the last few months both our wages have been reduced over £400.00 month so in reals terms we cannot pay all our bills. They have attached income form so happy to fill in and return which clearly shows we just don`t have the income or funds to pay in full. I hav
  2. 18 months ago I moved out of my parents house into my first flat (renting) I thought that I'd set up all of my payments (gas, electric, council tax etc), Today I received a letter from united utilities saying they have recently found that my address is occupied and are going to send me a water bill. I've looked over my previous statements, and yes, I didn't inform UU that I'd moved in. I know this was extremely stupid! Obviously I have to ring them and sort this out, I have the money to pay for 18 months worth of bills, but am just afraid of what to expect when I call.
  3. Enforcement Undertakings accepted from United Utilities READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enforcement-undertakings-accepted-from-united-utilities
  4. Hello, I hope I have posted this in the right place! I am utterly upset and shocked by this letter. Today I have received a letter from Northampton County Court advising that I owe £534.24 plus costs to UU. Now I do not dispute this bill at all as it is my annual 2017 - 2018 bill however my issues are as follows; - I had a zero balance with UU up until the most recent bill was issued on 1st April - The bill itself stated that I needed to pay £267.12 on 1st April and £267.12 on 1st October - I knew I wasn't able to afford the April payment so called them
  5. Hello. I am having issues trying to pay an outstanding water bill to United Utilities, it's a final water and wastewater bill. I received this bill a few days ago at a property I gave as a forwarding address when I moved house back in May ( this bill is for the last few months that I lived at the property ). I have contacted the number(s) on this bill and they connect to a company called Orbit which is a debt collection agency. I informed them That I wanted to deal with this bill through United utilities and not Orbit but they weren't having it. I rang Unite
  6. Hi guys, not posted for a while on here! Does anybody know anything about United Kash? They are based in Ipswich as far as I can tell. I had a SpeedCredit PDL years ago I never fully repaid as they kept demanding I repay like £3000 for a £400 loan. I've just ignored it, and as far as I know, SC dissolved a while back. I hadn't heard a thing until the last month, when this company have started contacting me demanding I repay this debt originally from MCO capital. I've received this lovely threat e-mail: We have written to you previously requesting that y
  7. Please does anyone have any advice on this? The facts as they have been reported to me: Mr X leaves the property in 2008. Mrs X remains at the property and there is a verbal agreement that she will transfer the utility bills to her name. Mr X still legally owns the property until it is repossesed by the bank in 2010. In 2015 Mr X obtains a copy of his Equifax credit report and discovers that United Utilities have registered a default dated March 2015. Unitied Utilities will not remove the default as they say Mr X did not notify them he had moved/was no longer
  8. Good Morning all, My partner received an official 4 page court letter from United Utilities today. We usually pay monthly, and have missed the last 3 payments. We have had trouble accessing the online account to set things up from there - however it displayed an old address. We had intentions of ringing up and setting the DD up but it was forgotten about. We have received no reminder letters, or any 3rd part debt collector letters in the meantime - if we had, we'd have setup and paid up - as it's only a small amount. The Form we have received says Claim Form, and we can res
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help. An OAP became very sick, was hospitalised and is recovering further in a nursing home. This has been over three months. Is she entitled to a water rates discount since she is not on a metre but her property has been empty and I can vouch that no water has been used. She has records that she has been in hospital and living at the nursing home. She lives alone. She was advised that because she can not prove that no water has been used they wont discount her. But it didn't sound right to me. Thanks
  10. Hi All, I need some help. I have received a claim form in my name from UU. I have acknowledged via MCOL but I have been away and not been able to get some traction on this. PoC is laid out below but here is a brief summary of the situation. Water Bill and some others in my home were transferred into my wife's name whilst I handled others. It appear this was not effected at UU despite them confirming this at the time. Wife tells me no bills have been sent to her and I just assumed it was being paid. Now out of the blue a claim in my name. Rang UU to discuss and possibly come to an agr
  11. Hi, On the 13th May I received a payment reminder from United Utilities. The bill was dated on the 24/04/15 and strangely arrived on the 13/05/15. I double checked to see if I misplaced the first bill and it appears I have not received no bills from United Utilities since my last payment in January. I did not think much so I paid the full amount online. Today I receive another letter from United Utilities legal department demanding that I pay £157 which is double the amount what they were initially asking. I never have issues paying on time, I am very angered by the late arriv
  12. Hello friends, First post so please excuse my very minor knowledge in the matter I need help/advice with. Lat week a bailiff from Crewe county court knocked on my door stating he had a warrant from the court regarding a ccj issued on behalf of United utilities water plc, I said I had no knowledge of the issue and he left, he left a mesage on my answer machine the following day asking me to call him. After reading information from various sites I decided not to call (unsure how I should have proceeded or what I would say) I came home last night and a letter had bee
  13. Will try and keep this short, I owed United utilities £500 for water which they sent to scottcall. I worked with them (regret that now) and set up a £50 a month plan. I made the first payment via standing order so I didn't give them my details, it never arrived on my account. I loaded with UU who said they had resolved it and I had paid it wrong so scottcall kept it in a holding account. I have proof I sent it where they told me. I've kicked up a fuss been verbally abused by scottcall threatening to call at my house, so I inf
  14. Hi My father in law died in FEb this year, he was in a care home with his wife who has alzeimers from September 2013, They have a house that no one lives in, however nothing can be done with this as we are waiting to find out if the house has to be sold to pay for his wifes care home fees. I check the mail regulary and we kept getting letters from a dect collection agency over the water rates, I phoned them and informed them that he had died (the letters were always addressed to him), they told me they would update sytem, Today I have received a county court c
  15. Good Afternoon, I have received a County Court Summons from United Utilities Water for claim for unpaid bills for water used etc. I live in a rented apartment and water is supplied through a meter. I first became concerned in 2012 when I received a bill for water use that seemed particularly high (for one person living alone). After some investigation and telephone call with United Utilities, I discovered that the water meters at this building are connected incorrectly and the meter registered to my apartment is NOT connected to my apartment. I have established this by turning
  16. I have just recently checked my Equifax report to check that all is well and United Utilities is now showing the last five months status. I am up to date with my water bill but this account was opened in July 2000 and I have never signed a credit agreement with them or given them my date of birth
  17. Hi I normally post on the site with my own problems but I'm emailing for my sister. she got into arrears with united utilities for water rates to the sum of 2k. She buried her head and in Dec also ignored a court summons. All this is in her husbands name who until this week had no idea about any of it. Last Fri a high court bailiff turned up at her house from Marsden demanding full payment or to sieze goods. After discussions he said if she could make a payment of 1k he was sure they could come to an arrangement for the balance. She borrowed the money of
  18. before Christmas we had some financial issues the monthly payment for UU couldn't be paid -I actually cancelled it to avoid charges. After Christmas I got a single reminder letter for the bill -about £180 pound left. at the start of Jan I logged onto the online service and set up the direct debit, this would clear the full balance via 3 higher direct debits before the end of March ready for the next bill to start as normal. This was accepted online and I also received a email confirmation a few days later. last week I got court papers from UU for the bill.
  19. Hi, this is an enquiry on behalf of a friend of mine (he is 65 so was not quite on the ball with bills etc). He received his United Utilities water bill in March 2013 (for the year 2013/2014), it asked that he pay 50% in April and 50% in August. He normally pays it in full straight away, but due to his financial situation hadn't paid it at the time. He mentioned it to me so I told him to bring his bill round and I would look into setting up a direct debit. On 31 May 2013 I set him up an online account and tried to set up a direct debit for him, but, their website wouldn't allow me
  20. How can I defend a court action with United Utilities for this years water bill? We had always paid direct from our income support for our water but this stopped without us being informed last October. When we got this years bill through I thought it would be paid the same way. We got in touch with them when we found out this wasn't happening but they said we had to pay them direct- no other option. Got in touch with DWP who said they would look at setting it up again. They didn't. Was in touch with United Utilities in July to say we were trying to get this set up. In August got
  21. Hi all, new user here, hope someone can help? I've recently received a county court judgement summons from northampton county court bulk centre on mon 20/5/2013, they are claiming that i owe them £3K! for "water charges and any such other charges relating to such at my address" for period to 31/3/2014! (didn't think you could charge for a service that you hadn't provided). The problem being that i've not had any bills or correspondence from them for years! apart from the generic leaflet through the door informing me that they were conducting work in the road (which
  22. Hi All I have today received a County Court claim from United Utilities for my water bill for period March 2013 to March 2014. I have some knowledge of law etc and in my opinion surely they can not take me to court for services not yet delivered. surely they can only claim for period March 2013 to todays date and not for the full 12 months. If I where to leave this property today , and move into a tent not requiring a water supply for arguments sake, then in theory I would have paid for water services to this property with no way of getting that money back. Anyone
  23. I would be grateful if anybody could give advice on this problem. On Tuesday I opened my business and a woman followed me in handed me a red card and said I have to disconnect your water because of non payment of bill. I asked her to wait whilst I checked if the bill of £139 was outstanding, anyway due to an oversight the bill was outstanding. I offered to pay but she said I would have to phone united utilities and pay by debit card. I asked her to wait whilst I did this but she said she couldn't and went ahead and disconnected the water. I phoned united utilities paid the bill but was then to
  24. Hi For months now I have been given the run around by United Utilities. Background: I am in terrible poverty and have been too unwell to fight for any benefits, and I am too unwell to sign on. My friends help me out with bare essentials. My landine was cut off as I couldn't afford to pay, I have had no hot water and because of no heating my house is full of black mould...etc. etc.etc. I am sure you get the idea. I am holding onto the hope that soon I will be well enough to sign on or get a part time job. In the meantime my water bill has mounted up to over £750. I ex
  25. Received a so called letter from Northampton (bulking office) court saying that i had had a CCJ put against my name for non payment of water charges !! and that a bailiff would be calling to collect payment !! First of all this is the first I knew about a CCJ Second United Utillies have not responded to any of my letters or Emails with my payment offers so i class this as in dispute I havent had a letter about court date (to go and fight my corner ) which i believe i should have !! Ive put a letter on my gate Removing all Implied Right of Acess to my property
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