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  1. Thankyou. Is there a Authorisation letter on here anywhere ? Lisa xxx
  2. Hi, I have been asked by my sister in law to try and get the PPI back for her Dad who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her father is Deaf, and uses sign language and has all his life. He has had loans from his bank (Yorkshire) in the past. She is going to look through his paper work, but doubts that she will find anything, so I thought sending a SAR & a CCA request at the same time, shall I send 2 separate postal orders? one for £10.00 and the other for £1.00? My question is, should he pass away in the process, what would happen? Also is there a lette
  3. Like this ? To the Practice Manager I _____________________ hereby give permission for you to discuss with ........any information relating to my recently diagnosed medical condition, including making any appointments on my behalf and discussing of any test results as of (Insert Date) As a registered Deaf person, I am unable to be contacted via phone to discuss any plans or make appointments which could possibly lead to a long delay in any treatment or further care, so please contact the above. Sincerely I just want it to look ok
  4. Hi all, A friends father is profoundly deaf, and he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He cannot discuss anything over the phone, etc, so it would be easier for his daughter to be given access/permission to discuss any appointments, care etc for him on his behalf. he is happy to do this, as it is now looking like an care plan will need to be put together soon as it is untreatable, a nd without it, his daughter would struggle to discuss info with medical professionals. Is there anyone who knows anything about what this letter should say, we have be
  5. Hi all, Thanks again for you help, I just need a bit more! I sent an email to DR+ saying that I had proof they had incorrect reg number, and they asked for it, I sent them a copy but they couldn't open it, so I said, tuff, send me to court, this was their response Thank you for your email regarding the above Parking Charge Notice (PCN). As per the British Parking Association’s (BPA) Code of Practice, Point 22.7, the driver/keeper/hirer was allowed 28 days from the date the PCN was issued to challenge the PCN. The time to challenge the charge has now expired and ther
  6. Just an update and thanks everyone for responding! I have yesterday received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus, demanding £150.00, which I have replied via email to them telling them that I won't be paying and why. Everytime I get a letter form a different company I will always respond …. ONCE, then if by any chance It does go to court, I have shown that I have been reasonable, I expect my next letter will be off a Solicitor, to which I will also respond, and then that's it, until I get court papers, which I really hope they do take it this far. Just wondering though, if the c
  7. Hi All, In June this year, me and my lovey hubby took a trip to the Local Cinema, which was very nice, till we got out. Parking ticket on my window, as my hubby, displayed the Disabled badge the wrong way. Fare cop and all, and was willing to pay etc. I decided that I was going to phone them on the Monday, and when I called and gave them the reg no of my car, they said that there was nothing on that Reg number, on closer look at the ticket, the Reg no is different. Slightly, but it's still wrong. I left it, as really they can apply to the DVLA for my
  8. Me too Grams Granby, its neo he is still waiting to hear... Hopefully it will get sorted out, you know Ste he will work something out. Cobra
  9. no lisa, wait till you get the court date and the court will ask you to send the documents that you want to rely on, this being the court bundle. Lisaxx
  10. well i havent heard anything from t/s or either catalogue upto date, which to be honest suits me fine. dont really know where to go, as t/s are as useless as a chocolate fireguard. my mums happy that they have stopped mithering her, i would be happy if they took her to court, then at least we would have an end to it at least. lisaxx
  11. i would send them a reminder on around the 30th day, then after the 40th day if you havent received your statements then i would complain to the ICO, and send them the lba for unknown/estimate amount. lisa
  12. if you have sent them the letter before action, and they dont frefund the charges, then it will be time to file in court, you will need 3 x n1 claim forms to do this or you can file online. click here to download the n1 claim form n1 form of click here to claim online mcol particulars of claim you will need this to fill in your n1 claim form. best of luck lisa
  13. hi there, the local trading standards have got the info on littlewoods at the moment. they said that they were going to speak to the home authority today and get back to me, havent heard any thing yet. they did say though that an application is an agreement to which i said but there is nothing on it about the apr etc etc which should be on a agreement, she agreed with that. i said and if the application was valid why would they send out a unsigned credit agreement. we will see what happens. lisaxx
  14. hi all, well i have sent the letter asking for them to refund all the money paid to them, they have not done so. i was wondering where to go from here. how do i go about getting the money back, if not all of it them at least the charges. what do i put on the particulars of claim etc etc. cheers lisaxx
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