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  1. This has just happened to me but with next direct/lowell.... i sent a template i found on here that as they didnt respond to request within the 12+2 days the template i found says they cant sell on the debts as they failed to respond and I asked to remove from report....... Lowell say investigating..... Next say they wont remove it from report.... but its gone its not there anymore on my report hoping its gone for good......
  2. yes i will do this but i just wondered if i manage to pay the lender back in full at some point will they ever remove the default or not...
  3. Oh right so even if i started paying something again and getting back on track they wont eventually turn the account live again to good standing once payments are upto date?.... ie is it always going to be default status now no matter if i pay it back or not? I dont have a lump sum but may be able to get my sister in law to lend a bit until i get back on my feet, i would only accept this though once im back in work again. I hate owing money i really really want to get back on track asap
  4. oh right thanks for clarifying that - i assumed as soon as i started paying towards the debt again the default would change to x months late and so on until i managed to catch up again? have i got this all wrong? is the only way to get this off your credit report by waiting 6 years? and is it 6 years from last payment of £1 or whatever of 6 years from default date? sorry for confusion many thanks again
  5. its the agencies but agencies are not showing on credit report only lenders are.... eventually i hope to repay in full to sort credit out but worried if i pay agency the default with lender stay on report long after ive eventually paid it off
  6. thankyou should i send this to the lender direct or their debt collection agency?
  7. can the debt collecters request that the original lender mark it as settled - no debt colectors are on my credit reports - only original lenders not sure if i should trying dealing with original lender? any help much apprechiated
  8. sorry i just found the loan statement re this the amount i actually borrowed was £7k intrest rate is 21.25% but they said in a separate letter total opening balance was £11162 - payment amount to date is over 1/2what i originally borrowed minus the interest. just not sure who to write to here to negotiate token payments etc thanks for help
  9. I just found a letter dated nov 2012 it has a breakdown of loan amount they say £11162 - i borrowed 10k so im guessing they added intrest at the start of the loan? they have stated payment amount to date and also late payment charges which are under £150 they offered a settlement in nov 2012 of £6200 - equates to about the amount outstanding minus any intrest. its been pased to albion collections, nelson guest and partners, westcot and now robinson way..... who do i offer payments to im so stuck dont know what to do or who to comunicate with
  10. i received in in writing and they said it would be marked as settled on my account but i dont have £400 spare now, should i offer a lesser amount and does it make any difference if it says settled or not on my credit report? will a lender ever remove it it they settle? - or am i aswell paying £1 a week until i get a job?
  11. I have some statements but not all of them, is there a template to request the statements? and do i contact the collectors of them direct? I recieved a letter from CREDIT SECURITY LIMITED says WESTCOT CREDIT SERVICES LTD - BANK OF SCOTLAND It says they sending a doorstep collector or contact the helpline should i write to them? what should i say thanks for help
  12. SYGMA BANK it was a credit card £2,497 default balance July 2012 Last payment Mar 2012 passed to collectors WMD. Its on credit report by Sygma as default
  13. i sent them the template with £1 asking them to respond in 12 days and they gave me a blank copy of barclaycard terms even though my account was with egg?
  14. Had a nice letter from these people (WMD) telling me they are about to pass on my debt but willing to accept an offer no matter how low.... question is how low could i go? will theY or anyone else stop collecting if i make an offer? i so want to get out of this messy situation.... trying to sell everything i have on ebay to pay debts this one is £2490 sygma bank - approx £400 of charges and no ppi - i offered them £400 last year to settle and they accepted but i didnt have the lump sum to give them. they said default would remain on account but would change to settled oncepaid a reduced amount. can i trust these people? really want life back on track and if possibly to rebuild my credit rating
  15. no, i recieved 4 letters in 2 1/2 weeks letter 1 has an unsigned terms from barclaycard letter 2 says 10 day notice of a home visit letter 3 says willing to agree on affordable terms based on circumstances letter 4 says i recently paid barclaycard direct and that i should not to pay barclaycard direct and only to pay them - but i havent paid anything to anyone?
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