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  1. Thank you, Renegadeimp - am not firing on all cylinders at moment (my brain is addled from a lot more stress than usual)
  2. Have had a letter this morning from Cabot. No mention of CCA Request, just the original letter we received when the debt was sold, demanding money. It's like dealing with an idiot robot. Am sending a follow up reminding them they have 12+2 working days from 16 June (got proof they signed for the request on this date) to provide the agreement. Then will leave it up to them to waste stationery, ink, stamps, etc. until they provide what I've asked for. Many thanks again, you guys.
  3. Thank you both will do - have had another letter from Cabot today but just says if they don't hear from us then they will write again in 14 days. Equifax credit file: RBS/Mint - de nada, goose egg, nothing listed. Will check out those other sites. Hope you both have a brill weekend. PS My husband has made a small donation to CAG to show his appreciation - we will try to do this whenever we can as we are grateful this information is still available, after all that's been scrapped..
  4. By let it run do you mean, wait to hear from Cabot? Latest credit report is in shed, we are half-bured in paperwork, so have to go dig it out. Thank you.
  5. Hello, all, I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while due to illness/back to back forms. I hope you are all well. As it's been five years I'm not sure what to do in re a debt that's been in dispute since May 2011 - sold by RBS/Mint to Cabot, from whom my husband has had a letter last month. In 2011 the then collector Regal Credit closed the account as they could not provide documents as requested by my CCA. Cabot's letter just says they will be in touch, not sure if I should wait to hear from them or CCA them now and/or mention the debt has been in dispute for five years?
  6. PS My username was Hwyl61 but I can't find the password for that... haven't been on in a while due to health issues xox
  7. 'The (mill) wheels... grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.' I noticed the thread HFO/OFT Minded to Revoke thread had its last post eight months ago, so I'm putting this in a new thread - I hope admin will move it if they see fit. With help from many CAGgers, specifically DonkeyB (good luck in the Rugby World Cup:oops:) we were part of a process that ended in a thorough, days' long interview with the OFT to do with being hounded by HFO using draconian and humiliating practices on a debt we didn't owe them. We were asked but due to ill health were unable to be witnesses. It give
  8. Hello, all, I'm asking for a good friend who doesn't have internet access. Due to a series of misfortunes (she is a decent person who works hard) my friend got into debt. Her young child is disabled and they have recently been awarded DLA. As the DLA has been awarded for the child, I thought that dcas have no right to make a claim (almost wrote 'clam' - Freudian thinking? ) on the DLA. That she can offer token payments as other than the DLA she is skint. I've also told her that if any of them come knocking not to answer the door, as only the postman and someone asking for d
  9. So sorry to hear that such an amazing man who gave so much to struggling people like myself has passed... will be thinking of him & his family during this difficult time, with all best wishes H.xxx
  10. Barstewards!!! Are you appealing? Do you know about the Benefits and Works website? We subscribe and it's the best £20 I've ever spent, though you can get just the guides for a tenner... with their help got transferred into the support group without a medical and OH's DLA renewal indefinitely, though the mithering starts again in a few years' time with PIP b*******... if I can help out at all please give me a shout... take care, BB
  11. Yes, BB, cheers for your kind offer. We've been better (IB to ESA migration amongst the usual mithering/paperwork) but you've just got to hope it all turns out all right in the end, eh? Take care, it would be lovely to meet you some day & buy you & a few other helpful CAGgers a pint:-) Right, back to watching Cymru v. Ffrainc (from between my fingers....!)
  12. Cheers, adenjago... will have to wait, haven't got energy to deal with it at mo'... dx, what do you mean, please, by 'noodle'?
  13. It is. None of the items on the Experian credit report - this is my first experience of using one - show any payments whatsoever, even though token payments had been made every month like clockwork, until CCA requests not fulfilled, since 2007. (Originally paying on 11 accounts, 10 in dispute, only four of the disputed debts show on report.) All but one give the same default date: 2007. The exception gives a default date of 2006. Also shows OH being on mortgage for marital home, when his ex has taken him off (divorce finalised 2010). Maybe a screw up on Experian's part?
  14. Hi, BB, Hope you're well. I'll keep an eye on this thread, if it ends up in Cardiff and we're well enough to be there at the time, we'll come. All best, H.xx
  15. Thank you, Brig & Happy I note there is info on reclaiming in dx's thread which I can look at when I'm feeling better but as I'm not well enough at mo, I'll think of the 20 quid or so we spent as convenience tax to get rid of Coward and get on with CCAing the lovely folks at Lowest Portfolio..... Have a good un, y'all xxx
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