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Found 16 results

  1. NatWest Mastercard - account opened in 2009 with a £950 limit Account was passed over to Cabot in 2016 after NW got tired of me paying a minimum payment I WAS paying Cabot a fee per month (Have since cancelled that over a year ago now) Cabot was CCA'd end of 2017 -acknowledged letter but never sent CCA I've recently SAR'd NW and have now got from them statements from 2009 and a CCA Have seen on statements that there was PPI on the monthly statements from 2009 - 2010 (£7.90 p/m) Also late payment fees and over limit fees on some months from 2010 -2013 (£12) have been added My credit limit has always been £950, no increase given or asked for. In June 2012 I was able (due to a glitch in NW''s banking/ IT system at the time) (was well reported) to withdraw £100 cash bringing my account to over £1,000 balance A PPI claim is currently in progress And I'm about to send a claim for the late payment fees and over limit fees The date of default shows on my CF as 06/05/2016. I can't find a/my copy of this. Is this supposed to show on my statements 'default' - as do late payments and over limit fees do? I may of been written to about it, can't remember. I def know they wrote to me saying my account was going to Cabot and to pay them directly. The payments from Cabot show on my cc statements Even though the accounts supposed to be closed they've provided me with statements up until 2018 never received in the post
  2. I have recently located quite a few old statements with credit card payment protector amounts in respect of an old Natwest Access card that I previously cleared and closed in 2001. The issue now is that I am trying to locate any sort of credit agreement and I will keep looking but in the meantime, I was going to submit a CCA request. Could someone kindly advise what address I send it to and to whom is the cheque for £1 payable to ? I have had prior dealings with NatWest / RBS but for some reason their seems to be various addresses ? Thank-you for your help.
  3. I had a NatWest Mastercard and I also had a NatWest Mortgage. I want to obtain details, so propose going down thw Subject Access Route. Should I send in separate SAR's (if so, will the addresses be different?) or should I just send in the one SAR whilst including the account numbers for both Mortgage and Credit Card? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Good afternoon I have received the attached response following a CCA letter. Is this contact or not as they are now saying the debt has become enforceable. If not correct what do I need to do now. Below is my original post re this Many thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?467679-Unable-to-pay-DMP-as-now-unemployed CCA return.pdf
  5. MasterCard is facing a multi-billion pound damages claim that could reach £19bn for imposing allegedly illegal card charges. The claim, the biggest in UK legal history, will be one of the first to be filed under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The Act enables a collective damages claim to be brought on behalf of a class of people who’ve suffered loss. MasterCard was found, following a long-running legal battle with the European Commission that ended in 2014, to have infringed EU law by imposing charges (known as ‘interchange’ fees) on the use of MasterCard debit and credit cards. MasterCard had the option to accept that its card fees were set at an anti-competitive, high level and reach a settlement with the European Commission to lower its fees. The individual bringing the claim, Walter Merricks CBE, believes that Mastercard did not accept this, and then imposed what he alleges were unlawfully high card fees for nearly 16 years. Mastercard says it firmly disagrees with the basis of the claim. The claim is being brought as class representative by Merricks, as representative of the class of UK consumers that have suffered loss. http://creditstrategy.co.uk/article/18379/online-news/mastercard-faces-19bn-claim-over-card-charges Mastercard to pay out £68 million over fees Mastercard have been ordered to pay Sainsbury's £68 million over excessive fees.The people at the Competition Appeal Tribunal awarded the damages to the supermarket for "interchange fees", which MasterCard had levied over a six year period. This means that a host of other retailers will be able to start their own claims against MasterCard, and the cases could total £400 million. This is slightly different from the case which might get customers compensated. This revolves around an interchange fee which retailers pay every time a customer uses a credit or debit card. It has been decided by the European Commission that fees of around 0.9% of the value of each card card transaction is too high, and they've now capped that to 0.3% for credit cards and 0.2% for debit cards. However, the tribunal also said that these fees were not being passed on to customers. This doesn't harm the other class action suit, where MasterCard are looking at a claim worth £19 billion, which could see consumers getting themselves £400 for excessive charges. http://www.bitterwallet.com/banking/mastercard-to-pay-out-gbp-68-million-over-fees-92647
  6. Hi CAG Back in 2007 I had an HSBC Premier account. I also had an HSBC Mastercard For each, i paid a monthly fee. As I had a premier account, I was entitled to a loan from HSBC. I took out this loan to which i just made repayments. I cannot remember about any PPI applied to this loan. How do I find out if I have PPI on my Mastercard and loan? How can I find out if I am entitled to refund of HSBC Bank Charges ? Please help. Thank you BurmaFriday
  7. I previously requested CCA details recently and received a reply advising that due to high volumes of requests that they would respond as soon as possible. 12+ days have now surpassed - do I chase again giving them another 12 days to respond or is there another letter that I send regarding failure to respond ? Cheers
  8. I have just been advised that my PPI claim with RBS Mastercard has been upheld. I have most of my statements just a few missing and wondered if someone could kindly advise what is the correct spreadsheet to use in calculating amount of rebate ? I am just awaiting an offer from bank but wanted to have a benchmark figure in my own mind. Thanks
  9. Just having a pop at Cashplus MasterCard. Do not get me wrong , the card and service they provide are fantastic. I have been with them since 2012 and never had any issues. As i use their credit builder program and pay no monthly fee they give me an optional extra service called I-Advance. It is a sort of payday loan for a month If ever needed i have the facility for an instant approval on line for a credit advance up to £50.00 deposited into my cashplus account instantly. When i take this up i pay back £60.00 for a £50.00 loan in 28 days They have now increased that by £2.00 to £62.00 for a £50.00 loan It is not so much that they have increased it by £2.00, it is the fact they are starting now get greedy and behave like the other **** bag payday loan companies. But this I-Advance is an optional pre-aproved facility, you do not have to use it. Like i said, the service they provide as a pre-paid MasterCard is second to none
  10. Hello, I just received my information back from the Royal Bank of Scotland today from a SAR I sent them end of June 2014. One of the requests I made was for my RBoS MasterCard Credit Cards. I received all of my credit card statements from 2004 but they only go as far back as October 2001. I had my credit card from the mid 1990's So I contacted the SAR Team at RBoS Cards Customer Services at Southend-On-Sea (0845 835 5470) I told them I only received my credit card statements but they only went as far back as October 2001. I was also told that they changed their system during that month and year and that was the reason why they only went back that far. They also said it was their Policy that they now no longer hold customer statements from before that time. I asked to see this Policy as I was not satisfied that they had looked further back, but I was told that they would not send me a copy of this policy. I also enquired about microfiche and any other system where they would hold older records but again I was told that ALL old records were put onto the new system or as much of it as can be... Of course I was not happy with their explanantion and I have no intention of being fobbed off that they no longer have a database that does not go further back from Oct 2001. I simply do not believe them that their records of credit card accounts and their statements now all start on October 2001 What can I do now, as I simply believe that I have been fobbed off? I still believe that they have my old pre October 2001 credit card statements. As they have not sent me any information to me showing me how and why my old records have been deleted or destroyed. I would be very appreciative if anyone can give me some guidance on this as I can see on the statements that I do have I was being smashed for "card protection plan" payments ranging from £17 to £27 plus, per month up to 2004! Thank you Wulfen40
  11. Hi, I have just got a letter from Bryan Carter solicitors / Lowell financial stating they have issued proceedings on what i think is an old lloyds mastercard debt - not 100% sure because they only quote the account number and it looks like a mastercard number. I have no paperwork on this debt and believe it dates back to 2008 - maybe earlier. The principle balance quoted is £1762.73 . - which is higher than any credit limit i had - and then they say court fees of £80 and solicitors costs of £75 will be added. Could you please advise me on what i should do now - i don't believe I owe all this money. Many Thanks Anna
  12. Hello All I have a situation where I have presented what I consider to be a valid S75 claim against my Mastercard. The value exceeds £500. With S75 claims of course it's assumed there is either a dodgy vendor refusing to refund or that can't refund due to liquidation or being incontactible. In this case it's the former. So far, the lender/creditor has denied my claim on what I consider a rather dodgy basis. They have not gone down the route of saying my claim is invalid due to T&C's or some other such, they've said the following: 1. The payment reference on the Credit Card statement has a reference to both PayPal and the vendor/supplier. They are insisting that this makes PayPal the supplier under the CCA 1974. They have chosen to disregard the portion of the statement text showing the name of the company I actually bought from! How devious. Had the statement simply shown only PayPal as the 'supplier', this might have been different but even then, that would still be devious as there's no reference to PayPal at all on any of the vendor documents! I've also informed them that both on the card payment form and on the T&C's (a copy of which I've sent to the creditor) there is NO reference to PayPal so how can they be construed as my supplier? PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A NORMAL PAYPAL TRANSACTION WHERE ONE WOULD PAY USING their PAYPAL Account LINKED TO A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. This is a completely seperate offline transaction between myself and a vendor company (supplier) using my credit card as the means of payment. Funny enough, the very reason I used my credit card to pay for this transaction was to cover me should there be issues with the vendor!!! They've stated this twice now, in writing. I've had enough and am at the stage where I'm considering small claims. Before that however (and to that end should I get there), I'd like to know what case law/useful rulings/references may exist that address this issue. I've read elsewhere on CAG that case law exists but need help find it please. It would be entirely unfair to consumers who may, like me chose to pay for higher value transactions using their CC purely due to the added benefits of S75 only to find out that behind the scenes, creditors and suplliers are engaging in funnies like this to make a nonsense of S75 and thereby, the "will of parliament"! Basically the creditor is using what I see as 'name obfuscation' to try and wriggle out of their S75 obligations and it's totally wrong.
  13. I regularly get statements from Clydesdale Mastercard where the interest charged per month is higher than the minimum payment; there is a regular debit of £3, but aside from that, there is no use on the account (their pin change service has always resulted in the card not working). The interest is around £10 more than the payment. Is this actually allowed?
  14. Hi people, Looking for a little help here for my parents. In 2004 they moved to the area they live in and my mother took out a store card at her local Debenhams, well its was a Mastercard but she's not that clued up. She doesn't work and is supported by my father. Anyway, recently retired and exceptional credit my father noticed PPI payments of £90 pm. So over the last 2 months he's trying to cancel the PPI and claim it back. Santander are being tough and are fighting the claim. They have received a letter from Santander about a final decision saying that it is not a miss selling case and here is the original agreement with the PPI ticked. Strange thing is the agreement has my mothers signature, no other details and is dated 1996! There is no way that have had this card for 16 years. Do you think they are falsifying the agreement, got her mixed up with another of the same name? Should my father CCA request or SAR them for a full breakdown? They lived 100 miles away prior to 2004 and my mother had never stepped foot in the store.... Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello All, My husband had a Lloyds TSB Mastercard between 1996 to 2008. We don't know if there was PPI on this credit card account. We can't find any of our original paperwork or even an account number so he called Lloyds this morning to see if they could do a general search and they advised that we would have to write in to request this information as they are unable to go back that far. I'm not sure what he is meant to send in as we haven't got any of the original paperwork to refer to, would this be a SAR? We just wanted to make a general enquiry to see if PPI is on the account. Not sure what to do now! Thanks in advance
  16. Hi I have/had a credit card with Creation/sygma bank. This was done in the MK One store where I used to live as a student. Obviously being a student, and absolutely skint, I thought "ooh free money" - How stupid!! Things with the card got out of hand, and Im not even sure how much I used it, owed in total: anthing!! other than I never paid it, and a few ears later after being chased by Lowell Portfolio, I owed £736.33 After a few letters back and forth, and a lot of help from you guys, I eventually got them to stop contacting me, as Id asked for a copy of the original credit agreement, which the were unable to obtain. So in effect, the debt was written off. I haven't heard from them since.http://http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?275340-Lowell-Portfolio-1&highlight=nishi Im wondering whether there is any point chasing the PPI on this account, or whether, due to the debt being wiped, that its best just to leave sleeping dong lie as it were...
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