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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone have head office contact information for this outfit? Googled high and low but can't seem to find out anything about them..... other than they are to be avoided!! They just sent a 'pre-approved' CC application letter to my mother..... who has been dead for 7 years...... absolutely disgusting. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. hi i was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. i needed statments from my cashplus business bank account from april 2015 but when i log into my online account area, i only have acccess to september 2015 as CSV downloads. is there any way i can get access to statements from beyond this date (from 2015 april)? im assuming all i need to do is contact them and ask for them?
  3. hi we have a cashplus card account we are trying to set up a simple bank account but not having much luck as we have very little id just bills and birthcertificate, we set up a cash plus account just in one of our names if we find a simple account how do we cancels cahplus prepaid account as it says you can ring them , i dont understand when we have to pay the fee each month ? or if i block the card will i still need to pay the fee any advice be helpful and in advance thankyou for your time
  4. Just having a pop at Cashplus MasterCard. Do not get me wrong , the card and service they provide are fantastic. I have been with them since 2012 and never had any issues. As i use their credit builder program and pay no monthly fee they give me an optional extra service called I-Advance. It is a sort of payday loan for a month If ever needed i have the facility for an instant approval on line for a credit advance up to £50.00 deposited into my cashplus account instantly. When i take this up i pay back £60.00 for a £50.00 loan in 28 days They have now increased that by £2.00 to £62.00 for a £50.00 loan It is not so much that they have increased it by £2.00, it is the fact they are starting now get greedy and behave like the other **** bag payday loan companies. But this I-Advance is an optional pre-aproved facility, you do not have to use it. Like i said, the service they provide as a pre-paid MasterCard is second to none
  5. hello all, my girlfriend applied for a prepaid credit card last september - i read the t&c's for her and it said the card had no fee's per month. she loaded £32 on it and a further £4.95 for the cost of issuing the card. she couldnt use it at stores as they kept saying it was invalid... .i phoned cashplus and they said it had the £32. tried it online at various times and it kept saying it was invalid. I found out you could check the account online so i logged on at the beginning of the month for the first time to find out whats been happening.... ..2 things: 1.the card hadnt been activated - so i activated it. 2. they took out 3 payments of £4.95 a time for a dormancy fee...this is not mentioned in the t&c's. I phoned them today and asked them what a 'dormany fee' is ....they said if the card is dormant between transactions for a long time they charge a fee... ...I asked is this on an active card. ..they said yes.. ...I said so as the card was NOT activated until the start of the month can you refund the 3 x £4.95 as the card wasnt active or dormant - they flat out refused. What can I do as they know they shouldnt be charging charges on a card that isnt active yet.? TIA.
  6. On a similar theme to the sticky about pdl's & affecting future credit applications i would like some clarification on this matter. I had a Cashplus creditbuilder pre pay credit card where they loan you £50 and you pay £4.95 a month for the card. This is/was sold as a way of rebuilding your credit file hence my taking of said item. As i am now reviewing my credit profile i am concerned that 2 of the 3 entries for APS (cashplus) are termed payday loan. http://www.mycashplus.co.uk/cashplus-extras/creditbuilder.aspx
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