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  1. So I thought that things had been a little quiet.......! When I got in from work today, I had a letter dated 22nd May stating that the court haven't received my directions questionnaire and that I must file it within 7 days from service of this order. If I haven't responded within this period then my defence will automatically be struck out. As we all know, today is 29th May so that means my 7 days is up despite only receiving the letter today. The envelope is date stamped 27th May and was sent 2nd class so I don't understand how they are expecting me to reply within the timeframe th
  2. Thanks for such a quick reply! I will get the questionnaire done ASAP. Is there anything else I should be preparing in the meantime? In your experience, do the DCA's usually still pursue these through the courts, even if it were to come out that the debt is statute barred?
  3. So I'm back from a lovely break and the saga continues.... I have received a letter from RBS dated 7th April, enclosing a letter from MINT customer service dated 20th March, stating that they are currently able to find any information for a loan or credit card in my name. On 4th March, I had sent a letter with all previous addresses to RBS to help them process my request however it seems that this was never passed on and the account number which I had provided (from my correspondence with Arrow) was incorrect. I spoke with MINT this morning and they've asked me to send them a copy of th
  4. Sorry for all the questions, I do really appreciate your help. Does it matter that I didn't put in my shoddy defence that it's statute barred? Do I just do nothing until they prove otherwise regarding this mysterious £40?
  5. Do you think that the CCA request alone as well as getting the SAR from RBS would be sufficient to build an effective defence if I can defend the claim? Can you recommend another way to find out for definite when last payment was made etc?
  6. Fab - thank you so much. I will get the letter sent today, and think no more about it until I am back. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome on my return.
  7. Out of interest, do you think that they usually switch back to using their in-house team because they realise that the use of solicitors hasn't completely horrified the person they are dealing with, or because they realise that they don't actually have legal authority to collect the debt so save themselves on solicitors fees?
  8. Unfortunately there will be no-one here who can open mail for me whilst we are away. What will be my next step once I receive a response to the CPR 18 request? If the debt is genuinely SB, then do I submit a new defence stating this? Thanks again for your help.
  9. citizenB - thank you so much for your help I thought I had sent both the CPR 31.14 and CCA requests to Arrow, however having a quick scout through my current files, I can only find the CCA request and therefore am wondering if I perhaps forgot the CPR 31.14 request. Should I send this off to them now? I was able to search my bank history as far back as April 2007 and can find absolutely nothing relating to MINT/RBS/ARROW, so unfortunately I have no way of knowing when/if any payment was made to them in 2007. I shall send a letter off tomorrow using the template which you ha
  10. Thanks Oleg. I appreciate that it is a little bit more involved than some of the other posts on here. Do you know anywhere else that may be able to help? Any other forums or charities? Thanks again
  11. Morning all, Apologies for the long post but I am desperately seeking some help/advice from those of you in the know about SCC and DCAs. I have been attempting to defend a claim with Arrow for an old MINT credit card which I have but think I may have shot myself in the foot and wondered if there's any way I can come back. Unfortunately, I buried my head in the sand regarding quite a few debt issues I had in my teens/early twenties so don't have the original paperwork for any of this. I will give a brief summary of the events so far:- 5th February 2014 - I received a claim form
  12. Hi again, As previously advised the SAR, CPR and CCA letters were all sent recorded on 6th February and as yet, all I have had in response is a letter from Arrow saying that they do not accept that they are the creditors however they will assist with getting the required information and come back to me. I'm still waiting for that. As the issue date on the court claim form was 30th January, I know that I need to submit my defence by the end of the week, but how do I go about this without the information I need? Is it best to submit an embarrassed defence now asking for more time? If I am
  13. Thanks again. This morning I have used the template for the CCA request but wanted to check whether I need to do a CPR 31:14 as well as an SAR, or are these the same thing? I get lost in the world of legal jargon! Also, to clarify, should the SAR go to the registered office in Edinburgh? Sorry for asking silly questions but want to make sure I get it right
  14. Thanks for moving my post to the correct location silverfox. dx100uk - I have called Mint who claim that a payment was made in July 2011 but again there is nothing to show this on my bank statement and they told me they couldn't tell me anymore as the debt was now owned by Arrow. I also have absolutely no recollection of ever making any sort of payment to Arrow so think this may be made up information. I s it worth also calling RBS too or should I call Arrow to see what details they have?
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