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  1. Just so your aware. His SIA licence should have been on display for everyone to see. This is a requirement of the SIA and by not doing such he is breaching the licensing guideline. Check the SIA website for these. The only details he has to give you is what is on his badge and he should have produced this when asked. If you do decide to continue to try and get his name and badge number you are also entitled to report him to the SIA as well. Which not many people know. Hope this helps as I work in the security industry
  2. Im not an expert but u fed a pigeon. Try googling 'fed a pigeon and got a littering fine' there are loads of articles to read where people have got mps involved and they have asked companies if the fine is proportionate. If you are determined to fight this it might be worth a read.
  3. Hi all, I have had many issues with MBNA, but most have been resolved in my favour. However this one is proving a little more difficult to deal with. I had an MBNA credit card from 1999 to 2003 all was ok until I was signed of sick, I continued to pay MBNA while i was off sick for the first year as i get paid for this and then I tried to activate the PPI that they sold me. I was told that because they didn't see clinical depression as a reason they would not activate the PPI (I have successfully claimed the PPI back). My problem is after I informed the
  4. Thank you, I have already wrote a letter of complaint to Hospital 'A' about them failing to tell me that they found something on the scan. This was sent on 15/02/2014 after I recieved the letter. It was recieved by them and signed for on the 18/02/14. I am awaiting their reply. Who would I send the SAR to? Hospital 'A' or Hospital 'B'. I forgot to say that the condition they found causes Chronic Fatigue and this has caused me to take in excess for 40+ days of work since Feb 2014. Of course I was placed of staged sickness at work and the only things I could say to my boss was I was t
  5. Hi, I am looking for some advice for the situation i now find myself in. I will try and be as brief as possible but including all the facts. In Feb 2013 I was sent to A&E at hospital 'A'. They thought I was having TIA's and told me I would be contacted for an emergency brain scan. A week later I see the consultant at the TIA clinic who sent me for an MRI scan. I went back to hospital 'A' and was told everything was fine and the scan was clear. They didnt know what was causing my symptoms and did no further tests to find out. They put everything down to me already having Graves Diseas
  6. FYI They never acknowledged the CPA only over the phone but no payments were made to the company in August 11 - so i assumed all was ok. I have only had 2 letters from them since I started chasing this in Dec 12. - One refused my first SAR attempt due to the cheque being in my partners name. The second SAR request the postal order was cashed but I have recieved no paperwork. This was part of my complaint and they replied stating this would be dealt with asap and I would receive my SAR reply in due course. Lx
  7. They have failed to send me a SAR request as of yet but have acknowledged that I sent one (6 months after I sent the SAR into them). They said they will deal with it asap. - Their excuse was that I had sent it to the wrong department. I have a letter which states that I cancelled direct debits over the phone but doesn't say how many or which ones (I cancelled them all). I have all the letters I sent them dating back to 2011 when I first sent the CPA.
  8. I would be prepared to take this as far as I can. I was laughed at by their customer service department when I first made the complaint. I was lied to on more than one occasion. They have contradicted themselves in letters. Was told by one representative that they don't record phone calls but the person that is dealing with my complaint has listened to the call. They have passed judgement on my tone in the call. They wont give me a transcript of it. They keep ringing me,despite repeatedly telling them i only deal in writing. All the above is how I have been treated by Lloyds
  9. Thank you, I am assuming I can also claim back the money they let go out because they didnt cancel the CPA. The default happened because they failed to cancel the direct debits that I asked them to cancel. Can I also claim compensation for the fact it has taken 7 months and 6 letters to get a reply from them. I have had numerous debt collection companies demanding payment. Continuous phone calls etc. Despite the fact the debt was in dispute Lloyds passed it on to debt collection anyway. If I can what sort of figure is normal to claim? Would I bee looking to claim interest on th
  10. Thank you for your advice. I did refer to that in my first letter, they stated because I didn't provide them with proof of payment of the payday loan they are not interested. Do you know if i can still cash the cheque or do i send it back? Lx
  11. Hi all, In August 2011 I cancelled a CPA from a payday lender. I did this in writing to Lloyds (I still have a copy of the letter). No payment was taken in August 11, but in Sept 11 Lloyds let the company take £1140 from my account in 7 transactions. I made a complaint over the phone at the end of Sept 11. They refused to so a chargeback or solve the problem at all. Instead they demanded proof I had paid the payday lender in full. I didnt have this at the time and didnt no what to do. So I did nothing. Recently I submitted a claim for this money under the fact they had fai
  12. Phone your bank and get a charge back as you paid under duress. Insist they do this as u were forced to make the payment. Someone will be along to advise you what to do next. Lx
  13. If you have never acknowledged this debt. Surely it will b statue barred now. I wudnt reply or contact them at all. Sounds like a spoof really. Someone with more knowledge shud b along later.
  14. I thought this would be of interest to people. Yesterday I recieved an email on an old Paypal account. I have been disputing the charges on this account for 3 years. IQOR have tried and sent it back to Paypal. Some history. Ebay did a chargeback on an item that someone collected and then told me a month later that it didnt work. In all the pictures it worked. I refused to give refund and cancelled my bank card. They have been chasing me ever since. So fast forward to yesterday. I received an email stating that I had sent money to a' Lucy Atzintok' on t
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