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  1. Ok thanks, thats what I though. Bit of a shame really as it was a genuine error/tech fail!
  2. Hi I received a PCN for going over time in a Mendip county council car park in Street. I had paid by using the paybyphone app. I was running later that expected so topped up using the app. Came back to the car and was surprised to see the PCN! Turns out my top up transaction up hadn't completed!!! I appealed explaining this but it been rejected. Seems a bit mean to me as I had genuinely tried to pay and thought they might show a bit of good will. is there anything I can do or should I simply pay the £25... .your good advice as e
  3. Hi 007, I have used this site now for a number of years and I can honestly say I would not have coped without them. I had the most awful dept problems, I had been advised to go bankrupt. I would have lost everything, my house, my job, my health and probably my marriage. I stumbled across this site by chance and never looked back . I am now almost dedt free and have an excellent credit rating and still own my house and my marriage is going OK Please take DX's and Andy's advice, they are experts and their knowledge about helping folk like us i
  4. Oh that is wonderful news.... I have a few other debts that now die with this one. Apart from the 5 year old stayed claim and a couple of smaller debts that I'm dealing with this is now behind me. My credit record is sound and I'm am pretty much debt free. If it hadn't been for you guys on this wonderful site I would have crumbled and given in to the DCA's demands. You have simply been brilliant. Your patience and guidance has been invaluable and because of it I have been able to help myself a number of friends who were in a similar position t
  5. Hi Andy thats brilliant news Is it SB from when the money left my bank or from when it reached Tesco?
  6. Hi Andy...I made a series of £10 payments from mid 2012 to July 2013. Money paid from my account 1st or 2nd each month by DD paid to Tesco via DCA (Fredrickson) sols who I think were the now defunct Brian Carter. The Tesco statements show the payments being recieved some 7 days after the payments left my account!
  7. Yes DF notice def 2010. It seem I made some payment via a DCA to Tesco for a couple of years.
  8. Ok now I'm really confused. I thought a debt became SB 6 years from the date of last payment/acknowledgement?
  9. Hi Andy unfortunately yes I do. I believe the DN was issues end of August 2010.
  10. Thanks DX......Nothing in the post today. Is this debt now SB? Last payment from me received by Tesco 9th July 2013.
  11. I am able to log in to MCOL using my gateway password. I had a claim issued against me back in 2014 for another debt that is now stayed. When I log in it takes me to a homepage, it says that I should be able to view any claims issued against me. The 2014 claim has been removed as it's now over 3 years old.
  12. Not heard anything from from HC. My last payment to Tesco was taken on 2nd July 2013 although Tesco's statement shows money credited on the 9th July 2013. I've checked MCOL and can't see anything thing on there. MCOL is a bit vague but am I right in thinking that if HC had issued a claim I would be able to see it on my home page? If they hadn't done so by the 10th am I also right in thinking this alleged debt is now statute barred? This has been going on for so long I don't wan't to get my hopes up!
  13. I have spent hours on here reading any number of threads and the actions of DX, Andyorch are amazing. How on earth you guys find the time to deal with all the threads is beyond me but thank goodness you do. You are brilliant! For those of us who suffer the stress and anxiety of debt but have been lucky enough to find this forum you are a god send. Well done Tbirdo for fighting hard and not letting the DCA lowlifes rob you!
  14. No as I assumed the docs I requested covered it as I requested the agreement.
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