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  1. Received another LOC from HC&co,sols today re this alleged dept. Not sure why they've sent out another one! My last payment on this account was mid 2013 might be why they are pushing it now. Shall I respond as before and request the same info? As yet I've not had a DN from them.
  2. Brilliant....good news Merry Christmas everyone:-D
  3. Thanks DX, I don't get it either! I'll SAR Tesco as you say see if it throws any light on the affair. Yes docs as per post 19.
  4. Good morning, I responded to Howard Cohen re the LOC mid October but as yet I have not had any response from them. As per my last post I have had a response from RW (the DCA) with regard to my cca request. AS Howard Cohen issued the LOC and asked me to respond to them directly (which I did) I expected a response from them? As yet I have not received all the documents I requested.
  5. Received a response to my CCA request from Robbers Way, it included a 'statement of account' plus what looks like an application form (not completed) and 'signature copy' of an agreement'. The agreement has my name and address but no signature just a tick box (checked). No reference in Robbers Way's letter to my reply to Howard Cohen's LoC.. No response from Howard Cohen re the LoC either although I seem to have most of the info I requested other that any Default notice. I have also received a letter from Hoist Finance that included a new NoA because they had "identified" the original as "inaccurate," I'm not sure Robbers Way are up to speed with PAP!!!
  6. I posted my response to the loc on the 15th Oct. As yet no reply to it or my CCA request. How long should I add for post? What are the consequences (if any) for them if they don't respond in time?
  7. I've never paid a DCA by BG. I'll get Tesco to investigate. It's a bit Odd.
  8. Hi DX. Phoned Tesco. Last payment made mid 2013. I cant find any record of this payment. They say probably Bank Giro!!! I never pay anything by bank giro! They say they can investigate. Should I bother at this stage?
  9. Hi, I've been trawling through all my old bank statements and I cant find and payment to Tesco in respect of this account within the last 6 years! Is it worth sending an SAR to Tesco?
  10. Hi dx thanks for the link. The reason I was asking about the default is from the documents I have it seems as if the OC gave very little time between arrears accruing and issuing a default. From what I can work out I was less than a month in arrears and the default amount is more than I was in arrears. Also there is no mention on the T&C's (they are part of a application form not the agreement) about how long they are supposed to give if you slip in to arrears, only a broad comment of 30 days notice (min) to terminate. Just seemed a bit odd that they defaulted the account so quickly and for such a small amount. I wondered if there are not strict rules that applied to defaults?
  11. Hi dx, yes thats what they have sent with the letter. Is there a statutory requirement of time for the lender to give before defaulting the account i.e. three months arrears and should this be stated in the terms and conditions? Hope that makes sense!
  12. They have included some documents for me to respond with.
  13. Hi I received a NoA from Hoist Finance UK stating that the dept had been assigned to themselves from Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited.(are they the same company?) Didn't really think anything of it today I receive a 'letter of claim' from Howard Cohen saying agree a payment plan, pay up or we go to court. They state that Robersway are still responsible for collection (who have previously offered me 55% discount). So your good advice please. This debt is SB mid next year, should I wait and see what happens or are they serious this time? I've been down this road with them before and they took no further action other than offering me a massive discount!
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