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  1. thanks for the advice, I'll wait and see what happens, thanks for the prompt responses guys. Any updates I'll post on this thread.
  2. hi dx100uk, nope been at the same address since 2000.
  3. Thanks, thats what I thought, I am really only worried about my wife having to deal with them if they called - shes not as scary looking as me lol
  4. Hi, I have been receiving letters from Cabot regarding an old Mint credit card debt which I defaulted on in 2010, I made payments on this to Oct 2013 through a DMP with CCCS/Stepchange but unfortunately was made redundant and was unable to continue with my DMP. I am not sure at what stage Cabot got involved but I have not had any contact with the directly, their letters have included various discount options for payment. Today I received a letter from them saying as they have been unable to contact me they are instructing ResolveCall to visit to put me back in contact with them
  5. 100% sorted, can't say n e more m8 sorry.
  6. congratulations - is it possible you could tell me what the name of the judge was who heard your case?
  7. first trust will drag it out as long as they can but hey they ought to know by now that us norn iron people don't give up that easy when it comes to money!!!!
  8. yes thats no problem as it's two separate accounts then thats two separate claims, the £2000 limit is then 'plus' interest, you can also claim for ongoing interest, mines ticking along at 44p per day lol! check you private messages too
  9. Hi davydee, I just filed with small claims online, I have only put in one claim for slightly under the £2000 limit plus around £700 in interest at the 8% rate, I will see how it goes before I ask for the rest but as yet there has been no update to my case. Technically you are NOT allowed to split you claims however I do know of a growing number of people who are going down the 'civil bill' route because there claims are significantly over the £2000 small claims court limit. There are quite a few of us with claims against the first trust now, I think the pressure is definately mounting on
  10. hi guys, just wondering if the BOI has come up with the good yet in that they have submitted the 'full disclosure' evidence as ordered by the Judge for the 1st of April, they'll have to get it in soon if they have anything that is. oh and did you see the OFT have now put back the bank charges report to 'the end of the year'!!!!! The Office of Fair Trading: OFT announces 'quick fix' on bank charges will disadvantage consumers
  11. firstly make sure of the fee's you are claiming, I'm claiming against the frst trust and can't calim on everything charged on the account, what I could calim for was as follows - First Trust Bank Fee-unpaid D/debit Fee-unpaid Out Fee-unpaid S/order Referral Charge Unpaid Cheque Fee Unpaid Fee Also after a bit of checking I can't find a specific list for the Bank of Ireland but here is an example for another Norn Iron bank Northern Bank Referral Fee Unpaid Charge Warning Letter hope this is of some help
  12. excellent news garwill, if only the first trust could learn a thing or two from the northern!
  13. cheers m8, would have to say I was a bit daunted by taking the bank to court, then I thought about it what's the worst that can happen, the money they have taken is gone anyway and ok if I loose it'll be another £62 but hey I will make sure that it costs them a heck of a lot more than that in time and money before I give in!!!!!
  14. ok guys, lba has expired, phone FTB to see if there was anyhting going to happen and they said it was being dealt with as a complaint and they would respond in 4 weeks. Only thing is this time the tail is wagging the dog so I have filed with the SCC today! wish me luck!
  15. just an update on one of the caes that was up today, basically FTB said they haven't had time to prepare a case (yeah right) and got it adjourned to 14th May, the judge has stated he wants full evidential disclosure from both side but has also said that he would not expect the bank to give a breakdown of charges. He also implied that he wanted a mutual agreement to be reached before the court date.
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