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  1. Two other creditors they produced application forms with my signatures on for CCA request. When they were challenged on the basis of 'prescribed terms'. They both sent 'no further action, account closed letters'. In case of Waistcot they do not have anything at all still they insist as if they are legitimate in their actions. I think this is their tactics to pressurise me for more cash. If Barclays has told me they don't have any doc. and Waistcot admitted they don't have any doc.(CCA) then I think they will never dare to adopt litigation route.
  2. Thanks. Yes, I did not bother this account but I am dealing with them on three other accounts which they have not secured and I asked them to send me CCA's and they are defaulted on this since August 2013.
  3. Thanks Buddies.
  4. I do not remember how this was opened most probably, I received a catalogue at door and from there it happened in 1999 . 98 C Q got it in July 2013. As I have said I have stopped token payment is this OK or shall I continue this payment? Capquest are entering a default in my CR file on monthly basis but not sending me any notifications at all. Is this legally correct? Please guide.
  5. I agree with you Oleg. I know R W and C L are same companies. In the past on my other debt C L had secured a CCJ then I did not know my rights so they did a clean sweep then. Now, when I have challenged them (C L) they are avoiding facing me and sending with different letterhead (R W) letters to keep me engaged. If they had anything worth in their pockets they would have secured an other CCJ by now. Do you think stopping their payments is good move? I have checked my credit file there are no debts whatsoever from CL Finance or OC HSBC recorded. What do you think?
  6. I have already sent them harassment letter etc. I have added all their numbers in my reject list. Credit file I don't mind let them play with this. PPI was there but it would be nominal. So what else they can do?
  7. On my Credit file Crapquest are entering a default for past 4 months. This is the reason I stopped the payment. What is the point of paying them even if they have to enter the default then let them do this without paying them. What would you say about this? Or shall I continue to pay them?
  8. This was in 1999.
  9. I can see a box ticked for PPI and there was and is no default at this stage. This debt is from 2002.
  10. Yes check the credit file there is nothing there because of the fact debt is from 2002.
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