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  1. just come back sorry for the delay in replying. Personal situation changed, my expenses increased and unable to make payments
  2. All the debts are between 2 to 6 years old. Very unlikely they unenforceable.
  3. dx100uk I have near £30k debt, i have no assets, I will never be able to pay this back. If I don't go bankrupt will threats or get ccj's and then threats of bailiff. With bankruptcy its a fresh start after 6 year.
  4. well the fun has begun, PRA rang me today, didn't answer went straight to voicemail and a real person left a message, the other ones have all been standard voicemails. I hope they would bankrupt me, I don't have £680, really surprised With MBNA selling the debt on so early, just 4 months into default.
  5. Many thanks for assistance, if they produce the full cca now what will be different then producing it then. Is poking the bear wise. Thanks in advance. This credit card taken out 3 years ago.
  6. its only been around 6-7months since I start missing payments, should I not wait till they threaten court? Defaults only c.3 month old
  7. Well received letter today from pra group who state they have purchased my debt from mbna, they sold it 6 months after i got in difficulty.
  8. surely if you mention that to them, all they will do is change to correct address at the time. ??
  9. that's interesting one if they get the address wrong in the reconstituted agreement, is the agreement valid?
  10. anniebella How long did you pay Fredrickson £10 for? im assuming Tesco transferred your acc to them die to non payment.
  11. One more important question, do CCA need to have the full terms throughout the credit agreement, my credit limit started low and throughout the period the limit was increased and various times 0% balance transfer options taken up by me.
  12. Dx100 Thanks for your assistance. All my debt are after 2007, they can make copies of the agreement like someone told me. Dont think i can rum away from the debts. Step change advised bankruptcy but ive been holding off. BR is last resort..
  13. Tesco are a strange bunch, all my creditors were offered token payments, it was this or bankruptcy. Tesco accepted token paymemt for credit card but refused to commit for tesco loan. I just left them. I think in the end i will go down the bankruptcy route.
  14. Just shows tesco loan no mention of moorcrofts on noodles apart from the credit check by them.
  15. Those are the two ive checked. Moorcroft are dealing with tesco loan, moorcroft did credit check last month too. Why have they done that?
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