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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all. I had an accident at work and was off for four weeks. My employers usually pay SSP for the first week of absence and then the 90% sick pay scheme kicks in. Because my accident was effectively their fault, they agreed to pay me full pay for the first week. However, I received my payslip, which included a lot of overtime, and I really think that I should have received more than I did. Before I post it (with my private details deleted), please can I ask if there is someone who works in Payroll who can help with the calculations?
  2. Hi, First of all, thanks to anyone who responds as I'm quite confused with this issue. I previously worked for a company for a short stint of time (2 weeks, 3 days), paid a gross salary of £1,200. I received a net pay of £911.28, which included a £60 student loan deduction. Since leaving that company, I have received no P45, however as I was under the tax allowance for the year any tax I paid was deducted. The problem arises when I have received a letter from the student loans company. There is no 'credit' into my student loan, just debits (where I received maintenance loans). Firstly, has my employer not made the deduction as stated on the payslip? Would this be illegal? It came to my attention as I have just received the student loans company letter, and when contacting HR at my new office, they said they are contacted by HMRC to pay my loan. I cannot imagine HMRC doing this within 2 weeks of me starting at the previous post... Stupidly, I've misplaced the payslip when moving house. The previous employer did not provide me with a P45, so I was wondering if I contact them I could get a replacement of the payslip or the P45, and if any of those would show deductions. I received a tax refund from HMRC as I overpaid while I was at the previous company (was on incorrect tax code), so I know that they received my P45 as I spoke to them on the phone about my pay. Will they then also have a copy of my deductions? or just gross & net? Thanks.
  3. Hi there, my husband received a letter today which looks like a payslip and is from 2F Wescot Credit Agency. The matter it says it refers to just gives a number and no kind of description, the number means nothing to us. There is no information at all as to why they are contacting us and we have no idea what it could be about as as far as we're concerned we have no debts owed which we aren't already paying correctly. Is there any way of finding out what they could want without actually calling them as it seems that making contact is not the best idea with this agency? Or do we just ignore it until (if) we get something more concrete? Thanks in advance!
  4. Several weeks ago a recruitement agency offerred me a couple of days' painting and decorating job. We agreed I would be paid 13 pounds per hour. The job was done in two days' time. The forman sent the timesheet to the agency. There were 16 hours in total. The payment arrived into my account later than they promised. But that is not a big deal. The amount was just several pounds less than it should have been after 20% tax. So I asked them to give me full break up of the payment and I asked them to send me a timesheet. Since then they stopped all correspondence with me.. I sent them around 5 messages, but received no reply. Can anyone please give me an advice what to do with them?
  5. A friend of mine started work a few weeks back on a 0 hour contract, and has since done only 4/5 hours a week. His first payslip has him paying tax on this amount, is this right? I will copy the important bits own here leaving personal details out. Basic Pay (1) 4.50 8.0300 36.14 Holiday Pay (1) 0.54 8.0300 4.34 PLUS PAYMENT 6.73 1.0000 6.73 Deductions PAYE Tax 6.40 National Insurance 0.00 Plus Premium 7.74 So basically, on 47.21 wages, he has paid £6.40 tax, and something called plus premium or £7.74...his actual wage comes to £33.07 for that week. I dont really understand the holiday pay part either to be honest. Its one of the most confusing payslips I have ever seen
  6. Hi everyone. I have been concerned for some time about my employer taking mypayslips and P60's home to photocopy them. I often don't get them for ages and then only after lots of moaning about not getting my payslip. I thought it was a legal requirement to be given the payslip with my wages? I am very concerned that the personal information contained on my slip may fall into the wrong hands as my employer is often losing them and has to hunt around to track them down to give to me. I s he allowed to copy my payslip and P60? T hey are after all my personal information and can cause me serious repercussions if an unscrupulous individual gets hold of them. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks .... Jane.
  7. Hi BIlling finance have asked to see bank statements and pay slips ,question one do we have to send them question two can they take us to court to see them if we don't .thanks.,ko
  8. I handed my notice in 3 weeks ago and my boss is disputing my hours / workload for the period of time I worked (2 weeks.) My job is working from home and I completed some data entry which they are saying doesn't add up for the hours I've said I work. Where do I stand legally? I was never set objectives or a input per minute schedule for the work.
  9. Was wondering if anyone can help with this, on my husband's payslip it says pen sal conv and each month roughly £133 comes off his wages, does anyone know what this is, he does have a pension through his work but the amount for that is under his deductions, the pen sal conv is under the payment section with -£133 showing, thanks
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