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  1. Hi - just wondered if any advice here? Or have they got me, and I just need to pay?
  2. Sorry for redacting too much. The letters are dated 26 September, and arrived together (same envelope). The received date referenced on their letter is 19 September. Does that give you what you need?
  3. Hi - I have received a response from Link - see attached. What do you think? Response 1.pdf Response 2.pdf
  4. Thanks Andyorch - very much appreciated. So if I respond with the following - that should suffice? Having reviewed the documents provided I note they only appear to have the ‘ticked box’ acceptance, as applies to an online application. At the time these accounts were taken out with MBNA, the contract would not have been considered legally complete until I had signed and returned a paper copy of the agreement. In accordance with the Section 77/78 request, please can you provide me with the copies of the agreement which have my full signature.
  5. That would have been 2012 as well, I set up a direct debit with them.
  6. Not making any payments currently - stopped paying Link in March 2018. The last payment I made directly to MBNA would have been in 2012.
  7. Hi Back in February 2018 I sent Link Financial a CCA Section 78 request relating to 2 MBNA credit cards. I had , stupidly, been paying off the debt on these cards on a monthly basis, but stopped the payments once Link failed to respond to the request in the required timeframe. Last week, they sent me through the agreements I had electronically signed with MBNA when the credit cards were originally taken out. A couple of things that struck me as odd on this: first, the letters from MBNA to Link are dated March 2018, so only 1 month after I sent the request to Link. Secondly, why would Link wait for 17 months to send this through to me? They are now requesting I contact them to set up a monthly payment again. Any advice appreciated here - do I have anything to go back on, or do I need to contact them to set up the payment? My credit file is getting much better, so don't want to do anything that will adversely affect it again. Thanks for any advice here.
  8. No, unfortunately not. Just statement of the account at the time the payment plan was agreed, and reference to the date that the agreed monthly payments would start (May 2013). I have the letter that references the transfer of the account to Link, but that does not mention the arrears or default.
  9. That's correct. Should I query it with the credit reference agencies?
  10. That's correct - no default date showing in the summary. It shows the account start date as July 2008 and the payment start date as July 2008. But in the status history it just shows as OK from Oct 2016 when the debt was assigned to Link.
  11. Sorry, another question. I had a Barclaycard debt, that was 'assigned' to Link in 2016. I was checking my credit report and cannot find any reference to the Barclaycard account. However, the account is referenced to Link, with the original account opening date, but the payments only show as being from the date it was assigned to Link in 2016 and is showing as Up to Date rather than the default it was showing with Barclaycard. Is this correct, and are Link allowed to do this? My other 2 accounts with Link both show as default, which is why I am questioning this one. I have already cancelled the payments to Link for this account as part of their non response to CCA requests, but wonder if it will now start showing as default on that basis and as a result of that stay on my credit file for 6 years starting now?
  12. I need some guidance with Link please. They have 3 of these debts, and cashed the 3 cheques I sent for the CCA request, but have so far failed to send through the CCAs requested or acknowledge the requests. Today I received letters for all 3 accounts stating that the payments had stopped and to pay immediately or the full amount would become due. Do I need to send them anything back stating they have banked the cheques and not provided the information requested? Or do I just ignore them?
  13. I haven't stopped paying the OD accounts, as was advised earlier in the thread that CCA letters etc didn't apply. So I assume they are enforceable and I should pay them off, as am now in a position to do so? Or is that not the case?
  14. Yep, definitely Lloyds Bank plc - just found the letter.
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