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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all, I was a university student who signed up to my local gym. My last payment to the gym was in February of this year. I believe the payment was set up at £19.99 pcm. I ran into some financial troubles in February and the direct debit for this membership was revoked by my bank (HSBC). I viewed the email sent to me by the gym group and assumed that next month when they came to debit my account, they would take the amount owed + the next membership instalment. I recently started receiving phone calls from CRS, of which I have not picked up. I then checked my emails and
  2. I bought a rug from modern rugs last week. It arrived yesterday and while the pattern is the same, the colour of the rug is different. I have looked at their returns policy and they say they will refund the money if we send the rug back within 2 weeks at our own expense. It is a 116 x 170 rug and will be expensive to send back and as they sent a product that was not as advertised I do not feel I should have to pay the return costs. Does anyone know what rights I may have buying something online that does not match the pictures in the online shop?
  3. Hi all, I'm in a predicament with 2 x sofas that I have recently purchased from ScS and would love your insight if possible. I ordered the sofas over the phone with the store manager and paid over the phone. I had, along with my daughter, been into the store that day to look at display sofas and had chosen a colour “ charcoal” by looking at a swatch. We wanted grey and decorated the lounge and re-carpeted (carpets from SCS too) according to a grey and lavender colour scheme. When delivered into the lounge the sofas totally look brown. We have a large window and a porch door that
  4. Hi, I wonder if any of you IT buffs might know what the remedy to this is? I opened the PC - a Dell Optiplex 745 to change the little round battery. I noticed these capacitors (I think) which appear to have leaked. Can anyone tell me if these are replaceable/repairable or is the likely end of my motherboard? Thanks
  5. Received CCA from Barclays, however it is very different to others I received from the same bank. This Loan dates back to 1999, I have already successfully claimed PPI on this. Is this agreement reconstituted? There's no personal detail on the agreement. T&Cs very short. Do they not have to provide signed agreement as per my request? Big question though, can they enforce this agreement? How should I reply? Appreciate if someone can please help me with the reply. Thank you.
  6. Hi there, my husband received a letter today which looks like a payslip and is from 2F Wescot Credit Agency. The matter it says it refers to just gives a number and no kind of description, the number means nothing to us. There is no information at all as to why they are contacting us and we have no idea what it could be about as as far as we're concerned we have no debts owed which we aren't already paying correctly. Is there any way of finding out what they could want without actually calling them as it seems that making contact is not the best idea w
  7. Summary. Ordered a new tablet PC from seller on Ebay. 24/12/2014 Despatched from London Showed as being accepted at Derby town DO on 30/12/2014 Estimated last delivery date 5/01/2015 6/01/2015 still shows as being help at Derby town DO Contacted seller (US based) who asks ME to chase it up with RM...Erm NO. I am not the customer so my contract is with the seller. They have to do the chasing. Checked Track and Trace today and it shows as being delivered from the Hayes DO, about 100 miles from me! I suspect that once the date for resolution has passed and
  8. Hi, New to this forum after reading a few posts relating to this company "cash4phones.co.uk". I sent my phone to them last week, recorded delivery and have used royal mail track and trace which shows the phone was received and signed for. Its still early days but the site shows the status as "pack sent to customer" i assume it should by now say "received" or similar. After my paranoid level soared i did a quick google only to find hundreds of complaints in reviews of this company, so, this appears to be the first step in the process of being ripped of by this company so i though
  9. It had all the hallmarks of a well-orchestrated bit of kite flying. First, the Chancellor’s favourite think tank, Policy Exchange, suggested a mass distribution of RBS shares to the public – offered free upfront. Hours later, the Prime Minister called for progress on reprivatisation of RBS to be made as quickly as possible and did not rule out selling the bank for a loss. “I’m open to all ideas and proposals,” he said with a metaphorical nudge and a wink. The Government’s current obsession with the fate of RBS is a bit of a mystery, the fact that taxpayers own 81pc of its shares notwith
  10. Pretty shocking,when it was the Insurance companies themselves who were bleating about referral fees adding to the costs of increased premiums. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2268765/Admiral-risks-fury-law-firm-tie-save-accident-fee-deals.html
  11. Britain's financial regulator is investigating allegations that State Street, the US financial services firm, overcharged some big UK pension funds, including the Royal Mail and J Sainsbury, the Financial Times reports. State Street has admitted overcharging Ireland's national debt agency by €3.2m (£2.5m) after it was hired to manage the sale of €4.7bn of assets to fund the recapitalisation of Ireland's banks last year. John Corrigan, head of the National Treasury Management Agency, told a parliamentary committee on Thursday about the mistake and said he had reported it to the Irish pol
  12. Its a catalougue, and I genuinely have no memory of signing a credit agreement. However they have produced a photocopy with something that looks like a bad copy of my signiture, and no date added. The company are insisting this is a true copy. I have never seen it before and I do not own a copy. Please could you tell me what is my next move. I can not find the correct template letter in the library. I think they may have tried to copy my signiture from a previous letter, and the letter they sent is pretty high handed to say the least. I do not trust the
  13. Very disturbing http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2231040/Payday-borrowers-face-Christmas-credit-shock.html
  14. So I had a call this morning from the job centre telling me that I got zero points on my medical and that I am likely to be refused ESA. I am devastated and don't know what to do. The man asked me if I had anything to say in my favour and I pointed to be honest I was probably so taken a back that I didn't make a good case for myself. I did point out that earlier this year I was placed in the Support Group under special circumstances and that my health was actually worse now. He said that it was now six months on from that time so things would have changed and that didn't apply any more. I agai
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