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  1. Hi All, Joined Lifestyle Gym last year. Paid a few months and only went once! My own fault, I just didnt have the time to go so I cancelled my direct debit.. Silly thing to do I know but I'm not refusing to pay.. I have the following breakdown from CRS of what I owe: - £113.33 - Membership Fees, due under the terms of your Membership Agreement (DEC 2017 onwards) - £50.00 - Administration Charges, incurred due to missed payments in December 2017 & January 2018 - £66.50 - Recovery Fee, incurred as the file was passed to CRS (both applied under the terms of your Membership
  2. Good morning, first of all this is the first time i’ve Used a forum so pardon my ignorance. I was a member at lifestyle fitness on Hagley road, Birmingham. I paid for a 12 months membership and only went twice. I cancelled my membership and received a “Sorry you’re leaving” email. Maybe a year later I rejoined. The building having changed Hands to “TheGymGroup”. I was paying by the month and I was using the gym. I got really fed up with the gym and the lack of equipment . I quit my membership through the members app. Again I received a “Sorry you’re leaving” email. That
  3. Hi there. I have had similar trouble with CRS because of the membership I had with the Lifestyle gym where I and my partner took 12-month memberships both. We then moved to a different city and kind of cancelled by the procedure except that my partner did this for BOTH of us and not me personally, no one never in the gym or Harlands told him that he cannot cancel for both of us (he was the one paying for them so we just decided it will be easier that way, I also was pregnant and super sick and just couldn't care less about the gym). He just carried on with the cancellat
  4. Hello all, I was a university student who signed up to my local gym. My last payment to the gym was in February of this year. I believe the payment was set up at £19.99 pcm. I ran into some financial troubles in February and the direct debit for this membership was revoked by my bank (HSBC). I viewed the email sent to me by the gym group and assumed that next month when they came to debit my account, they would take the amount owed + the next membership instalment. I recently started receiving phone calls from CRS, of which I have not picked up. I then checked my emails and
  5. Hi everybody, Today i received an interesting email, telling me that i owe money to lifestyle gym. Unfortunately i don't have my contract to hand as this was 3 to 4 years ago! I'm sure i never took out a contract of any such, but i don't have nothing to back it up. Not received any emails prior to this one either. just looking on best way to deal with the current situation. Wonder why after all this time they have now decided to chase me if i do indeed owe them money? (actual email copy and paste below) ---------------------------------------------
  6. Hi, I have been receiving letters from Harlands regarding failed direct debit payments and admin charges etc, similar to many of the other posts on this forum. Back in August, I paid for two memberships with Lifestyle fitness(for me and my girlfriend), both of which were on a "flexible" contract which required a minimum one month commitment. Both of these direct debits were setup under my bank account. My girlfriend moved back home in September and I wanted to go to a more local gym and so tried to cancel the memberships. My girlfriend rang the gym up who informed her
  7. Hello, I am really hoping you can help. March 2016 I joined Lifestyle Fitness gym in my home town. My boyfriend got a job as a personal trainer there and we split in October 2016 and November 2016 I cancelled my DD. I sent via their online web form that I am cancelling and my reasons were due to a breakdown of an abusive relationship I no longer feel comfortable going into my gym. I didn't receive any correspondence back. Now, every few weeks I'm receiving threatening letters from CRS which seem to be getting increasingly more threatening. I have trie
  8. Hi All, I'm hoping you can help me I was a previous member of Lifestyle Fitness when the gym first opened December 2012 to which I signed up to a monthly rolling contract of £17.99. After cancelling my membership in November 2015 I was phoned weekly numerous times and then sent an email from the manager Jason Lombard trying to get me to re-join. I sent an email stating that I would CONSIDER it under the same terms of my previous membership i.e monthly rolling contract £17.99. After a phone call explaining this to him. I then received an email from him that a new mem
  9. hello, Quick backstory, cancelled direct debit for lifestyle fitness as i moved away to Australia. Received letters at previous address(relatives informed me) from harlands at first saying i owed 1 month membership and admin fees as DD failed, so emailed harlands explaining my address move with proof of current address, to which they replied acknowledging the change of address which according to the lifestyle t&cs online is a valid reason for cancellation. However they wanted me to pay 1 months membership via phone/debitcard. I emailed them referring to my current location and reason
  10. Hi folks, I raise a claim via my mobile phone insurer Lifestyle Group. This is underwritten and owned by the same people as #protectyourbubble (Assurant). I go through all the process and log my claim for lost phone. My policy says that it will be dealt within 1 day. After 3 days I'm told it's been passed to the fraud department. This is due to a system that told them to do this!! Eventually get phone call from this guy Sam in fraud. He is are that I have a disability and suffer from depression. He asks challenging and private questions. At all times I am told I can canc
  11. Hi all, Yesterday I signed up for the £24.99 monthly option at a lifestyle fitness gym. I went on this membership type because I don't like the thought of contracts, and I wanted to try out the gym for only a few months. It states on the confirmation email I received, that its basically month to month, with a £25 joining fee. [ATTACH=CONFIG]59928[/ATTACH] I just want to clarify, if I was to cancel say, after 3 or so months, I could do this with 30 days notice for any given reason? I've heard some nasty things about gyms after I joined, and so I just wanted to double ch
  12. I wrote an email in february to harlands asking to cancel my partners membership at the end of the 12 month period. I gave them her name and account number (which was wrong as I used unique pin from lifestyle fitness). however i asked them if they needed any more infomation to let me know and i will give it. They got back to me and stated the member ship would be cancelled, the last payment taken in march and use of the facilities upto april. I also cancelled mine at a later date in the same manner and again using the wrong account number. however they got back to me and stated it would
  13. Hi I joined a lifestyle fitness gym in October 2014, my job moved (but not my home address) so I didn't want to go to that gym anymore. I cancelled the direct debit in December 2014 - without contacting them. I knew they wouldn't let me cancel so thought no point in contacting them. I have since had a couple of letters from Harlands and CRS - the 'debt' now stands at £288.20. I know from research that they are all the same company. I have ignored every single letter... rightly or wrongly? I have never had a phonecall or an email chasing me? Now I have received a letter sayi
  14. Hi All, I have two mobile phone contracts with EE and both are insured. I lost them on the night of Thursday 1st Jan and made a claim on the 2nd Jan. The insurance is through a third party 'Lifestyle Group'. I was advised my claim required me to fill out a Claim form which they emailed me later that day. I then called up Lifestyle Group and asked an agent if it would be ok for me to sign the form using an e pen to save me having to print and scan the form, i was advised as long as the signature looked like my signature there would not be an issue. The claims process takes
  15. Hey! I joined Lifestyle Fitness on the 08/07/2014. When Harlands debited my account on the 08/08/2014, I was unfortunately short of money this day and the direct debit was returned. Unaware I received a letter from Harlands days later notifying me that the payment had not gone through and that I would incur a fee on top of the £17.99 direct debit, which I was more than happy to pay for my own recklessness. Unfortunately on the 21/08/2014 Harlands made a direct debit of £30.49 and on this occasion I was short by a couple of pence and my direct debit w
  16. Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with this issue please? My Wife joined Lifestlye Fitness on a 12 month contract (Nothing was ever signed, although I believe thats irrelevant?) in August 2012. In June 2013 (10 Months later) she emailed the gym twice asking to cancel (due to a change in circumstances), to which no reply was ever received. She therefore stopped the Direct Debit with two months left on the contract. I wish she hadnt done this as paying the two months would have been much easier We then heard nothing else until November 2013 when 'Credit Resolution Service
  17. Hi Guys. I wonder if anyone can advise me on a Harlands/Lifestyle problem I have. My son was a member of Lifestyle for a couple of years. Last Sept he moved away for uni and his membership was 'frozen'. Unfortunately when he came home at Christmas and we tried to unfreeze his membership we discovered the membership had instead been cancelled. This meant he had to re-join and pay the joining fee again. This was apparently 'unavoidable'. I said I would go ahead anyways. When the confirmation email came through it said we were signing up for another 12 months. I rang the gym back
  18. Hi All, My wife and myself joined our local Lifestyle Fitness gym in October 2013. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to get to the gym for a few month's so requested that they freeze our membership until March 2014. This we put to the person at the gym. He said he would do this but failed to do so on time. He was apologetic but advised us to speak to Harlands about this. We didn't know who Harlands were. We thought they must be the gym owners, but now we know after reading posts on here!! We should have renewed our DD (as we cancelled it) in March but forgot. We ha
  19. Hi, I really need some advice with regard to Harlands. I joined Lifestyle Fitness last year on a 12 month contract. At the time I simply gave my details to one of the staff there and was given a membership card. I never signed anything nor was I talked through the terms & conditions. I used the gym 3 times and did not receive a proper induction and was just "left to it" and there never seemed to be any staff around to ask for advice. In August last year my husband was made redundant from his job and I contacted Harlands to ask if in the circumstances I could withdraw
  20. Hello I am new here and have a question about lifestyle fitness gym. I am thinking about signing up to the 1 month membership@£24.99 a month. I dont have the money to do a year long contract so just want to take it month by month. My membership would start on the 6th of january and the first payment would be taken on the 20th of January from my direct debit. The second payment would then be taken on the 6th of February. Now say if I wanted to cancel after the first month, how would I go adoing it? I am just reading their terms and conditions, and not really to sure
  21. Ok, this isnt too complicated but i wanted some advice first. When i joined my gym, it was Fitness first and i joined online opting for the 'Month by month' option. Essentially, you arent tied into a contract and you just pay the fee each month recurring. Recently though it was taken over by Lifestyle Fitness. Maybe i was a bit naive about this but i assumed my membership would stay the same and the gym staff said as much (i have nothing in writing). i rang today to cancel my membership as i have a new job and wont be able to make it often enough to warrant the cost,
  22. purchased starter pack from this company and on 7th august £28.95 deducted from my bank account for refills. although i had no knowledge of this i accepted it as part of t & c,s. items have never arrived and despite numerous ignored emails and calling a telephone number which is never answered i am no further forward. any help appreciated
  23. Hi, like many others i cant cancel my membership for lifestyle fitness(in stoke on trent) i am 5 months into a year contract but have been sacked from my part time job(i am a student) and have no income.. the phone number i have been given just puts you on hold for hrs. i want to write them a letter stating my intentions but cannot find an address, all the gym will give me is the phone number which noone answers.please help(first post so be gentle)
  24. Hello, I am a first year university student and I recently cancelled the direct debit for my 12 month contract at the lifestyle fitness gym in Stoke 3/4 months into the contract because I was told at the gym that if I did this I would only have to pay a £25 fee for cancelling the membership and then my membership would be over. However, after cancelling this direct debit I received a letter saying I had to pay this £25 but when I rang up the number it gave to arrange this I was placed in a queue/hold for a significant amount of time which wasted my money and never went through to anyone.
  25. Hello All, I need a bit of advise. I lost my phone in Sri Lanka as it fell out of my pocket in a cab and then the cab drove off before I had realised. I read the website, which stated i needed to contact the police within 24 hours and obtain a crime reference number. I was not sure if Sri Lankas crime reference number was sufficient and so I contacted a friend in the UK to ask if they could contact lifestyle services group for advise. The advisor stated that I should contact my airtime provider to block the sim and then I can wait until I am in the UK to get a crime reference n
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