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  1. Yes it is very imperative i avoid a CCJ if at all possible.....thinking i should just add them back into my DMP now or wait to see what they do next?
  2. Thanks for the info that's really interesting, i have noticed a lot of the wording is missing as crops off the edge of the page so i definitely wouldn't say it is fully legible at all and is also very blurry......
  3. Hi, no i removed Wescot from my DMP when they fell outside of the time limit to provide me with a valid CCA request in November, so i haven't paid anything towards this debt since November. And yes Wescot are out of the equation now as passed back to Lowells
  4. Of course.... Originally the loan was from a company called Home Shopping Personal Finance (i think they were part of RBS) and was for 10k in 2008.. ..i got into real financial difficulties when Northern Rock went under and my Mortgage deal was pulled and ended up defaulting on this and other loans in 2010 entered into a DMP with one of the debt charities, i have been paying into that ever since and not missed any payments. In November last year i found this site and decided to CCA all my remaining creditors based on the great advice given here. .nearly all the debts have been passed on through various DCA's over the years i have been on a DMP... . Wescot were collecting this debt on behalf of Lowell's but passed back to Lowells after receiving my CCA request.. .Lowell's have sent me what they claim to be a valid CCA (in my first post) and a payment history (6th post down) and are now saying the debt is enforceable again due to valid CCA being provided and to arrange payment with them before 31/03 or they will take things off hold and begin pursuing me for payment again....
  5. Yes but they are now saying they have complied with my CCA request (letter image in my original post) making the debt enforceable again...should i still ignore?
  6. Sorry my mistake the letter is from Lowells who wescot were collecting on behalf of, Lowells have now taken the debt back from Wescot and are saying they have complied with my CCA request and to contact them by 31/03 to arrange payments or they will begin pursuing the debt again. Should i contact them to arrange payment?
  7. Hi, Have received another letter from Lowells they say they are giving me until the 31/03 to get in touch with them and arrange repayments or they will start pursuing the debt once more. Based on the CCA in my original post should i get in touch and start paying them again or ignore? Really unsure what to do next...
  8. Thanks for the replying, do you not think the attached is a compliant CCA then, i guess it is just a case of waiting to see what happens next?
  9. Hi no i stopped paying last year after they failed to comply with the CCA request.
  10. Hi, thanks this isn't actually a catalogue it was a loan from a Company called HSPF i think they were something to do with RBS but the original loan was HSPF they are not a catalogue as far as i know. I managed to make the payments for about 12 months then fell into a debt spiral, originally went into a DMP with Stepchange and then more recently with payplan. To be honest i have just been making the payments into my DMP all these years until i found this forum. I have uploaded the statements they sent me along with the alleged copy of the CCA, that is everything i received today from Wescot. Any help appreciated not sure what i should do next. s1_pdf.pdf
  11. Yes there are a few pages of payments made as well, should i upload those too?
  12. Hi, after CCA'ing my creditors as per advice here in an earlier thread back in October one of my main DCA's (Wescot has responded - took them a while!) They are saying they have sent me my original agreement as requested and have now passed the debt back to Lowell who they were collecting on behalf of? is the CCA a valid copy? The original creditor was HSPF (home shopping personal finance) Not sure if i should get back in touch with Lowell and start arranging payments again or not Any help appreciated as always, i have uploaded copy of what Wescot have sent me.. next steps for me? file_1_pdf.pdf
  13. Hi, the 12 +2 days is up at the end of this week, here is an update on what has happened since i sent off the requests: Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd - 4k - Have provided a signed copy of CCA looks accurate i will upload when i have some more time. Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd - 2.5k - Have provided a signed copy of CCA looks accurate i will upload when i have some more time. Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd - £700 - Have provided a signed copy of CCA looks accurate i will upload when i have some more time. Clarity Credit Management Solutions Ltd - 1.3k - Have sent me a letter advising account is on hold whilst they contact CABOT about my request who they are collecting on behalf of not heard anything else - Thoughts? Link Financial Ltd 1.1k - No response Link Financial Ltd - 2.9k - No Reponse Moorcroft - 1.1k - Received a letter from 'Arrow' advising moorcroft collect on their behalf, they have sent a statement of account with payments going back 3 years and the letter also has the name of the original creditor and the agreement number (virgin money) - no copy or mention of CCA and advises to contact moorcroft with any further questions - Thoughts? Paragon - 1k No response Paragon - 1.3k No response Wescot Credit Services - 8k - Received letter from Wescot sending back the postal order and advising the account is owned by Lowell, Lowell have sent me a statement of account going back 4 years and also the name and the agreement number of the original creditor (HSPF), no copy of the original CCA and no mention of it - Thoughts? I am going to send a CCA request directly to Lowell with another postal order to see if they comply i think, would that be the correct course of action? Any advice around next steps massively appreciated, i would like to offer low settlement offers to close the accounts ideally, would this be a good idea and would they be likely to accept?
  14. Had a response back from Cabot on the 4k outstanding loan, they have provided a copy of the original CCA with my signature on it ect and a full soa of all payments.. and have advised it is legally enforceable, it does look like the original agreement tbf. Not heard back from them on any of the others yet though.... The 8k with wescot, i have not had a response from them directly but i have had a letter from 'Lowell' who wescot are apparently collecting on behalf of (i didnt know this) it is just an annual statement though, no CCA and no acknowledgement of the request, it is the first time Lowell have ever sent me anything regarding this account...not sure what to make of that.
  15. Thanks, i shall wait for the 12 + 2 and then if no further response remove them from my DMP and await further contact then.
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