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Found 21 results

  1. I've never done this before so please bear with me if I provide too little, or too much, information. In December my Parent's hot water cylinder sprung a leak, they had home care with British Gas so called them out. An engineer came that night to drain the tank and another engineer came the next day to do the repair. The work they completed was done, to our limited knowledge, correctly. However, the second engineer failed to store the loft ladder away properly - he failed to insert the locking pin to prevent the ladders from sliding apart. When my Father op
  2. Hi, I've had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with British Gas customer services since January to date. They're aggressive, ignorant, incompetent and disconnected in many ways, to the extent that their collections team are unable to view things going on with the account in the billing team. Its clear that I'm getting nowhere with them by complaining, so I've resorted to: Transferring to Ovo (Who have been brilliant so far) Spreading the word and telling everyone I know about Ovo. Most significantly though, I have raised two e-petitions on the government w
  3. Dear All, Please I have a question regarding the behaviour of British gas, ie if they acted within the Law and if not, what can I do about it. 1) I have a debt of about £263 with British gas (£410 initially) 2) I set-up a payment plan of £50 on the 23rd of every month 3) For the month of June I didn't have the whole £50 (extra pressures) 4) I requested and GOT approval to pay £20 for that month 5) I got an email from them regarding a missed payment. 6) I raised a complaint since I contacted them before making the payment. 7) Before the complain
  4. Hi, Received letter from Westcott asking me to confirm who i was. Stupidly called them and asked what it was about and they said it was British Gas bill from Nov 2012 for £180. They would not give me info until I confirmed my identity (I know, i probably shouldnt have done it in hindsight). But I have. Told them I have no idea how I owe any money and that Id contact BG directly which I did. Got cut off several times online, on the phone to BG. BG claim I owe it - they attempted to break down the bill and couldnt explain how I owed the money.
  5. Account with British Gas for Gas, currently in credit and have been for some time. Bill is always estimated. They want to check the meter for so called safety reasons, no problem with that. However, they come out, nobody is at home, they leave a card saying when they'll be back and then don't come back at the time they say they will, this has happened several times over the years and as the occupant is registered disabled, getting to the door sometimes can be a task and by the time they do the gas person has gone. Last week they received a letter from face2face naming them or th
  6. i recently moved to a new address and a new gas and electric supplier. i had my old gas and electric which were both with british gas closed on the 10th and 11th june 2014 but final days of use were sunday 8th june 2014. i gave them the final readings and accounts were closed. However british gas have now informed me that they have made a error on the gas account. i checked it and yes they made a big error which is as follows they had billed me £0.00 for periods of 21st Feb 2014 to 23rd may 2014 bill showed a usage of £0.00 (Yes a big flat nothing) even thou there was a usage there sy
  7. Hi, A client has approached us (the advice centre I work for) claiming that British Gas are charging him merely for having a gas pipe enter his privately rented flat. The client says that, even though he has no gas appliances, no meter and no account with British Gas, the company is charging him because they say that the pipe to his property has to be maintained. The pipe is "capped". The client says he has lived there for 16 years and this is the first time BG have attempted to charge him. According to client BG told him they only introduced this in
  8. I recently checked my credit file and was suprised to see that on there appeared a British Gas account - dating back to 2010 - i have only recently moved out of home so knew that this couldnt have been set up by me! I lived at the property in question at the time but lived with my mum and her then boyfriend - i was over 18 so was named on the rental agreement but was unemployed so made no financial contributions whilst we lived there. I received a letter from British Gas at the end of last week at my current house - addressed to my mums now ex boyfriend - I spoke with British Gas thi
  9. Hello, I have been fighting a long running battle with British gas since last year. To cut a long story short this is the series of events leading up to now. 1. I moved into a property in Jan 2013 and a meter reading was given by the landlord to British Gas 2. British Gas send me an estimated bill between Jan and March of 2940.00 kwh. I know this this is stupidly high as I lived in a modern studio flat on my own and the electric heating was out of action for this time (the flat was warm with out it anyway) 3. I queried this bill and explained I lived in a massive block of fl
  10. In the past few months I've been receiving letters from a company called Past Due Credit Solutions, in relation to an old debt with British Gas. The default date was 21/02/2008 and there has been no contact till recently; during this time I have made no offer to pay and haven't even acknowledge the debt. I recently sent them a letter regarding the alleged debt now being statute barred, the content of which was suggested to me by a very helpful CAG forum member, and which has done the trick with other old debts. Past Due Credit Solutions have just written back and stat
  11. Hi to cut a long story short, i broke up with my partner, he moved out, i thought he was paying the gas and electric and he hasn't. i wake up to British Gas forcing entry in to my home to replace the gas and electric meters after none payment of the bill which is around the £1,000 mark! :/ My landlady drove past as they were fitting the meters outside and contacted me to ask what was going on. I told her and she has threatened to evict me unless i get the original meter put back immediately! My question is, can British Gas replace the meters if
  12. Hello all, I hope I've posted this in the right place. I need some advice/general pointers on an issue a friend is having. He's Autistic (Aspergers syndrome) and has been a BG customer since May 2010. So it's a rather long story but I shall try to give the key points as best I can, if more info is required then I'll be happy to fill in the blanks best I can. He switched over to BG on to a 'web saver' price plan on moving into the property. Web saver offered online billing, energy monitor, was slightly cheaper deal than his current supplier. All seamed well he received the usual
  13. Hi, Over the last 2 years of being with British Gas on a Pay Monthly Eco 7 meter, I've noticed that the clock has moved forward by 21 minutes. The reason why I notice this time is because the eco 7 times have crept forward by 21 mins. THis ALSO includes the DST changes so has NOTHING to do with that. I called British Gas to ask about this, and asked 'Where did this mysterious 21 minutes come from'. The lady was unable to answer and basically said 'thats impossible, the meters are on a 24 hour rotation'. Anyway, she couldn't grasp the concept that some clocks run fast and on the other
  14. Hi there! I've been reading about lots of problems with British Gas and here's another! Basically, since I've moved in in August 2010 I've been trying to switch the bills from my landlords name to mine. They said at the beginning that it couldn't be done because his final bill was too big (?!) so since then, I've been trying to get him to pay his bit so we could change it over. This has been going on for a year and a half. Eventually, someone from a debt agency came round saying that I owed £440.00! I had previously made a payment of £210.00 (I will admit that I had fallen behind on payi
  15. I had an online Dual Fuel tariff with British Gas. In July 2010 they changed it to a Standard Tariff, which is much more expensive. They "informed" me by way of a small notice on my bill. I have been on their most expensive tariff for 14 months without noticing. I feel this is deliberately intended to place people on expensive tariffs. How many people scrutinize a Fuel Bill? Especially an online one? And why not send me an email or letter if they wanted to act in good faith? I am considering small claims court or arbitration to recover the money I am out of pocket. Any advice?
  16. I had an online Dual Fuel tariff with British Gas. In July 2010 they changed it to a Standard Tariff, which is much more expensive. They "informed" me by way of a small notice on my bill. I have been on their most expensive tariff for 14 months without noticing. I feel this is deliberately intended to place people on expensive tariffs. How many people scrutinize a Fuel Bill? Especially an online one? And why not send me an email or letter if they wanted to act in good faith? I am considering small claims court or arbitration to recover the money I am out of pocket. Any advice?
  17. Hi all, I'm new to this site but hoping someone here can help me. Earlier this year (March) I applied, unsuccessfully, to the British Gas Trust as I could not afford my gas and electricity bills and BG were threatening to cut off the supply. As part of this application I had to submit up to date meter readings which were way higher than the previous estimated bills meaning I owed more than I already couldn't afford to pay! I received emails from them on 17th July to let me know my new bills were available online which, I must admit, slipped my mind as I graduated from uni and got marrie
  18. Hello all, i hope i get some help because im going nuts!!! So two years ago, on the previous flat i was renting i had british gas & Electricity. When i moved out i missed "Apparently" few payments. since Last year i been receiving calls from Wescot Credit services to pay the debt. I chose to ignore them because i remember not having any debt. Then i received a letter from a solicitors office sayin that wescot is willing to consider realistic options for repayment based on my personal circumstances. I emailed them, asking for the bill that states my name, my flat the bil
  19. BG put our bill up from £28 on gas to £80 lst month, we owe about £350 and my husband lost his job so our income is currently £65 a week We cant afford it so rang BG to see if the DD can be reduced, the said no because of the amount and because wed cancelled the DD twice in 12 months, we havent we had the date changed but apparently it doesnt matter because we owe too much. We only pay £21 a month on electric and the bill is quite high but they are leaving the payments as that, also our meter was faulty and just had a new one, but no way to tell if we over paid on the old one appar
  20. Hello, I've signed up to switch from BG to EDF for duel fuel, but BG have block the electicty part of the move. The account is in credit, but the have sent two letters stating that the object to switch. I called them after the first letter, and the lass couldn't understand why they put a block on it, and told me to ask EDF to re-apply, and it should go through ok. Now, got another letter today stating the same thing, managed after a few phone calls to get trhough to some one with a bit of sense, and they told me I couldn't move because I had a pre-payment meter. This is rub
  21. Hello all, I have an interesting email here from BG sent to me after I had sent photo's of my meter. It has taken six months after the problem was discovered to get to the point where dialogue has been established:- -------------------------- Thank you for your prompt email. Based on the readings and photos you have provided I have worked out and average usage between March and October of 5.59 units per day. I have used this in the calculation to work out a new start meter readings which I wish to agree with you as we have no actual reading. Working back 2 and half years to 200
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