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  1. Thanks. I have double checked and it seems like they changed the date of the default, so I'll certainly complain about that. Thanks for the advice, it looks like I'm best to sit and wait to see what 1st credit do next, as well as trying to reclaim the charges. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for advice. So I should just wait and see what happens? And not make any complaint about the default?
  3. The entry on my credit file has changed. There was a default from HBOS from back in 2009. That has now gone, and the account shows a default in March 2013, and instead of it saying HBOS it says CAI finance Ltd, which I believe is 1st Credit. If you think making a full and final offer isn't the best idea, any advice?
  4. There are a lot of £12 charges for late payment, and a couple of £23 charges that say " Letter Fee". Would it be worth trying to claim these ?
  5. Thanks for the replies. Neither of them have my signature. There are no details other than my name and address. As I said, its strange that copies of T&Cs from 2000 mention an act that is dated 2004. The debt is £5000. My plan is to make them a full and final offer to get them off my back. HBOS ignored various offers before passing the debt on, so I just want to find out what my options are, in order to give me a little bargaining power.
  6. Hi, Back in 2009 / 2010 Halifax were chasing me for a credit card debt. I CCA'd them and they sent me copies of statements. I replied to say this wasn't enough, and heard nothing back. The since passed the debt onto various DCAs each one has replied saying it will ask the original creditor for the information, and never got back to me. In September 2012, 1st Credit became the latest DCA to contact me. I CCA'd them in September and they responded with a copy of my statements, nothing else. I wrote back to them saying this wasn't enough and heard nothing at all until a couple of days ago when they again sent copies of my statements along with 2 copies of a Credit Card agreement, with my details printed on top. Interestingly, both agreements mention the " Distance Marketing Regulations 2004", which could not have been mentioned in any original agreement, as the account was taken out in 2000. 1st credit enclosed a letter which stated they have fulfilled their obligations under Sections 77/ 78 of the consumer credit act, and should contact them within 14 days to arrange payment. What would be the best move for me to make now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I currently have an ongoing complaint against MBNA with the Financial Ombudsman Service. It is awaiting a decision from an Ombudsman and has been for a number of months. I have had no contact from MBNA since the complaint was made. The complaint is regarding harassment from MBNA and them ignoring offers of payment on a credit card debt. Today I received a letter from Arrow Global telling me they had taken over the account and would be instructing Wescot to collect the amount from me. A letter from MBNA was also enclosed, which stated that they have terminated my agreement and have decided to sell the account to Arrow. I was wondering, can they do this whilst a complaint is ongoing? And if they can, any advice as to what I should do. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I have a case currently with the Financial ombudsman against MBNA. I recently had to submit further information and evidence to the ombudsman. I have a copy of the information MBNA hold on me including call logs and computer screen shots etc. On the call log there is a comments section for each call where the member of staff from MBNA has written notes on the call. Unfortunately these notes are written in a mixture of text speak and nonsense, and there is no way anyone other than the author could understand them. As the data protection act says that they must provide all info in a way I can understand, I wrote to MBNA and asked them to provide me with a translated copy of the comments ( all 30 pages! ) nearly 2 months ago. I also wrote to the ombudsman to state I couldn't be expected to present all the evidence until MBNA had responded. I haven't had any kind of response from MBNA at all. However this week I received a letter from the ombudsman explaining that MBNA claim not to have received the letter. I sent the letter recorded and have proof of delivery, so I know MBNA received it the day after I posted it. I was just wondering, have MBNA committed any offence by ignoring this request, and what, if anything, can I do about it? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies. They stopped calling me a few months ago now, and I have a complaint going through with the Ombudsman. Unfortunately the Ombudsman seem to think 140 calls AFTER I asked them to only contact me in writing, is acceptable!! MBNA claim that they didn't have to remove any numbers from their system unless I confirmed various security details or requested them to stop calling in writing, in which case the numbers would be removed from their system after 28 days.
  10. Hi, I have an ongoing complaint with MBNA regarding their harassment of me and my family. I was hoping someone might be able to answer a couple of questions or point me in the right direction for an answer. 1. If I am called by a bank, and I ask them over the phone to only contact me in writing and to remove my numbers from their system, do they have to comply with that request, and if so how long do they have to do so? 2. Are the bank allowed to insist I give them my security details before agreeing to remove the telephone number from the system? 3. If the bank calls a telephone number that doesn't belong to me, and they are asked by the owner, to remove the number from their system, how long do they have to action this? 4. Once I have written to the bank, asking them to only contact me in writing and remove my telephone numbers from their system, how long do they have to comply with this? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi, I got some great advice here back in January, so hopefully you can help again. I have a debt from a Halifax Credit card taken out in 2001. For various reasons I struggled to pay the minimum payments. I contacted the Halifax, and was told by one of their advisors " If you can't pay, just don't pay". I also noticed some fraudulent activity on my account, reported it TWICE and Halifax did nothing. After being fobbed off several times by their complaints team, I finally CCA'd them. In November 2010, within the time limit, Halifax sent me my last 6 years statements and nothing else. I wrote to them, and said this wasn't acceptable, and heard nothing back. In January 2011 I received letters and Phone calls from Westcot collections demanding payments. Again, I wrote to them explaining I was still waiting for a copy of the agreement. I heard nothing back. Today ( 6th August 2011 ), I received a letter in a Bank of Scotland envelope, from Blair, Oliver, Scott, with a " reconstituted version of the executed agreement". They state I must contact them within 14 days to arrange payment or they will " have no option but to instruct collections agents". What they have sent is 15 pages of terms and conditions, with my name an address printed on the top. No signature, or date the agreement was signed or anything. Any advice on what my next move should be? It has taken them 9 months to actually send this after the request, and I have no idea if this was the agreement I signed back in 2001. Sorry for the long post and any help very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I haven't CCA'd them as I took the card out in Summer 2008, so not sure there was much point? If I was to do a SAR would I still need to CCA them, or does the SAR cover this? I assume the SAR would mean they have to reveal details of their telephone call logs? In terms of the complaint, I wrote to them, 3 times before I got a response. They said they were sorry if I felt they had acted wrongly, but are adamant they have done nothing wrong. The insisted they could call me, despite me insisting everything is done in writing. The also disputed my call log and asked me to prove it. I replied to this letter and have heard nothing back. I will now certainly lodge complaints with the OFT. Where do I stand with this default notice now? Have they permanently ( unfairly ) damaged my credit rating, or is there a way to get it removed? I have ALWAYS co operated with them, although yes I have stood up to there bullying tactics!
  13. HI, Hoping I can get some great advice from here again! I have a debt with MBNA, from a Virgin Credit card. I have been corresponding with MBNA, and have at no point ignored them or the debt. I recently made a complaint to them regarding the way the were harassing me, and I received a response which basically said " we can do what we want". They also asked me for more information, which I happily sent. I have heard nothing back regarding this ( MBNA have often ignored my letters, this was part of my complaint ). Today I received a letter stating my credit agreement has been terminated and a default has been registered against me. They say it will be on my file for 6 years and it will seriously affect my future. They say they are deciding what action to take, and I should just sit and wait to hear back from them. It seems a little unfair to me that they have ignored a number of my letters regarding my complaint. I have ALWAYS responded to their letters, but refuse to do any business with them by telephone as they were often making 4 phone calls a day ( which they deny ). They have ignored letters where I have made an offer to pay what I can afford and they have ignored all my requests to stop contacting me by telephone. Stating they can call me if they feel they need to. I seems to me that they are just trying to bully me because I had the nerve to make a complaint against them. Wondering if anyone had any advice as to what my next move should be? Thanks
  14. adster2407

    MBNA Harassment

    I have recently made a complaint to MBNA regarding their harassment of me by telephone, and would be grateful of any advice. MBNA have been calling me, regarding a credit card debt, for around six months, despite me communicating with them in writing. I requested numerous times that they only contact me in writing, but they kept calling my landline / mobile. On some days I received up to 6 calls in an hour, and some calls coming only a minute after the previous call. They have now agreed to stop calling me, but are refusing to remove my phone numbers from their records, as they say they MIGHT need to call me should I fail to respond to letters. They also dispute my call log. On days where the log I kept shows they called up to 6 times, they are claiming only one call was made. Also, when I did answer the calls from them, they requested the usual security details, which I refused to give, but on a couple of occasions the caller from MBNA started trying to discuss the account without asking the security questions. MBNA's final response letter states that at certain times they do not have to ask security questions. I am more than happy to continue communicating with MBNA in writing, and have always responded to any letters. However I was wondering: 1) Can MBNA keep my phone numbers on record, despite me asking them not to? 2) Is there anything I can do to get a copy of MBNA's call log? To put it bluntly, they are lying through their teeth about the amount of calls. 3) Is it correct that MBNA do not have to confirm security details on some occasions? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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