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  1. Not 'preachy' at all, that's actually really good advice and has helped me, so thank you
  2. I must phrase this very carefully because I've already had a warning from CAG to play nice and not offend anyone. So I'll put my question as soft as possible: I went through the Work Programme at Ingeus for two years, total waste of time. I'm now about 8 months clear and my JCP advisor has told me I have a month of signing on twice a week and going to National Career Service left before she will mandate me to signing every day or doing community service like a criminal or finding my own voluntary work like some old nan sorting cardigans in a Scope charity shop. This awful pressure i
  3. But you never leave? Why do you never leave? Only you can answer that. But you never leave and keep on posting about how bad the job is, and what might or might not happen if you stay. Take a risk. LEAVE. See what happens after.... How about that? Wx
  4. I think you'll feel a whole lot better if you just walk away from the whole situation. Get what money you can, under advice, and just walk away. Start your future now. Yes?
  5. In my humble opinion you should take them to the cleaners. You've been working in this job for over ten years. Hold out for a big pay off. I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but I was just trying to get to the truth of your issue. You sound like a good person, and if there's anything I can do to help you I'll do my best. (I'm unemployed and trying to live on JSA spectacularly badly at the moment), but if I can help you I will. Be well. Wx
  6. Robin - if you actually leave your job tomorrow I'll give you £500. Forget about the possibility or redundancy or coming off the sick, etc. DO IT. It's clear your job is killing you yet you still feel impotent to cut the ties. I don't know why. It's clear you don't know why either.... But my bet stands.
  7. OK. apologies for my last deleted comment. But here is a question - Why have you posted questions for 3 years about how you want to leave your job, but never do. And always come back posting new angles about how your job is terrible and how you must leave it, but a few weeks later, wow - you are still in the same job? I'm just fascinated why you always post the same thing, get advice on it, never do anything about it. What's the deal?
  8. Hi, where's the 'Campaign Forum' please? I thought the 'Benefit Forum' was the best place to post to garner support for bad benefit legislation?
  9. Got the memo but my secretary didn't action it. My bad. Come on my friends - this current situation is untenable. I'll do what it takes to make it stop, I just lack the genius to know how to make it change. But change it must. Who else is with me? This signing every day or criminal community service option just to get our tax-paid JSA is disgusting. Don't mean to sound glib, but remember that old poem about the Nazis (and I'm paraphrasing here so apologise) 'When they came for the Jews, I didn't make a sound, when they came for the gays I didn't make a sound, when they came for the immi
  10. Sorry, I was being glib. I've read your threads though and you seem like an intelligent person who is always trying to prove he's too good to sign on. But you haven't got a job, neither have I, so here's the news - we are in the same boat as anyone who's on JSA. Who cares what our past glories were - in this moment we are signing on and are living at the bottom of society's barrel. That's my point though - it is now unacceptable to even try hard to find a job and prove it each week at the JCP. It's like they are being paid to catch us out and show we aren't, we are just lazy criminals trying t
  11. Hmmm, not sure I totally agree with you on that specific point, but even the 'great unwashed' deserve compassion and have feelings like someone as intelligent as you. Surely this mass of Eloi should rise up and refuse to accept this new draconian bullsh*t of signing everyday or doing mandatory 'voluntary' work? We really need to make a stand and say NO MORE! , like with the Poll Tax to make a change. I promise you I'll stand alongside anyone else who's on JSA (or ESA) and man the barricades sticking a flower down their gun barrels.
  12. All I can say in response is - I hope so. When being poor becomes a crime something has gone wrong with society. Respect to you EssexMat for standing your ground, but I worry you and me are people who have enough life-experience to be able to do that. What about the people who can't? Who is now looking out for them under this new judgemental and intolerant regime? What is a society, however rich, without compassion for the weakest?
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