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  1. To clarify - I am a DWP Claimant. Vicarious liablity does bring an interestiing angle. The particular manager's actions are clearly not those as specified in the Civil Service Code of Conduct. Some letters that I have contradict publicly available information on Gov.UK and partner sites. It has even gone to the extent of fraudulent evidence i.e. quoting documents that I have apparently signed yet do not exist. When requested to produce them, everything goes quiet.
  2. Thank you Lapsed Workaholic and citizenB for your comments; it is helping make a decision. Would you know where I can information in the law that prevents individual employees of the DWP from being taken to Court? I had looked at Maladministration – however this relies on the civil servants being honest. In my experience, a large percentage of the DWP staff are amongst the most dishonest employees I have ever encountered in the UK in spite of written evidence. You do get some honest staff. If a manager has for whatever reason, a grudge against you, they will ensure that you are not allocated to those helpful staff.
  3. My naivety was to believe that the complaints system in the DWP works. I have been through it up to the PHSO with the ‘support’ of my MP. At each stage each person added more false allegations without evidence. The regional manager even claimed that I had been sanctioned when I had not been – you would think I would have noticed the gap in money coming into my bank account. As they got away with it they are still carrying with the deliberate mistreatment. I have traced the instigator of most of these to the JCP manager. It has cost me a lot of extra money (on loan) keeping my skills up to date and throughout doing voluntary work. Through my own efforts I have been lucky to have secured a professional voluntary role. Promises made of support similar to some of my peers have been withdrawn at the last minute. I would like to recover some of these extra costs to bring home to the JCP manager (if possible) that their role is to support people into paid roles [i am aware that JCP are the last people to get anyone a paid role]. However it is not with a smirking face to add extra obstacles. In the case whose conduct has not been so critical I am taking the complaints system in one go whilst trying not to waste too much time on it.
  4. What law can I use to sue the JCP Manager in the Small Claims Court if Mgr has made decisions that are proving to be personal rather than following DWP guidelines? Mgr refuses to accept independent professional evidence. Mgr has used public money to pay solicitors to threaten with false allegations to cover the deceit amongst JCP team? All this has cost me a considerable sum of money such that I even had to take out a bank loan to survive and improve my chances towards a paid role. Have documentary evidence of all the costs. Nabwaki
  5. Thank you all – so far issues have reached the District Manager and it is all the lies repeated even when they do not make sense. Some are actually breaches of contract. I have an independent witness on one of the issues prepared to talk to the JCP - at the moment they will not agree to the conversation. The Hdq Customer Service just passes back to District Manager. How can District Manager say you have qualifications/experience to work anywhere in the UK + internationally then imply you do not know what is in your own best interests? He says that I have been treated professionally at all stages. Have an MP who just accepts what they say they are going to do, then post-meeting JCP does nothing post meeting. I will just have to do something pretty unconventional so as not to let them interfere with the new support I have built up with promotion in my voluntary work.
  6. Please can I have help in instigating a judical review where the JCP Manager colludes with staff to threaten, verabl aabuse and spread lies about a person who is just trying their best. Their chip on the shoulder being the person is black well educated. Have heard from a reputable source that particular JCP does not like experienced graduates with 30+ years work history. Thwe online instructions on Justice.gov are very confusing.
  7. Yellow160 How soon did you get a response after emailing Ian Livingstone and Julie Howarth (Executive complaints)? Nabwaki
  8. I tried to get quotations from private investigators to search for an ex landlord who had apparently disappeared - these £230+VAT and £260+VAT. Felt this was too high and approached solicitor telling her in writing that I only wanted 1 hour’s work to have a completed search. Told her about quotes I had turned down and specifically I did not have plenty of funds. One of the quotes had actually sent me their terms and conditions in writing so I have proof. I as well mentioned that I was concerned about the amount I was prepared to spend in relation to the money I hoped to recover. Agreed that her fee + plus the investigator would come to a maximum of £175. So I paid the deposit of £100 she asked for to start the work. When written contract was sent it included a mandate for an ongoing direct debit from my bank account. I refused to give my bank account details in writing saying that I expected this to be a one off. Nothing was said in return. For a whole month I hear nothing. So I telephone twice and left a message asking about progress. These were never returned. So I faxed asking if I could speak to the investigator myself. When the bill arrived it was more than twice what had been agreed. Immediately I felt that I had been deliberately conned as I had been very particular in establishing the costs before proceeding. I therefore complained asking what they had charged me for – these turned out to telephone calls made + letters + misc – none of which had been mentioned at the time of my asking. The solicitor is now taking me to court. I insisted on getting the transcript of the conversation. Court agreed and it was to have been sent to me 2 weeks before the hearing date. However this was only done to arrive 2 days before the hearing. Fortunately the case was postponed at the last minute. The notes of our telephone conversation were very sketchy, though the figure £175 had written. As information was deliberately withheld from, I feel this is an invalid contract and the solicitor should not be asking for more money. PS – they never found the landlord for me.
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