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  1. Hi, Wondering if anyone can help please? I took out a start up loan which I fell behind on when the business failed for various reasons. I wrote to the start up loan provider who failed to confirm accept of my offer of payment and instead instructed a DCA to collect on their behalf. I again wrote with all my income/expenditure and a monthly offer and made my first payment in July 2015 but to the account of the start up loan provider. The DCA then wrote to me chasing payment. I wrote back and advised I had made a payment and hadn't received confirmation from
  2. Hiya, I missed a payment to next due by 20th August 13. My credit file was updated on 22nd August 13 to say payments were up to date. I then paid both the arrears and the payment due by 20th September on 12th September. My credit file was updated by next on 22nd Sept to say the account was 1 month in arrears?? This obviously wasn't the case as the account was up to date. my credit file currently shows that I am one month in arrears which is not the case. Next have advised they update credit history one month behind. Can they do this or should all i
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