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  1. Also yesterday found a couple of FOS test cases where the PPI redress was paid off the 'outstanding debt' and a complaint was made. The FOS upheld the complaints and made the bank pay the customer. 1. because some of it was for a loan that was already paid in full (applys to me) 2. because they proved they had more important debts to pay (applys to me) 3. They complained that they never would have had arrears in the first place if the bank had not hidden ppi in the loan and made payments higher than they should have been (applys to me)
  2. Yes Andy, Nationwide. Due a response by the 10th re the PPI claim - ill keep the forum updated.
  3. How would I go about it ? Nationwide are refusing to acknowledge that I should be compensated I'm due response by 10th of this month re my PPI so ill keep the forum updated!
  4. Yes - I defended the CCJ and argued that Nationwide knew my circumstances and refused to hold the interest due to my redundancy and argued that a ccj would prejudice my young family. Asked for a repayment plan OR a voluntary charge without interest and questioned the interest on the claim. DJ gave them J and then C/O. Since then Nationwide have accepted that statements had discrepancies and wrote to me to remove the Judgment (it had fell of my file anyway after 6 years) and have removed the charge. They are saying I still owe them the money but they will not be asking for i
  5. Any thoughts on the whole fact that they never should have got CCJ and charge and that no mention of me having PPI when I was made redundant and couldn't keep up payments? Really not sure how much it all cost me to be honest so maybe its something for the FOS to decide
  6. Can anyone else offer any further advice here ? Ive tried to find a case similar to mine and cant - not sure at all how I would quantify my loss - that why I thought perhaps I need legal advice At the moment I'm thinking of seeing what happens with the PPI claim and then complaining to the FOS about the whole matter. Is there a letter I have to send to Nationwide before I complain to the FOS ? Thanks for your replies dx100uk
  7. I appreciate the reply. I don’t understand how they can remove it from a balance that they say they can now never enforce. How would I go about compensation ? At the time it really did ruin my life I’ll save you the details but relationship breakdown etc because of debts! Surely that would mean a solicitor
  8. Hi everyone, Ive had nothing but top advice when Ive previously used the forum - so here we go. I defaulted on my nationwide loan in approx 2010 - due to redundancy. Balance roughly 8k. Nationwide took proceedings against me and got CCJ for about 9k - enforced via a C/O that remains on my property. No payments being made as its interest free. I have had 2 loans in my life with them - 2nd was for 15k that paid of the last bit of my fist loan for about 8-10k I cant remember exactly. I have just had confirmation that there was PPI in these loans and nationwide are du
  9. thanks guys. if for some reason ive just slipped the net and they try to enforce it via a charging order ill message on here immediately. should it get to January when i believe they would have to apply to the court to re instate the J and that happened what is the procedure ? is it a hearing that i could actually atrend or more dodgy paperwork ?
  10. Had a letter today from DWF LLP Leeds 'We are writing to confirm that the management of your debt owing to the MIB has now been transferred from Bluestone to DWF LLP Solicitors' (loads of address info and saying they are a member of law society etc) 'From now on our Recoveries Department in Leeds will be working with with you to repay the sums owed to the MIB' (loads of payment info) 'We will shortly be reviewing your file and will arrange to to contact you once we have done so, in order to discuss your circumstances and to obtain your repayment proposals' with this lette
  11. it was banner jones who got the judgment but its CWF who wrote to my ex partners address. Just wish she had copied it for me or forwarded it on as i have no clue as to what it was. No mention of a charge or she would have summoned me herself! Im going to have a good look into banner jones myself. thanks
  12. probably wouldnt believe me but its the truth - as per everything else on here. ill do a land registry search. what really worries me is the lack of information the particulars of claim ? is it that easy to get a judgment it mentions nothing about figures or breakdown of figures - that is what i really want. Surely cant just get a figure of the top of their heads! or would it be in a seperate document to the particulars that the court sent me ? particulars that court sent me were posted earlier today
  13. Ive also just managed to get a copy of the J from northampton bulk centre. Judgment (in default) in county court business centre 19/01/2011 10,873,74 (includes £320 costs) and it has my current address at the top. I got the sum of 15k in my head as i said my dad got a letter in 2009 and he seems to think thats what it said...but this is all 8 9 years ago. I have had nothing at all to my address and the particulars they have sent me from the court on email mention no breakdown of costs - what was for scooter damage and what was for PI etc....there is no way that i would not have
  14. What DWF sent me was not a copy of a judgment 100%. There was also nothing on their letter asking for / mentioning funds - any idea what it was that was sent ? Considering MIB have 11k J against me it appears...thanks
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