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  1. Hightail, the contract has the sanctuary name on it plus the names of the owners of the sanctuary and states I was handing the bird over to them, so its the persons and the place that he was handed over to, not just the place. Also I am trying to sort it out amicably however if they do not respond to emails and do not answer the phone there isn't a lot I can do is there. The place is almost 4 hours away from where I live so I see no point in just dropping in and having some sort of showdown with them, which is no doubt what it would become, because they would probably call the police and its m
  2. Ok, I will start looking into that whilst I await any contact, thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.
  3. Well no reply as of yet, they were open today as posts were made on their fb page. I haven't posted on the fb page as yet because that's making it public and I did want to try and resolve this amicably however no reply to email or calls gives the impression this isn't going to happen. I have emailed again, politely requesting they contact me to sort this out. I have been checking out FB and it seems that the old sanctuary owners, and the sanctuary that all animals/birds were re-homed to are close friends so I can only assume this is going to make it harder as they are clearly friends so w
  4. Hi. The new sanctuary were friends and mentors in the setting up of the old sanctuary so I'm pretty confident they probably helped them with the contracts, also as he is a cites bird they would have needed a copy of any contracts to take him on so they should have the same paperwork that I do. No email reply and no answer to phone calls today, but I'm not sure if they are open on a Monday so will try again tomorrow. I am going to find the address of the person from the first sanctuary and start preparing things because I didn't break the contract and I'm not letting him get awa
  5. Hi Bazza, yes they do rely heavily on visitors and contributions. I'm not saying they are a bad sanctuary, but they treat themselves like a zoo, where you can walk around and visit the animals/enclosures, and the animals there are basically used to raise funds to keep the sanctuary running. That wasn't the deal and it wasn't what I signed up to.
  6. Im not sure about the RSPCA, but I will give them a ring in the morning. I am hoping the sanctuary gets back to me before then so we can sort this out, but I will do my best to get advice so I know where I am. Thanks for all the help
  7. He has never lived with another bird. He had a cage and aviary here, and he lived in an aviary when I rehomed him. You cannot put a hand reared bird with another bird, its something that takes time and effort and they have to be slowly introduced to each other whilst being kept separate, especially Cockatoos because they can fight to the death. With a hand reared bird, it doesn't realise its a bird, they think they are human, because when hand reared, the first thing they see when they open their eyes is a human, they assume that human is its parent, and grow up believing they are the same as
  8. Oh one more thing. The place where he is now, acted as advisors and mentors to the people/place that I did hand him over to, so they were fully aware of the contract we had and signed and how this whole situation worked.
  9. He is a Cites registered bird so yes he is registered under my name and I have his paperwork. He is also close ringed with a ring number. My problem is, if I wanted to I could have sold him at the time and made £1000. However If I did this he would no doubt have been bought and sold several times or more throughout his life, as this is what the bird world is like, lots of people buy, get fed up and then sell on. I didn't want this for him which is why I let them adopt him for want of a better word. I wanted him to stay at one place and be happy (cockatoos are very complex birds so need st
  10. A contract had to be drawn up to protect themselves, so that any pet owner that rehomes with them, could not just go back one day and demand the pet back. They held a zoo licence and were doing everything above board at the time. Also, I do know that if an animal is ever given to a sanctuary, usually paperwork is signed to sign over ownership. So similar happened in this case, and if it did cover them, then I would assume it also had to cover me in the circumstances mentioned? I didn't take legal advice, it was a bad time, I assumed as most do that it was all correct and as they had
  11. Hi Long story but the short version is. I owned a Cockatoo (Parrot) Had to rehome him as my dog had terminal cancer and needed constant care. Finally decided on a small sanctuary that had a small enclosure of animals. Sanctuary was owned by a couple that owned/run a pub/restaurant in a quiet part of the world. Have a contract drawn up by them that states if Cockatoo ever needs to be rehomed we would have first refusal and would be contacted to discuss. Have just found out today that the couple sold the pub in April and all animals rehomed to another sanctuary
  12. My mum had to apply for help last year, they gave around £1300 (thats around the maximum they give with a funeral payment) and it was paid directly to the funeral home also. There was no option to have the payment paid to my mum.
  13. My sister, along with many other people had the same letter in January. Sent all her stuff in and received a letter end of March saying all ok. She also has a joint mortgage with her ex. I would ditch the joint bank account to prevent future complications because that will flag up everytime they do checks.
  14. Just to add, they have had a couple of builders out to quote and are being quoted £2000-£3000 for a new roof, which is actually more than they paid initially for the conservatory.
  15. I am sure this is being posted in the wrong place, but I have no idea if there is an area here for it, so please excuse me if its wrong. Just a question really. I have an uncle who is in his late 50's. He lives in a council property, but came into a bit of money about 7 years ago, which was enough to add a small conservatory to his home which he and his wife use. His problem is, the roof has started to leak, and he cannot afford to pay a company the cost to get it fully repaired. So, every time it rains, it leaks, and this is causing damp to grow out there. He and his wife
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