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Found 17 results

  1. In November 2005 I was called into my bank for a “financial review”. At that time, I did not realise it was going to be a hard sell of bank products. I was sold a £20k loan. When the time arrived to sign the paperwork, the local printer couldn’t produce it – I guess an IT issue. They managed to get part or maybe all the first page printed (on screen it had many pages), which I was asked to sign or initial – I don’t remember what, in the footer area of the page. The £20k was deposited into my account the same/next day. I was advised a full agreement would be
  2. had a letter from a well known agency anyway gist of it is dear..... we're sorry we have made a mistake your account was recently transferred to ....from ...due to an error we started reporting this account on your credit file. we have informed the credit reference agencies to remove this account from your credit file which should be completed with the next 3 weeks...sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you now i know they trashed my credit file because i saw it...so do i have any redress over it or is it because they are now removing it lets all be friends and ignore it?
  3. Posted by dx (willy waving ....?? until/unless they get an agreement it wont go anywhere. when did you take the cat debt out. sri internet is crap tonight here. the NOA is all cohen themselves are required to provide you as the proposed claimants sols. until lowells get the signed? CCA no dice.) Sorry to jump in, just a quick question dx how does it work with a catologue online because there won't be a signed CCA, they just print your name in there for you ? and what's the difference what happened post 2007 regarding catologue's ? Thx
  4. Hello all- I've been reading a million MBNA related postings and while I broadly get the jist, I am really looking for a concise 'step by step' action plan. I have had an MBNA card for many years (probably 15 ish in total). The credit limit (was) high and the balance has gone up and down. Around 7 years ago, I foolishly injected cash into my company with the card as a 'temporary' cashflow prop. I never repaid the sum but continued to pay the minimum payment (the company failed a few years ago). Last month, a payment was missed - genuine stupid error while I
  5. Hi all so sorry for this... been a member for approx 2.5 years re joined January 15 so now out of contract, not used the gym for some time prob 6 months or so went on there site to cancel but couldn't find the "W" no that i was given when first joining to fill out the cancelation form, So instead Thought I knew better and canceled the direct debit now Im thinking I've done the wrong thing as I have received a letter from Harlands stating the normal- " ref your membership to exercise 4 less harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your membership agre
  6. Hi all, Great forum and some good advice, but I feel I still need to ask again as some of the info is conflicting. I parked at A Euro Car Parks site in Bracknell. I over stayed (I was there for over 6 hours) as I never recalled you had a limit before and that it was free (it is for an hour or 2 I think). I got a letter from ECP demanding the £70 or £40 if paid straight away, but I lost the letter. So awaited letter number 2 so I could pay. Instead I got a letter from DRP demanding £130 or they would recommend to the creditor's solicitor that court action should be taken t
  7. Hi Folks, Does anybody know if Barclays are legally allowed to charge £30 for Paid Referral Charges on a business account? I have month on month been hit hard with these charges and every month its getting harder to get out of the hole they are creating for me! My personal account has the occassional Paid Referral Fee but this is charged at £8, although still a lot of money it is much more reasonable than the £30 on the Business Account. How do I stand if I decide to go after them for a refund? B
  8. Hi all, Im finding it hard to follow the existing threads so i thought it easier to create my own. Ive been with BH for several years now and on every contract i was told i had to have OSC. Have people been successful in reclaiming? What are my first steps? i keep seeing the word SAR floating about ... do i need one of these, i dont have all my original paperwork. Thanks for your help oh also, I finished paying for a tv last november, it had been in for repair whilst being paid for and a few weeks after i had finished paying for it the fault reoccured, so i took
  9. So I joined my new job on 6th Jan and was due to be paid on 24th Jan. I didn't get paid so I phoned HR who said I could get paid at any time that day so I waited. It didn't arrive so I phoned HR again to get payrolls number. After many calls it turns out payroll read the last number of my account wrong it was a 4 not a 9. Now I have to wait for it to be returned before I see any of it. They even asked my to contact my bank (halifax) to see if it was waiting to be returned. They say this can take a few days or if the account exists much longer. Is http://www.postcodeanywhere.co.uk/demos
  10. Hello everyone, im new here and i so need some advice if possible it concerns my son, He worked for a company for 6yrs, but the company was taken over by a new boss and his previous employer made certain that the current employees remained when he sold the lease to this man, right before christmas last year he went to go to work with other employees, they tried to unlock the company gates to start work but the boss they worked for changed the locks the day before, he then texed them all to say they are now all unemployed. They never even got their wages on the saturday for t
  11. hI Just had the decision regarding DLA for my missus, 2012 was the first claim and sent forms off again just before xmas, she was awarded HRM and LRC first time round, yet now has had the HRM stopped completely. The decision was based on, claim form, GP, Current Treatment, Medication, Test Results and Symptoms. So according to that she has now improved from last year so much she can now walk 200 yards in a reasonable manner using suitable aids although walking is limited (their statement). So they say her walking is limited yet don't say what it is limited to. So now after having
  12. Got a letter from Eversheds on Wednesday stating they'd applied for reposession on the 11th March. I went to court with them in 2007 and unfortunately I'm £1960 in arrears. My panic is that as I am away from home next week they may just come round and change the locks as I'm away til the 26th. Also don't know when I'll get notice from the court (I'm assuming they will write to me). I appreciate that the time may well depend on courts workload but has anyone any idea it would be appreciated.
  13. I have just noticed the announcement and I cannot express my sympathy and deepest shock enough. I have met Martin on a couple of occasions and his wit and wisdom was beyond measure. He will be truly missed by everyone here on CAG I am sure. R.I.P Martin
  14. I am so very sorry to hear this news. I did not know him but I am sure his advice and support has helped me and many others on this site which people like him have made this place somewhere they can get justice and fight for their rights. God bless.
  15. Oh dear, another car dealer thread. I feel that this time it is a little different so please bear with me. On Saturday my daughter and her husband went to a car dealer in Torbay to test drive a Peugeot 307 that he had advertised for sale. They drove the car (with the salesman as a passenger) on a mixed route, town, B roads and a dualcarriageay and they liked it so left a deposit and agreed to return on Tuesday with the balance. They had arranged to pick the car up from the dealer after work, so I drove them to Torbay to get the car. The first thing they noticed was that the fuel
  16. Hi, I have had a look through a lot of the threads on here so I shall try and give as much info as possible for anyone to help me here! I have a £2800 very debt in my name, and a £2500 debt in my wife's name. (these are the 2 I am having trouble with, although we also have a Simplybe and a Jacamo account that have been agreed at £5 per month repayments each) Both were taken out online in 2008. I lost my original job in 2010 (I was earning a good wage then), but I managed to find another job and I kept up with the minimum payments to both Very accounts. However, over the last 4 months I
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