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Found 14 results

  1. Hello I wonder if anyone could help please? We purchased a 4 year old dog from a private seller and had her for a total of two and a half weeks. She was sold as being friendly and gentle and the owners assured us that, "She doesn't have a bad bone in her body and wouldn't hurt a fly". Since purchasing Lola, she was always very vocal when out on a lead and barked and pulled strongly towards other animals and at times also towards people, especially so when out with my girlfriend. We were in daily contact with the previous owners via text with regular updates on Lola and
  2. Morning All, I recently applied for a new pet insurance policy for a new dog and after a lot of chasing the company for an answer I have finally received a very poorly worded letter from them advising 'the cover will be limited to accidental external damage only'! They then go on to say 'this exclusion is non-reviewable as this condition can affect many systems and is unpredictable'. The condition is called Rickettsia and the dog contracted it in Spain as a result of being bitten by a Tick most likely. When the dog came to us we took him to our vet for a full check-up a
  3. Does anyone buy there petfood from a wholesaler or manufacturer? I have two cats who usually have dry food in the morning and soft in the evening. My boy cat has recently had a reaccurring FUTI so i have been advised to only give him soft food, which is a lot more expensive! I'm hoping to be able to find a cheap website or contact where i can cut out the middle man and hopefully the price.
  4. Man rescues fox and finds his new best friend (VIDEO) Read more at http://www.dogheirs.com/george/posts/1632-man-rescues-fox-and-finds-his-new-best-friend-video#iZpGPJDHBpTUi9hk.99 There are two videos,one showing Foxy boy having his bath and being blow dried. Likes looking his best. A day in Foxy Boys life. Jack he is called. I have taken quite a liking to Jack the Fox and his owner. Feel free to post pictures of your best animal friend.Pet or wild one you have befriended perhaps. Then anytime you like you can come back here and remember your friend. Days,weeks
  5. I've just had an email about the new pet reception building that opened this week. Hopefully this is good news for anyone travelling with their pet, because the old building was pretty small and the dogs were quite close to each other. Cats looked particularly unhappy to see a bunch of dogs in there and should like the drive-through facility. We crossed on a bitterly cold winter's day and there was nowhere to sit with your dog, just the car. If you have to wait for your crossing, it can be very uncomfortable for all concerned. It's not clear if they have any refreshments for p
  6. Hi Long story but the short version is. I owned a Cockatoo (Parrot) Had to rehome him as my dog had terminal cancer and needed constant care. Finally decided on a small sanctuary that had a small enclosure of animals. Sanctuary was owned by a couple that owned/run a pub/restaurant in a quiet part of the world. Have a contract drawn up by them that states if Cockatoo ever needs to be rehomed we would have first refusal and would be contacted to discuss. Have just found out today that the couple sold the pub in April and all animals rehomed to another sanctuary
  7. Up to 10,000 Axa pet insurance customers are being moved to NCI Insurance as Axa leaves the market to concentrate on "key products" – motor, home and travel cover. By August 30 2015, all customers will be shifted on to NCI's insurance books. NCI told MoneySavingExpert that it would provide "similar levels of cover" to Axa, and will "continue to insure any medical conditions identified while customers were with Axa under the terms and conditions of the new policy." But a number of customers who have already been moved to NCI say they are facing huge price hikes, part
  8. Hi there, My partner and I moved into a privately rented flat 2 months ago. We really get on with our landlady and are good tenants. The property is always spotless, bills are always paid on time and we really do look after our home. When we moved, we were asked by the letting agent if we had a pet. (At the time) the answer was a no. They confirmed that their 'standard' clause was 'no pets', however there is a clause that states we could have a pet with the landlord's written consent (and this can be broken at any time). I called the letting agent as my partner and I have dec
  9. I need some advice please. I had to cancel the healthy pet club scheme in my vets after a number of problems. I suffered poor service, increase in prices, I was forced to purchase a blood glucose kit costing me £120, they charged me £15 consultation fee when its a free health club check, then they refused me insulin as my cat is a diabetic. I reported the vets to the British Veterinary Association, whom have yet to reply to my complaint back in August. I cancelled at the healthy pets club direct a couple of months ago; why demand money now? Today I got a letter from th
  10. Hi, I have a dog, who is insured, with a long term condition for which he is on medication. He had a stroke last April and is on heart medication. Our insurance policy clearly states that they will pay out for no more than 12 months per condition - I have no dispute with this, the period of payment is coming to an end, but that's how it is. Similarly the excesses, although steep, are made very clear (a fixed 170 plus 30%). I renew the policy every 12 months, in October, and have been with this company since we first got our dog. What I didn't expect was to have the fixed ex
  11. TAKING YOUR PET ABROAD GUIDE Documents Source: https://www.gov.uk/take-pet-abroad PART 1 - OVERVIEW When travelling with your pet dog, cat or ferret, the rules you must follow depend on the country you’re going to or coming from. Travelling within the EU (or into the EU from another ‘listed’ country) When travelling to or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs: Ø a microchip Ø a rabies vaccination (make sure your pet is microchipped first or the vaccination won’t count) Ø apet passport or official third
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/insurance/9853512/Pet-insurance-owners-face-18-month-compensation-delay.html
  13. hi all, i am a fishkeeper and have been for several years now. I will try and keep it simple for those of you who dont know about fish. My friend was sold a 20 litre tank a few weeks ago from a pet shop and was at the same time sold 4 VERY unsuitable fish for the tank. She was sold a plec which can grow up to 24" and a rainbow shark which is very territorial and can grow up to 6"!! I told her to rehome those 2 fish and gave her advice on maintaining her tank which was not given in the shop! I went to this shop today myself to take a look and what i found shocked me. The tanks wer
  14. hi guys i am looking for a little advice, the issue is less with the insurance company and more with my previous vet. my dog has recently been diagnosed with renal disease, which due to a legnthy diognosis it amounted to a large bill. fortunately i have insurance, which is why i agreed to the tests and treatments. i have now had confirmation that my claim has been declined due to information provided by my previous vet, when my dog was a puppy, stating that she showed signs of renal/liver failure then, two years ago. i was never informed of this from the vet as i would have pr
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