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  1. Thanks to everyone that helped me with this. I submitted my appeal to POPLA and just received Parking Eye's evidence pack. They've submitted photographs of me entering once and leaving once. Leaving out the 2 other occasions. And a log file to back the photos up. I've been asked to respond to their evidence. I had no evidence to give them originally and I cannot submit any new evidence now or submit a new argument. All I can do is respond to Parking Eye's evidence. Could some of you smart people please have a look below at what I've written and let me know if it's ok?
  2. Thanks HoneyBee. I was also having regrets about that line. I was thinking of saying "mix up" (We believe there has been a mix up or they have faulty equipment. We entered and exited twice, but they have only shared the first and last photographs.) but I like mistaken better
  3. Is this ok: Please write a short summary of this ground of appeal We entered and exited the carpark twice. We were not in there for the duration stated on the PCN. Also. When we eventually did park, we spent around 15-20 minutes trying to download the Parking Eye’s app due to bad phone signal. How long was the free period in the car park? No free parking. What did the signage at the car park say? The signage was a PayByPhone Phone App logoed sign. It gave prices and times, and explained how to pay. Why do you consider you complied with the signage? Once pa
  4. Hi all, I came here a few months ago with a problem with Parking Eye. I ended up appealing, but Parking Eye rejected it. These are the details: Before I load up the POPLA form, is there anything I need to know? I don't want to fill it out incorrectly and take the fine. Thanks Johnny
  5. Thanks for this. I wanted to use their online form to appeal so they can't deny receiving it. They ask for identification. Obviously I won't say Driver, but I'm not the registered keeper, so should I identify myself as "None of the above"? Or should I use my wife's name as she's officially the Registered Keeper? Thanks for your help.
  6. Oh this is great. Thanks Ericsbrother. Should I not shoehorn somewhere that I needed 20 mins to download the app? If it goes to POPLA, then wouldn't it be better if I had given all available information at the start? They might have CCTV of me walking out of view, therefore assuming I'd left the premises...
  7. I just realised what's on the document. Date of Issue: 11-03-16 14 Days to get the discount rate. ..but I received this on the 18-03-16, so that gives me 7 days. That doesn't seem very fair. Mean's I've got less time to research this.
  8. Hi all, Sorry to keep asking questions, but is there a template I can follow for a double dip appeal? I've been reading a lot this weekend about it, and I'm being told that I need to use the correct jargon. Thanks Johnny
  9. Hi all, Thanks so much for all the replies. It's really made me feel better about the situation. Ericsbrother, great. Thank's for the info. I wasn't in the car when I was paying. I was actually walking around. Would this matter? The incident happened on the 6th March, and I got the letter on the 18th March, so 12 days. So there's two grace periods? Before and after? Didn't know that. Thanks Johnny
  10. Hi all, I'm Johnny. I'm new here I was just about to send off an parking fine appeal, but just wanted to see if I'm in the right or not, because it's a bit sketchy. The facts: -I wanted to go into Ibis car park because I was told it was cheap -Entered Holiday Inn car park accidentally because of confusing road layout -Left Holiday Inn -Entered Ibis, spent around 5-10 mins parking because it was tight and realised that it was actually very expensive -Went back to Holiday Inn, saw that prices were cheaper so I parked -The sign gave a few options of how to pay. One
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