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  1. Just noticed that it has appeared as a default now on Experian from 10/12/17?
  2. Looks like they are going to the revised sum. There isn’t anything else to it as far as I am aware apart from not being on time with the £35 a couple of times but the new judgement doesn’t seem to relate to that.
  3. Thanks Andy, thats a weight off my mind. Whats caused this to happen?
  4. Its been a really tough year to keep on top of everything as we are earning less so been late a couple times. It is up to date though. So I can still carry on paying the £35 ok?
  5. Thanks DX. Can they go against the variation order set? I have not had any trouble for over a year, its been great paying my £270 and no hassle.
  6. It must be about 5-6 years ago I stopped paying the regular amount. I then went on to DMP and then stopped altogether. I dont have statements.
  7. It threw me because I didn't notice the date and couldn't remember anything to do with Hoist, I pay Robinson Way. I did file the N9 and then received the variation last year which I have paid since. The loan was taken out about 12 years ago I think and was paid up until 4 years ago. Was sold on about 2 years ago I think.
  8. Ford you are a genius, I didnt notice that. I have found all the paperwork from last year, I have a variation order of £35 a month and I have also logged into my account. I have attached everything for you guys to look at. Whats it all about? You can see they have credited the account over the last few months. The rest... docs1.pdf
  9. Do you know the best email address? I tried again earlier as I am out with my boss tomorrow
  10. I cant get through. I dont have alot of time to call while at work. Can I write to them?
  11. Never moved, been here 10 years. I will fill in the other bits tomorrow.
  12. yesterday I received 2 envelopes through the post I have attached the letters. I never received a claim form have not had the opportunity to ask for a monthly payment. What can I do now? IMG_2385.pdf IMG_9871.pdf
  13. Yes Bankfodder comments like that are unhelpful. My debt problems are on this site and without this site I would not have had the strength to fight and be in the better place I am now. After years of sticking within my means we lost our business due to the 2008 recession and simultaneous diagnosis of my partners breast cancer. Suddenly we were without money to feed the family/pay an employee once the reserves ran out. Debt quickly became the only issue to survive at that time, not a choice I wanted nor thought about much at the time. Took along time to get sorted but I'm grateful to this place. I just had another call from my boss and had a chat about the issue. He is going to supply me with the info and I also said that the most I can afford will be £150 a month to start with. I said that with my new job there is going to be the opportunity to progress and earn more money so ramping up the repayments as I can afford them will be an option to me and he seemed happy at that. I said I will put a plan in place based on my affordability.
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