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  1. Contacted Kensington and the lady told me i can just make a online regular faster payment .She said the telegraphic method(chaps) is mainly for solicitors making much larger transfer etc.... so hopefully should be ok Just need to calculate the daily interest since the start of the redemption statement figure (which is valid for 1 month) before making the payment . Thanks DX
  2. No i dont have loads of charges, its less than £300 the redemption payment . I just called my bank and the guy says its a Chaps payment,where i have to personally go into the bank and they charge a fee (£30) and its not worth it for that amount!!!
  3. No i havent made the payment yet ,but i dont want to be tricked into paying the wrong way and giving them an excuse to add any sort of charges. On the redemption statement it says the payment must be made by telegraphic transfer in their Barclay account..... doesnt mention any other option.
  4. I thought i had said its the final payment on my secured loan /mortgage. Its also Kensington.
  5. Yes ive read similar but is it the same as a bank online faster payment? The company requests payment by telegraphic transfer. I usually pay my regular monthly payment by debit card online.
  6. Hi, Could someone tell me what payment method a telegraphic transfer is and is it the same as faster payment done online through your bank??? (its in regard to a final secured loan payment,redemption payment) Thanks
  7. So is that as far as we can go , i thought the ppi commision was a seperate thing?
  8. Hi Again, i did this and they dont agree the PPI was missold , but have included a check for over £1000 for ppi commision. They say the PPI was sold over the phone and the PPI was explained in full , but in a SAR request that was done on the main account there is a scan of a paper application with the PPI ticked , it is also dated the end of 1995 and they say the PPI was taken out in 1998. (a 3 year gap to apply for PPI seems highly unlikely) My mother says she would have picked up the application in the supermarket she worked in and it would be very unlike her to apply for a credit card over the phone . This is getting highly confusing . She had this card and one linked card mentioned in their correspondence. My mother has already put the cheque in her bank , as she only just handed me the letter she didnt realise that they had declined the actual PPI claim.. Will this stop us going to the Ombudsman to dispute the actual PPI payment part????? Any advice thanks?
  9. OK , I`ll try and get that done for her tomorrow Thanks
  10. The student part must be just part of their standard response. My mother was working full time at the time , had sick cover , life insurance some savings and an isa. Do i just fill in the ombudsman ppi form and put any details in there and send it to them as soon as possible. I notice how theyve gave 10 days from the date of the letter , which only just came.
  11. Sent from them to acknowledge the ppi query??? I just stuck a card number in the last few hours before the deadline online last August.
  12. Hi , I told my mother to put in a query on the Barclay website for Barclaycard PPI right on the deadline last August. Apart from 2 or 3 letters saying we will eventually get to to your claim we`ve heard nothing until today a letter arrived asking for all sorts of info. This is from over 20 years ago and they are wanting loads of details concerning savings , wages employments etc... she will certainly struggle with all these requests. Any advice should we try and put what we can in and send it back. She certainly hasn't got records of savings etc... from then or exact working hours ,but she was working full time . Ive attached letter hopefully with personal details blacked out. I have done ppi in the past but always used the Ombudsman questionnaire . thanks barclaycard ppi-1-converted.pdf
  13. ok thanks well i ticked both boxes and just sent off the copies so.......
  14. Yes i read what you`ve said , but somehow seems a bit of a daft thing to do ,saying you have enough info when you havent. I was also confused by the sheet above as it didnt seem part of the N180 form. thanks anyway, i`ll keep you informed as it goes along.
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