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  1. Thanks dx So if I can get through until the end of November then it is over and done with I think!
  2. Bandit127 sorry to bother you - but would that apply then to a bank loan that is showing defaulted and was prior to April 2007? If that is the case can I have these closed and removed from my credit file? (not that I want to be in debt ever again!!)
  3. In thinking about it it was definitely signed prior to April 2007 as, by coincidence, that was the month my divorce came through and a lot of the debt was for solicitors fees!
  4. Thanks both. I have no idea when the account was opened. I am almost sure before April 2007 as I had it quite a while before the default - which was November 2008 as referenced on my credit file. But I am 3 house moves and a divorce away from the paperwork. Should I write back referencing that or ignore them?
  5. It's for a shade over 13k. What annoys me is I tried to do the right thing with all of them and they made me default as they wouldn't enter into payment plans. Then they ignored me for a year or more and now magically an agreement appears!
  6. Hi everyone I received a letter today from 1st Credit in response to a request for a copy of my signed agreement. I asked them for it a year or more ago (can't find the letter as it was on an old laptop) They have sent a copy - no signature and no date which they say that they can do by law, and are now demanding payment and that I contact them within 12 days. I asked in my letter for a response within the statutory period (which i have seen as being 14, 30 days....either way not a year) The debt with the original creditor defaulted, according to my credit file, November 2009, therefore due to come off at the end of December this year. This is a citi credit card debt that I had when I was married and have no recollection of the agreement etc. I have not acknowledged the debt or made payment in the past 5 years 10 months. Should they have written back sooner? Why can't I have my agreement signed and dated? IS this just a case of them seeing it's due to become 'expired' and trting it on? Any advice welcome! Thanks
  7. Thanks. I do now, in previous communications they just stated 'call to set-up'. I feel a little bit stupid now! It does strike me that they could have replied to me any time but would rather do this! Thank-you
  8. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can advise. After months of harassment I agreed payments on a £6k debt of £50/month with these people. I sent the first payment by Postal Order and a letter requesting a form to set the standing order up. No response. Month two I did the same but stated I could not afford to continue to pay the £50 plus the cost of the PO plus the cost of the recorded delivery and asked for a SO form or I would only be able to pay the PO for the amount minus the cost of buying it and the postage, no response. Month 3 I sent the PO less the amount for recorded delivery and the cost of the PO, again requested a SO form. No response. Today they sent me a letter stating I failed to maintain the payment and I have 7 days to bring this up to date of they will take action to recover the full amount. They have also started calling me again, despite my stating quite strongly that I will only correspond in writing. Can someone please advise me what I can do here? I am getting extremely stressed and upset. Thanks!
  9. More phone calls today - any ideas how I can stop that? I have already written to them saying I will only communicate in writing
  10. More phone calls today - any ideas how I can stop that? I have already written to them saying I will only communicate in writing
  11. EGG BANKING PLC Loan Default Satisfied 14/08/2011 BRITANNICA RECOVER... Loan Default 23/10/2011 Definitely the same one that ARC are now chasing for. Also - sorry to bother you with yet anther question, there are 2 on my file that I am disputing as they have not provided me with signed agreements and have ignored the SAR - they are both disputed, can they do that?
  12. Yes I just have, that was depressing! I thought bad credit etc were meant to go away eventually! Anyway it was listed as defaulted (Satisfied) by egg and britannica bought the loan and defaulted it again
  13. I genuinely don't remember (this all happened mid house move and divorce). When I was made redundant the insurance kicked in, when I had not managed to find work after a year I contacted Egg and they told me that there was nothing they could do as they won't enter a payment plan with someone on jobseekers, so it was a bit of a catch22.
  14. Thanks both One question I meant to ask was if the computer printout with a tickbox checked rather than a signature is right? i understood that they had to have a signature? Thanks
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