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  1. thanks for your reply, what should I say to them re the CCA form?
  2. Here is the cca they sent me. The original credit card does not appear on my credit report. Drydens claim the original default date provided by the OC is March 2013. This is simply not possible as no payment or acknowledgment has been made in over 6 years. My credit report shows the account held by arrow global with that default date, it does not mention the OC. The last payment made to the OC was in January 2010, so I don't believe it took them 3 years to issue a default.
  3. The original creditor was providian. I have sent a cca request to Drydens and they sent me a photocopy of a signed application form. Arrow global claim a default in 2013 by the OC, however no payment or acknowledgement has been made in over 6 years so how can this be correct? They have not provided evidence of any payment or acknowledgment within this time. As far as I am aware Providian do not trade in this country anymore so I am not sure how I can get any details of defaults etc.
  4. The card was taken out in 2001, last payment prob around 2008. It is showing in the closed account section on Clearscore. All it indicates is a missed payment in 2013. It doesn't use the word default. However I know for a fact I have never acknowledged anything to arrow or paid them a penny. So it appears the information is incorrect. Drydens have put the account on hold for 14 days to await my response. They have said that the default date provided by the OC was in 2013, which is within 6 years!
  5. I have only spoken to them in writing, I have checked my CRF and there is a default registered and its shows payments in 2013, however I can guarantee I have never paid arrow anything so I don't understand what is going on. I have been told that arrow are known for registering dodgy defaults?
  6. Good Evening Everyone I need some advice on an old cc debt that was sold to arrow global over 6 years ago. No payment or acknowledgement has ever been made to arrow. The last payment to the original creditor was made over 6 years ago. Drydensfairfax are seeking payment or they will take me to court. I have said this is statute barred, however they say arrow issued a default in 2013 so not SB. Bearing in mind I have never acknowledged or paid anything to arrow, are they correct in saying this is not statute barred? Thanks
  7. I'm only researching options at the moment. The Halifax/Cabot debt is not even showing on my credit file.
  8. I was looking at the possibility of a DRO to help sort out some of my financial issues. I assume Cabot are now the owner of this debt and not Halifax?
  9. I have just printed and sent CCA request with £1 postal order.
  10. there are monthly payments to Cabot, but the December payment is not on the day they said in the letter, it differs by two days.
  11. I have found a payment to a DCA around that date on my bank statement.
  12. The address MC have used to contact me is also rather strange. The first line and post code are correct, however it lists THREE post towns under the first line, which are in wildly different geographic areas!
  13. I'm not sure to be honest, I don't have any details of the payment. I have been checking my records and I don't appear to have sent a CCA request for this as Cabot had not contacted me for a very long time, so I am printing it out now.
  14. Just had a reply from Mortimer Clarke saying last payment was in December 2009 so not statute barred and now want my proposals. How should I respond?
  15. I have sent an account in dispute letter, informing them that the previous CCA request was not answered, Cabot are aware of this I think they are just trying scare tactics. If anyone thinks I should send a new CCA request in addition to the dispute letter please advise. Thanks
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