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  1. Lowells brought 2 of my Cat debts over the last year...Asked them for CCA they didnt have them and wrote off £5000.. I would CCA Freds even tho they are part of Lowells
  2. The 6 year SB date is when the last payment was made,,not what is showing as default....
  3. Hi sussex Long time no speak ..Cant believe the cheek of them ..Mine went quiet in March last year..Was inundated with letters for about 3 weeks before then ..Offering this that and the other ..Not heard a thing since ..hope you keeping well
  4. Well they are fobbing you off then ..Just tell them until you see a signed copy of the original agreement (which they haven't got) that is signed then you wont correspond anymore . .Tell them that the Agreement you have signed is for a BNPL. . and it has been payed off.. ..Keep writing to them tho rattles their cage. .Ive never known a Cat Company to take anyone to court. I signed many of them BNPL agreements ..One as been written off.. The other I'm paying £20 a month for ..But I know I can stop paying when I want as They will not have agreement..(was Choice now Littlewoods). .They have many Signed BNPL agreements I'm sure if they could get away with taking me to court on them agreements they would of by now . ...I have never asked Cat NO2 for an agreement as they have never hassled me ..They are not adding any interest either. .I told them what I would pay ..they moaned . .and said it were'nt good enough, But I payed it and nothing more was said
  5. Firstly .. Was the original agreement always with the same company . .IE .For example Marshall ward became Isme? And when did you open the account? my 2 were open in 1999 and 2001,, They changed names . .so obviously didnt have the original agreements ..One tryed to fob me off with a recon ..no names nothing ,Told them to get lost ..they sold to Lowells and lowells wrote it off...
  6. It sounds like an Agreement just for the buy now pay later..I signed loads of them ,but when it came to them sending the Original Agreement ,they did not have it and wrote of £900. Dont let them fool you into thinking that is the Original Agreement
  7. I have a halifax Debt with 1st Credit,,Was SB on 18 March,, I have had nothing but letters from them in the last few weeks..all offering discounts and payment proposals ,,I will leave it a while then send the SB debt..1st cred have owned this 2 years in July ..Think you can safety say ....Bog Off
  8. First off look at your credit file..noodle is free ..that should tell you when the Cats were open ..If before April 2007 then they would need the original agreement for court ..I also have a littlewoods Account that has defaulted ..Mine was 2002..I know they dont have a CCA from then ..so im paying £20 a month and they are excepting with no added interest..I also had a Isme account that was passed over to Lowells ..Had a Letter from them last week saying they are writing the amount off ..That was open in 1998,,Hence the early 2007 date ..If it was before 2007 then its unlikely they will have the correct CCA
  9. I get them as well..altho im on a payment plan ..Every time they send a statememt they put the NOTICE OF ARREARS in with it..Its nothing to worry about ..Just keep paying the £1..As for the SAR if its over 40 days ..I would chase them up
  10. Not to throw darts at ..But a full length on wall would be cool ...Yep A Katie Priceto throw darts at would be pukka tho
  11. I have just had a letter off them offering me a discount,,LOL...They tell me my Application is enforcable so pay it now..Then I get discount letters ..YEAH RIGHT
  12. Ignore them, But find out about your SARS
  13. Its probally a standard letter they send out to people on payment plans..If they haven't responded to your SARS ..You need to remind them and tell them if you don't receive it you will take it further
  14. I wouldn't worry to much ..Its only a catalogue ..Very low priority ..You are paying what you can afford..They will go nowhere near a court..
  15. Yes they can ..If you have a balance on your card and the card is still open with the OC then they can offset
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