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  1. Hi and thank you. This is what had me confused, I had assumed as TK Maxx had gone with a 12 month store ban and no police involvement that would of been the end of the matter. My son said that he had signed a piece of paper regarding the store ban, apologised for his stupid "mistake" and was free to leave. He thought that was the end of it. Lesson learnt. until the letter came in the post today saying he needs to pay £149.50 ( for earphones to the value of £7 which were returned in full packaging) So, yes it would appear that his details have been passed on after the crime and t
  2. Thank you for explaining that. I will most certainly be ignoring all letters and I hope other people search up on the company BEFORE they pay up. Thank you for your help CAG
  3. Thank you for replying- yes, I see there is a LOT of threads regarding this company! Even "threatens" to tell me as he is under 18. I'm just glad I came across this site before I even considered paying them. The letter itself raised my suspicions. Clearly not as clever as they may think. But did TK Maxx give them my son's details? If so, why?
  4. Hi and thank you. Yes, he gave the store manager his details-I just don't know how or why RLP have them. Surely if they were truly acting on behalf of TK MAXX there would of been police involvement. Confusing
  5. Hello, I'm interested to know how RLP have acquired my son's details? He has received a letter today stating he has to pay £149.50 and that they are acting on behalf of TK Maxx He has mental health issues and part of that is VERY impulsive behaviour, he told me he tried to steal some earphones (even though he had money to pay for them;) he was taken in to a room, no police involvement but banned from the store for 12 months. He wasn't told about any fines or further action. I have read other threads about RLP on here and have decided to ignore the letter a
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