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  1. This was a personal visit allready many charges on top The bank of mum will not be paying because a ,i cant afford to and b, its not my flaming debt However i know he hasnt got this kind of money and that the bailiff is unlikely to accept what he can offer
  2. Yes his bottom has been kicked sadly as hes dyslexic he does tend not to open his flipping letters sticks his head in the sand .It was his car that was scrapped around the same time. Is there any way forward with this to resolve it ? Should he just start to pay what he can afford to the debt agency while ignoring the bailiff ? Would i need to show proof that its our home and not his ? Not a problem but id just like to know what
  3. Hi guys I wonder if you could offer advice please Jbw enforcement agent appeared at my home this morning looking for my 21 year old son. I did not open the door no will i. Son is not here at the moment but i do have a bed wardrobe ect in my dinning room for him to use if he was to be here - no belonging other then some clothes and odd toiletries and no car in his name. Notice just says enforcement for warrant £616 And a ref number . phoned son who told me to open his mail and discovered letters about non payment of dart charge from march this year.
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