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  1. Update folks. The company responded to our appeal and upheld the dismissal. They admitted that dismissal with immediate effect was not actually correct and have moved his dismissal date back by 4 weeks to try and correct that error and paid him 4 weeks in lieu. They admit in writing that he had received no 'formal' warnings but because of his short time in employment they sometimes use a more informal approach. Unbelievable. They seem to be saying because your 19 you do not get the same treatment as an older employee who's been here for years. Is that age discrimination. For employee
  2. Thanks Becky.Will await the final decision on the appeal and take it from there.
  3. Thanks Emmzzi. i think it must be ASCLA although i cant see where it says it is governed by the law of england and wales. Maybe omitting this technicality could mean it must be seen as common law apprenticeship? It also says, Dismissing an apprentice Where the arrangement is terminated by the employer, or terminates automatically at the end of a fixed term, there will be a dismissal for the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and therefore the potential for an unfair dismissal claim exists. Of course the time he has worked (16months) may preclude this.
  4. Yes i believe it was/is. The chap from the college was in the week before my son was sacked. he had come in to say he had gained his level 2 Qualification.
  5. Hi My 19 year old son was sacked for poor performance 16 months into his 3 year apprenticeship. He was given 15 minutes warning of his disciplinary hearing and no evidence in advance. No notes were taken and his companion in the hearing was told to make no comment. No notes were taken and when i asked for a copy of the notes they should have recorded they cobbled together a 9 sentence document (spread over 3 A4 pages) as a supposed record of a 20 minute meeting. It takes 1 minute to read. My son was stunned as he had received no verbal warnings and thought things were ok. 2 da
  6. Hi This is our present mortgage company. We have 4 years stilll to go on the mortgage.
  7. I have tried many times to find info on arrears administration fees charged by my building society. I have seen many posts asking if these charges can be reclaimed. Well they CAN so go for it. The woolwich (owned by Barclays) have just caved in and are knocking £3600 of arrears charges imposed over the last 6 years. I asked for the list of charges in Feb, they put me off 3 times so i wrote to the Financial Ombudsman, told them the woolwich were messing me about and asked them to sort it. Then the woolwich finally provied the list of charges but said they were set out in our terms and con
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