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  1. I'll try to cut a long, shambolic story short! My husband changed providers some time ago. He did a comparison search and Scottish Power seemed to be the cheapest. However, when we first signed up, it was only for electricity. We agreed a monthly payment scheme of £70 per month. The next month, the payment amount doubled, and the next month doubled again! Countless, pointless phone calls, speaking to people who obviously had no idea what was going on prompted us to change tarrifs, which we though we had done. Please note that we were unde
  2. OP doesn't seem to want to get back on the board, and they have said they just want the charity to leave the rabbits with them for the rest of their lives. It appears that the rabbits still technically belong to the charity, but OP wants to continue caring for them rather than cause them any upheaval. It sound reasonable if OP has been falsely accused. It's disgusting that someone can take this attitude and believe the word of a person at the end of the phone without looking into it, or at least giving her trusted friend the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps OP can sue fo
  3. Yes, I did wonder about that. I'll check their next email to see if there's an unsubscribe link. Thanks
  4. Okay, thanks for the clarification. Although I did receive an email back from them to say I will still continue to receive info via email and text.
  5. Unlike most of the horror stories about Avon, I actually had a very positive and financially rewarding experience. However, due to recent mobility issues I've had to give up my round with no idea when, or if ever, I will be able to start work again. My issue is this - I contacted everyone I should have and informed them that I was resigning. I emailed Avon and asked them to delete my account. However, there is apparently no way to do this. They said that my account would become inactive if I don't place an order within three campaigns, and then it's still kept for another eighteen
  6. Thank you for moving the thread, and thank you for all of the suggestions! I love the banana in the tailpipe! lol. Seriously, we will probably start with a polite notice, and then move onto the folding bollard idea, I like that! I'm just not sure where we stand, legally. It's a unit on an industrial estate, it has no paths, just faded white lines as parking bays, directly in front of the unit. The landlord is a decent chap, but he's very, very busy and difficult to get hold of; I suppose we can send him an email and ask him what our options are. Are these people technically breaking the law?
  7. The landlord said he'll 'have a word', but it's difficult to know who's cars they are as it's a busy industrial estate. There are no gates, just faded parking bays.
  8. I have no idea if this is the correct forum, so please forgive me if it should have been posted elsewhere! My husband has just rented an industrial unit to start his business. It's been empty for some months previously people have understandably used the space outside for parking. However, since we received the keys, only one person has had the decency to come over and apologise and move his vehicle. Every day we go and cars are parked outside of the unit meaning we have to park elsewhere; and at the side, where the large delivery doors are, is also sometimes
  9. Thanks for your reply. However, appealing won't change the outcome, I just want to know if there's a complaints process.
  10. I applied for PIP and was sent for an assessment. It seemed to go fine, but I had a feeling I wouldn't get it, despite having mobility problems due to arthritis, IBS and a heart condition. However, when I received a copy of his assessment, I was quite shocked to see that he blatantly lied in the letter. He stated that he'd carried out physical tests, which he did not. He stated that I could freely get both arms behind my head and back, which I can't, and my doctor would testify to this. He also stated that I could get up down off the chair and walk without difficulty, which I can't.
  11. No, that was a much earlier incident which was settled by our insurance company at the time.
  12. Well, thank you for all of the helpful responses. I feel a bit overwhelmed by it all as we've had no problems with insurance, so had no idea how to proceed. After a discussion with my husband, we feel we may know who is responsible for the claim, but this is pure speculation. We had a very minor bump about 2 and a half years ago after an upsetting hospital visit...my husband wasn't really paying attention and scuffed a car as he was trying to park. The woman we scraped was unbelievably abusive, screaming and swearing and threatening all kinds, trying to say we'd tried to drive off after t
  13. Where to start! We have had our car insurance with GoGirl. Someone made a fraudulent claim against us saying we'd hit them with our car, when we hadn't. Their investigators came out to inspect the car, found nothing and left. That was the last we heard of it. Until last month. Our car insurance is due for renewal, and to cut an horrendously long story short, we can't renew our insurance with our 2 years no claims bonus because of this claim. I've told GoGirl the claim was fraudulent, but they just said that because the claim wasn't followed up it was 'settled as no-fault'. Howev
  14. Okay, so I don't need to send in the form? What do I do about the CCA? Do I still need to ask for that again?
  15. I'm very confused - it says Santander on the claim form. What is mcol website? I think it was for HP. I'll post the other letters we've received from them tomorrow as they may contain more relevant data. Thanks for all the help so far.
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