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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have joined here after reading an exceptional amount of valuable information regarding Blemain Finance (or Blemain Group) now operating as Together. About myself: I am a law graduate and helping a friend with his mortgage taken from Blemain. About the friend: From what I can see he has taken a total of 5 "charges" over his property from Blemain over the course of 2013 to the present. It started with £15,000 and now he owes 4 times this amount. That is not to say he did not exercise his own will, but so much about their operation is incredibly DODGY (for want of a better word/phrase), that it has made me upset to see a family friend potentially abused. He suffers from brain damage and this house is his only asset which I can foresee him losing if something is not done about the way Blemain/Together are operating... At some point he spoke to Phone-A-Loan who are an associated company of Blemain. It is unclear to me what their role was, but I hope to establish this position as quickly as possible. Enterprise Finance Limited always appear to have acted as the broker. They seem to take a fee each time he redeems his mortgage then opens a new account with Blemain (as stated this is his 5th loan/charge/mortgage. My question at this point is has anyone else dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited? If so did they provide options of lenders (ie alternatives to Bleamin) or did they simply tell you to go to Blemain for the loan? From my limited research I can not discover any connection between Enterprise and Blemain but I suspect there must be some link (even if it is beneficial ownership which would be fairly difficult to establish or prove). From the initial loan of £15,000, the charges which have accumulated as he has re-mortgaged amount to £15,000 and he has been extended a further £30,000 in credit. He, nor I, have yet requested the SAR, will do soon I am interested to see if there have been any hidden/undeclared charges to his account. In all this practice seems deeply unfair and I have a feeling it may well be considered more than "unfair" in the eyes of the law, At this stage I do not want to throw around accusations without evidence. I would really like to hear from others, and particularly those who might have dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited as the brokers. Thank you,
  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is meant to be on the online retailers as it was bought from Microsoft online but the online area seem to be more for eBay and Paypal issues. The issue at hand is this: Early 2016 I purchased a Surface Pro 4 specced fairly high (i7/256gb ssd/16gb ram). On the whole, it's been ok - there have been the various bugs that MS have been fairly quick to resolve and overall what I wanted has been ticked - a tablet style laptop without all the restriction of performance. Fast forward to December 2017 and the screen startedto play up. At this point I will say the laptop is in near new condition. It's always been in a case when "parked" and when used, it's on a desk at work in a non food/drink environment so not much to go wrong. And despite it being a tablet, I rarely actually use the touch screen functionality. Issue with the screen is crazy flickering/shaking. I ignored it initially thinking it was software related but having done a full reinstall and drivers etc, it was still happening. 2 days ago, it got worse...to the point that it became unusable. So I looked on the forums etc and to my suprise, it's become so well known, there is a dedicated website - no other than flickergate.com Every single example on there is the same as mine and they claim around 1600+ customers have signed to say they suffer from it too. The general consensus is it happens generally after the 12 month warranty MS supplies and is most likley heat related. Sure enough mine has started to warm up a fair bit - especially the screen. As this is a sealed unit, not much can be done to keep the fans clean apart from a blast of air but I suspect this is not the issue as the fans rarely kick in when the screen starts to flicker. So why am I here? Well it turned out I had purchased extended cover on this and so it will most likely be a swap out and everyones happy....or are they. a large number of people have stated the replacement units are also doing this - some immediately and some after a while. With the cover running out at the end of Feb, that does not leave me with confidence. So given: 1. This is a known issue though MS refuse to accept this 2. A replacement in my case will be given but will most likely have the same issue either soon or later on in it's life 3. There is no current fix as this is hardware related and most likely to do with the design What are the options? Surface Pro's are not cheap and this was a £1500 unit + the cover at £150 - Am I looking at potential hell should the replacement die after March when the warranty ends? PS: This was paid on credit card. Appreciate there is the consumer rights especially as this was purchased after the consumer rights act was launched but surely this can't be the only way? I'm not sure what I am asking for really - just advice on what one should do if the problem at hand has no fix and so this could be a vicious circle until warranty ends at which point I have a £1500 brick Is there an option in law in the case of the above 3 points to not get a replacement but get a pay out instead? Obviously not the £1500 ... Thanks all
  3. Last year out of nowhere I received a warrant for execution for a CCJ that I had no knowledge of. It transpired that it related to an old overdraft with HSBC that I knew nothing about. The claim was filed by Lowell who had never contacted me regarding the debt at any time. I arranged to have the Judgment set aside and then proceeded to defend the claim. Judgment has now been found against me and I want to know if anyone can advise me as to what to do next. I have no knowledge of an account with HSBC and never used one. Lowell have not provided any application form showing that I opened it or used it. The only evidence they have provided is some copy bank statements from their own database. The account is in a variation of my name - not the name I used. I in fact had a different bank account at the time - have had it and used it for over 10 years. First question therefore - if they do not have an application form or any other form of official evidence - is that enough basis for a claim? I cannot believe that some print-outs from the claimant's own computer is sufficient evidence of anything but is there a legal authority on this point? Second point, the overdraft was "called in" in 2007 but the claim was issued in 2014. I disputed this as being statute barred. In response Lowell suddenly came up with a spreadsheet from their own computer database with payments supposedly made my me and therefore claimed that it was capable of being the subject of a claim. They have not provided any evidence linking me to these payments - they are just dates, amounts and say they were made by "standing order" (but no details of the bank they were made from). I have spoken to my bank and they confirm no standing order payments or payments of any kind were made on the dates they allege. Do they not have to show where the payments came from? I am now in the position where I need to decide whether to apply to have the Judgment set aside again and dispute it further but having already failed once I am a bit concerned about this. I cannot understand how they can have a valid claim when they have no evidence other than that mentioned above. How did the Judge find in their favour? I can't afford to make the application to the Court unless I have some solid evidence behind me to fight my corner.... . which is why I am posting on here. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some pointers on how to fight this? I have reported the account to Action Fraud but I don't feel that Lowell will investigate this properly as it is in their interest not too! If they find evidence of identity theft or fraud - then they don't get their money! I have also reported Lowell to the Financial Ombudsman as I think they are wrong to pursue a statute barred claim. Any help here would really be appreciated as I am at a real loss.
  4. I have a 2012 Vauxhall Corsa D that has developed an intermittent fault. It won't accelerate and jerks. The fault code is P2138. A local mechanic told me that this is a fault known to Vauxhall but it has not reached recall status. Vauxhall wrote about this in a service bulletin (13-E-3066 Accelerator Pedal-Engine Power is reduced - 2016-04-21) They have also produced a pack to fix it. I was dismayed to be told that this could cost several hundred pounds to fix. I can't understand why I should have to pay this if Vauxhall are aware of the problem. (My car is now out of warranty.) any advice? Who should I complain to? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, We bought an xbox for the children in December 2014 which we're having problems with - it keeps switching off randomly. I would imagine the warranty was 12 months, so it's expired. This 'turning off' issue seems commonplace - is there any chance I'll be able to do anything under the Sale of Goods Act with Argos? I've tried with Microsoft, but after 40 minutes online chat we're barely beyond 'hi'... I'm still trying now! Any ideas?
  6. Hi, First post here out of desperation. We took out a home secured loan around 6 years ago(possibly more ) for £10K to do some home improvements. (initially through south pacific ,is a secured loan the same as a mortgage ?) we are on very low income . I work self emplyed for a pittance and my wife is now claiming state pension. We missed two payments of just over £120 each a few years back, which we initially were going to pay but they quickly added to the total with arrears management fees etc. we have plodded on despite a drop in income and never missed a payment since. They have sent an advisor out 2-3 times without us agreeing and charging us £90.00 a time. The last time we agreed with the advisor to pay an extra £10.00 a month to help clear the arrears which we have done despite Acendon not acknowledging this offer or agreeing to it. This we have done now for over 12 months. They continue to add a £70.00 arrears management fee on plus a £5 fee for alternative payment method (we were advised by the advisor to pay through the bank faster payments system,which we have been doing. We received a letter today stating that the arrears is now almost £3K and due to the level of arreas they now intend to pass the matter to solicitors unless we pay the whole amount of arrears. Do charges count as arrears in a court??? We have missed two payments totaling less than £250 and they have us now owing almost £3K. This matter is worrying me sick . I have to look after my wife who has a couple of illnesses ,but was refused any form of benefit,and i have to work around this,every day. Any advice would be great ful on how to deal with these people. I refuse to talk to them on the phone any longer and only deal with them by letter. Thanks very much Bob
  7. Hello, First post so be gentle. I recently saw a car online that had no photos but was from a well known dealer franchise, I contacted them to enquire about photos and some were sent to my email. It looked OK on face value but obviously I needed to see it in person. I left a £500 reservation deposit and was happy that if the car was good I would pay the balance and the car would be mine. A few days later I realised that on one of the photos the drivers seat looked like it had a white stain on it (very difficult to see from the photo) I asked the dealer if it was a stain and he said yes we'll try to get it out but I can't guarantee anything. I was annoyed that it hadn't been disclosed in many of our previous correspondence and therefore told them I no longer wanted the car due to its condition. They agreed to refund my £500 and despite having wasted £28 on a train ticket I was satisfied with the outcome. Fast forward a week and I enquired as to where my money was to be told "well we registered it in your name so if you could post the v5 back to us we'll refund you! I cannot believe they did that I mean I hadn't even physically seen the car! Where do I stand now? not only am I liable as a registered keeper for anything that happens but they are withholding my money for a mistake that they made. Sorry for the long post:-(
  8. Ok, so first of all please feel free to re-direct this post of in the wrong place. I am relating this to the new consumer rights acts 2015 and how this may be used We bought a new car in a private sale at the weekend, the car was described though an advert we still have a copy of. We took the vehicle for a test drive, though very busy so only had a chance to drove a few miles and all appeared in order, we paid cash for the purchase £7500 and the we have a receipt, which just states for the sale of x registration etc. Once we got the vehicle to a garage for a fuel, it would not restart and then did with a big judder, but seemed ok, we got home dropped in the shopping when to move the car same problem. After speaking to the local toyota garage they believe without doing a full diagnostics which I will arrange for later this week that it likely to be a fuel pump problem, as hot starting only,and the cost is £1000s. So we emailed the seller, who said yes it did have a problem but never bother them, they also said took to local garage who said might be this or that (did not mention what a main dealer has said to us) but never got sorted. In any event it has a problem that was known to the seller that they did not disclose. Of course if this was a garage sale I would have more rights, but my question is, as the private seller has confirmed that there was a known fault but did not disclose this, I have challenged this my email but no response, do I have any protection at all. my email seIf so what are the next steps, what are the options?
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/new-controversial-princess-diana-play-4882989
  10. Can anyone tell me what is the state of play regarding filing in the county court for damage to credit reputation? Circumstances are: A financial institution listed an association some years ago to a person who is clearly a known debtor, (clear since they left this property some time ago a number of collectors have shown up looking for them). Point being I KNOW I have never a financial association with this person. They company concerned did not reply to my 1st two letters (until I threatened the ICO) then wanted me to call them to discuss this. Ever since then I have had a stream of letters trying to justify their actions but have insisted this is valid data. They however have no records no idea as to why this was originally created as their records don't go back that far. They have also tried to tell me that you can file a notice with the CRA's and associations don't matter anyway,(which is a straight lie, what would be the point of the system anyway?) I have been pushed from pillar to post for 4 months now, they have now referred to letters that have have never been received, but no doubt a filed on their computer systems, for the record, and I have run out of patience with this organisation. I now have two options: File with the ICO, which would grind through their system and remove this association. Take them to the county court. As I see it, I cannot show a negative, if it never happened, how can that be. They would have to show that this entry is valid, but they have no records as to why this was created. Possible downside is that the judge could decide that is my credit reputation is stuffed any way, it didn't matter. Want to remove this as, fairly soon, not only has the bad news dropped of of my credit record, they go Stat Barred anyway. Grrrrrrrrrrrr David
  11. A claim form was issued against a tenant who defaulted on their rent on 21 March 2013, judgement was issued 11 April. The address used was the tenant's parents' address as this is where the tenant claimed to be living. A warrant was issued 30 April. All of a sudden, after no communication to the courts, the paperwork has been returned as 'not known at address'. This address is definitely the address of the parents, verified by Facebook links and peoplefinder, also the fact that the surname is not too common, nor the spelling of the mother's first name. I should be grateful for any pointers, advice or opinions prior to contacting the courts. Thank you in advance.
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