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  1. Hi MMD, Sorry to peel back all the way to the beginning of your story, BUT... When you took out this second charge were you already with Blemain? If so can you tell me the steps you went through please... I am specifically interested if they acknowledged you would refinance through them, meaning: 1/. Payment of redemption fee (to them) 2/. Made you go to a broker only to take out the loan with themselves (Blemain/Together) again so you had to pay all associated costs (legal, brokerage, etc) 3/. If so did you freely choose the broker you used or were you directed? and 4/. If you used the same broker did they present you with a multitude of options or did they just say go to Blemain? N.B. These question only apply if the first loan was with Blemain. Thank you
  2. Or better still, call them and immediately follow through by sending an e-mail stating what you discussed and ensuring you have a written record (ie evidence) of what it is you are saying they have failed to do and what you are asking them to do to resolve the situation.
  3. Hi, I have joined here after reading an exceptional amount of valuable information regarding Blemain Finance (or Blemain Group) now operating as Together. About myself: I am a law graduate and helping a friend with his mortgage taken from Blemain. About the friend: From what I can see he has taken a total of 5 "charges" over his property from Blemain over the course of 2013 to the present. It started with £15,000 and now he owes 4 times this amount. That is not to say he did not exercise his own will, but so much about their operation is incredibly DODGY (for want of a better word/phrase), that it has made me upset to see a family friend potentially abused. He suffers from brain damage and this house is his only asset which I can foresee him losing if something is not done about the way Blemain/Together are operating... At some point he spoke to Phone-A-Loan who are an associated company of Blemain. It is unclear to me what their role was, but I hope to establish this position as quickly as possible. Enterprise Finance Limited always appear to have acted as the broker. They seem to take a fee each time he redeems his mortgage then opens a new account with Blemain (as stated this is his 5th loan/charge/mortgage. My question at this point is has anyone else dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited? If so did they provide options of lenders (ie alternatives to Bleamin) or did they simply tell you to go to Blemain for the loan? From my limited research I can not discover any connection between Enterprise and Blemain but I suspect there must be some link (even if it is beneficial ownership which would be fairly difficult to establish or prove). From the initial loan of £15,000, the charges which have accumulated as he has re-mortgaged amount to £15,000 and he has been extended a further £30,000 in credit. He, nor I, have yet requested the SAR, will do soon I am interested to see if there have been any hidden/undeclared charges to his account. In all this practice seems deeply unfair and I have a feeling it may well be considered more than "unfair" in the eyes of the law, At this stage I do not want to throw around accusations without evidence. I would really like to hear from others, and particularly those who might have dealt with Enterprise Finance Limited as the brokers. Thank you,
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