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  1. Hi MMD, Sorry to peel back all the way to the beginning of your story, BUT... When you took out this second charge were you already with Blemain? If so can you tell me the steps you went through please... I am specifically interested if they acknowledged you would refinance through them, meaning: 1/. Payment of redemption fee (to them) 2/. Made you go to a broker only to take out the loan with themselves (Blemain/Together) again so you had to pay all associated costs (legal, brokerage, etc) 3/. If so did you freely choose the broker you used or were you directed?
  2. Or better still, call them and immediately follow through by sending an e-mail stating what you discussed and ensuring you have a written record (ie evidence) of what it is you are saying they have failed to do and what you are asking them to do to resolve the situation.
  3. Hi, I have joined here after reading an exceptional amount of valuable information regarding Blemain Finance (or Blemain Group) now operating as Together. About myself: I am a law graduate and helping a friend with his mortgage taken from Blemain. About the friend: From what I can see he has taken a total of 5 "charges" over his property from Blemain over the course of 2013 to the present. It started with £15,000 and now he owes 4 times this amount. That is not to say he did not exercise his own will, but so much about their operation is incredibly DODGY (for wa
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