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  1. Thank you all. I have spoken to the Bailiffs' Clerk at the court where the warrant was issued who has advised me to submit the N293A to Northampton as that was where judgement was issued. How do I go about choosing the appropriate HCEO please. I am looking for someone with dogged determination that will actually confront this person at a particular time and place that it is confirmed they will be at.
  2. Thank you for your replies. After much research I feel that transferring to the High Court is the way to go. The debt is for £1,250.00 so qualifies. The person who owes the money is 'self employed' so an Attachment of Earnings order probably wouldn't work. I am hopeful the the High Court bailiffs will be a little more pro-active than the County Court ones. I am surprised that no check has been made with DVLA as to the registered address of the vehicle. I feel the County Court bailiffs like evictions too much to put too much effort into this particular case.
  3. I have a CCJ against a person who failed to pay rent. This person advised verbally and in a text message that they were going to stay with their parents and that they intended to pay the debt. No effort was made to pay the debt at all, not even in installments. As such, the address of the parents was duly found and used for the CCJ. Nothing was heard. A warrant was applied for and granted and suddenly as soon as this was received, the original paperwork was returned to the court as 'not known at this address'. At this point, a visit was made to the address to confirm that this was indeed the address of the parents. This was explained to the court who said judgement was valid and to continue with the warrant. The bailiffs have visited several times but to no avail, they are apparently prioritising evictions. I have provided detailed information in respect of vehicle, registration number, also where this individual will be at certain times. My concern is that I cannot get a detailed information from the bailiffs, just that they have visited the property and will be going back in 3 weeks. I should be grateful for any insight into anything I can do to help enforce this warrant. This is a person who doesn't believe in paying debts and it is now a matter of principle. Thank you in advance.
  4. A claim form was issued against a tenant who defaulted on their rent on 21 March 2013, judgement was issued 11 April. The address used was the tenant's parents' address as this is where the tenant claimed to be living. A warrant was issued 30 April. All of a sudden, after no communication to the courts, the paperwork has been returned as 'not known at address'. This address is definitely the address of the parents, verified by Facebook links and peoplefinder, also the fact that the surname is not too common, nor the spelling of the mother's first name. I should be grateful for any pointers, advice or opinions prior to contacting the courts. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have a friend who enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon cruise with a reputable company only for everything to be spoilt when the coach for the transfer went wrong. They got on the coach they were assigned, but told staff that that it was the wrong coach and would not get them to the airport on time. The coach driver asked what flight they were taking and what time it was, then said everything would be fine that the airport was only 10 minutes away. The flight was leaving at 11 am, the departure time given was 9.05 am, the coach did not leave until 9.40 am, despite numerous requests from my friend to hurry up and get to the airport! As the coach was underway, it was then announced that it would take half an hour to get to the airport. They finally got to the airport just after 10 am, but told to wait on the coach as they were to be taken directly to check in. About 10 minutes later they were dropped at 'check in' which turned out not to be check in, that was where the coach had just taken them from. By the time they got to check in at 10.20 am, check in was closed and they could not get on the flight. They then had to purchase separate tickets to get home at their own expense. I should be grateful please for any advice to pass on. They are considerably out of pocket because in my opinion the company failed in their duty to ensure that they were transfered to their flight in plenty of time, but I don't know if the company have some way of wriggling out of reimbursing for out of pocket expenses.
  6. You say that this data is held on an Excel spreadsheet and can be accessed by all. Is it possible that someone else could have falsified your figures? If so that should surely put a cloud of doubt over the whole allegation. Good luck
  7. Hi Alison, It is possible for a position to be made redundant and for the person who's position has gone to be moved into someone else's job. It is indeed known as bumping, although your employer may struggle to justify it as fair. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Employment/RedundancyAndLeavingYourJob/Redundancy/DG_10026616 Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  8. Firstly as papasmurf says, try to stop worrying. Your body can do the strangest things to itself in releasing stress, recoginising that can sometimes help alleviate symptoms. To share a personal experience, I had a perfectly healthy appendix removed during my 'A' levels because I had all the symptoms of appendicitis. Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself. I have also found herbal rmedies such as Calms and Rescue Remedy to be helpful. Secondly, get angry (in a constructive way). Your company is at fault for suspending you in such a fashion. you are not a criminal and should not feel ashamed. I gather that you are not a person who would normally do anything wrong so are in complete shock at what is happening. So, please try to stop feeling guilty and start to get back your self esteem and confidence. Thirdly, your company changed working practice without consultation or training. Is it surprising that you struggled with the manual process, especially when you were so busy? Having been given no training in the procedure it was inevitable that errors wre to be made. The main point is that there was no intention to defraud. This can be proven by your 100% accuracy when using the system logs. You simply could not cope with the manual procedure and your company has failed you by not supporting you and training you. Finally, whilst no one should be gossiping about you, bring this up at the hearing as this is clearly having a detrimental effect on your health, but be aware that it is likely to carry little weight. It is a sad fact that you can be treated as appallingly as this but hurt feelings do not register in the greater scheme of things. Good luck, keep your chin up and get back your self confidence. You have been knocked sideways but you are still the same person as you have always been. You know the truth and that is what matters most.
  9. I agree - no one should be discussing this case, especially in earshot of anyone else. How was the job originally sold to you? Was it on the basis of the system working 100% of the time or were you informed manual logs and calculations may be necessary? To put it simply, there is a condition referred to as 'number dyslexia' which would impede such manual record keeping. However, is there any particular reason as to why you didn't keep a log? This whole situation might have been avoided.
  10. It appears to be. Also after having let this sink in, my friend has decided to accept the situation and move on. The employer probably didn't handle this in the best way, ie should have mentioned redundancy was an option earlier on, but leaving on good terms will ensure a good reference. Thanks so much for your interest.
  11. I am posting for a friend that has just been told they have been made redundant. There has been no consultation and they have been told that they will be paid up til the end of next week. They were working 4 hours a day, 5 days a week for the last 18 months. There is no written contract of employment. Has the company acted within employment law guidelines?
  12. Thank you Planner. CAB have been very sympathetic etc but not much practical use. My friend is registered with the council for a property. They are also very sympathetic and outraged on his behalf at the way Mr X has behaved. He has heard from the brother of the LL who says the solicitor will be in touch shortly, also that he doesn't know who the executor is. At the moment it seems that it is a waiting game.
  13. Here is an interesting development - apparently the LL was claiming single occupancy discount for council tax, also, we cannot find my friend registered on the electoral role.......
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