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  1. Yes, apologies for the late post, everything is all settled money was refunded and v5 sent back via a prepaid envelope. Thanks for all the advice given.
  2. Quick update, The group manager rang me this morning and was very apologetic, he has told the finance department to issue a full refund immediately and has said he is disappointed at how they have handled the situation. With regards to the V5c he was as astonished as I was and assures me he is looking into it, as he is new in the position I get the feeling there are a few things he would like to see changed. He is sending me a full written apology and a stamped addressed envelope for the v5c when it arrives. I'll let you know any further developments as they unfold, I understand it may take a few days for it to show as being back on my credit card. Thanks for all the comments and help.
  3. Agreed. I'm completely dumfounded by the whole experience really. Like I have said to them, if they are keeping my £500 and have registered me as the keeper together with the email I can only assume they have accepted it as full payment and the car is now mine. No response as of yet but hopefully it will spur them on to a refund quickly.
  4. Normally I would say no as it does say on the V5 "not proof of ownership" However I wonder how far I would get emailing this: Hello, I understand that you have accepted payment of £500 in full for the Alfa Romeo giulietta (insert reg) as you have sent me an email thanking me for my purchase and have also registered the car in my name. When would be a convenient time for me to collect my car? I wonder what they might do?
  5. Thanks for the reply, I was going to ring the DVLA tomorrow and also the dealer which is a Bristol Street Motors franchise and is Fiat Newcastle. I will definitely be following up with letters to all the people you outlined in your reply as this is not acceptable at all I'm still in a state of disbelief to be honest I haven't even paid for the car!
  6. Hello, First post so be gentle. I recently saw a car online that had no photos but was from a well known dealer franchise, I contacted them to enquire about photos and some were sent to my email. It looked OK on face value but obviously I needed to see it in person. I left a £500 reservation deposit and was happy that if the car was good I would pay the balance and the car would be mine. A few days later I realised that on one of the photos the drivers seat looked like it had a white stain on it (very difficult to see from the photo) I asked the dealer if it was a stain and he said yes we'll try to get it out but I can't guarantee anything. I was annoyed that it hadn't been disclosed in many of our previous correspondence and therefore told them I no longer wanted the car due to its condition. They agreed to refund my £500 and despite having wasted £28 on a train ticket I was satisfied with the outcome. Fast forward a week and I enquired as to where my money was to be told "well we registered it in your name so if you could post the v5 back to us we'll refund you! I cannot believe they did that I mean I hadn't even physically seen the car! Where do I stand now? not only am I liable as a registered keeper for anything that happens but they are withholding my money for a mistake that they made. Sorry for the long post:-(
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