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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all. Am new to the forum and was looking for some advice. Apologies for this being a bit of a long story... I bought a Vauxhall Corsa in March this year and immediately had problems with it. It went back to the dealer with a rattling noise and they did some work on it and replaced a part of the exhaust, a heat shield and one other part. The work was done over a number of visits because nothing was sorting out the noise. In total they had the car for about 15 days (separate one day visits) and the problem wasn’t fixed. They eventually told me it was a normal noise so there was nothing else they could do. I took it to another dealer in the same group who said it wasn’t a normal noise and engaged with Vauxhall to fix it. It needed various new engine parts, a new turbo, more exhaust work and some electrical work. This took about 3 months to do because of delays with parts. I was given an older Corsa to use while it was being fixed. I got the car back about a week ago and after being without it for about 4 or the 7 months we have owned it. I spoke to Vauxhall who said they can’t give compensation but offered a 3 year service plan as a ‘gesture of goodwill’. I think that something more substantial would be fair since I pay about £240 a month on finance which on its own means I have paid almost £1,000 for a car I haven’t had. Any help or suggestions on whether this is a fair offer from them or if I should be taking a different route would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I have a 2012 Vauxhall Corsa D that has developed an intermittent fault. It won't accelerate and jerks. The fault code is P2138. A local mechanic told me that this is a fault known to Vauxhall but it has not reached recall status. Vauxhall wrote about this in a service bulletin (13-E-3066 Accelerator Pedal-Engine Power is reduced - 2016-04-21) They have also produced a pack to fix it. I was dismayed to be told that this could cost several hundred pounds to fix. I can't understand why I should have to pay this if Vauxhall are aware of the problem. (My car is now out of warranty.) any advice? Who should I complain to? Thanks
  3. Hi, Last year i put my car (Vauxhall Corsa 08 plate) in for its service to a local family run garage (Garage A) that we have used for years. It was found that i had a slight oil leak coming from the sump plug, i was advised that they would re-tap and fit a new sump plug. Having moved away from the area i have today put my car into a Vauxhall Dealership (Garage B) for its service. I have been advised that i have a large leak from the sump plug caused by Garage A fitting the wrong sump plug, causing irreversable damage to the sump and a new sump, at a cost of £367 is required. Garage B is also saying they are unwilling to let me take the car away, so i am unable to take it back to Garage A for them to have a look at and fix it themselves. What are my options? Can i go to Garage A and ask if they would be willing as a goodwill gesture refund some of the cost I haven't yet spoken to Garage A about this as i do not know where i stand and dont want to go making claims without getting some advise beforehand. Kind Regards,
  4. Vauxhall has warned owners of around 3,000 vehicles to stop driving them until they have been inspected because of a steering problem. The UK carmaker said those affected are Adam and Corsa/Corsavan models registered since May 2014, which had been manufactured with a steering system part "that did not meet specification". The discovery was made during a routine quality control exercise at two of the firm's manufacturing plants - one in Germany and one in Spain. The company said it was not aware of any accident or injury related to the issue. Vauxhall said: "As a precaution, these vehicles should not be driven prior to inspection. "Vauxhall puts the safety and convenience of its customers first and as this condition concerns their safety, the company is taking immediate action." The firm said customers could check on their website from today, whether their vehicle was affected, and that it would also contact buyers directly. It added: "Alternatively customers can call the Vauxhall customer assistance centre for advice on 0800 026 0034 between 9am and 5.30pm." http://news.sky.com/story/1343012/vauxhall-recall-warning-over-corsa-steering
  5. Evening everyone, Hope you are all well. I bought a Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 CDTi Ecoflex in July 2012, it had 36k on the clock when I purchased it from Bristol St Motors. I paid on a Lloyds TSB credit card for the full purchase amount. I was given a 3 year warranty as part of the sales package (in actual fact it's probably not a freebie, more hidden in the price of the car). It was 42k on the clock now. The car was from stock and had to be brought from one site to the site I bought it from. I was told the car would have a 140 point check before being handed over to me. The car arrived 2 days later, I test drove it, all seemed fine. I heard a rattle and the sales exec said they would get into the workshop. The mechanic came back and said it was the jack in the boot as this model had a spare wheel, not to worry, it would be fine, there was nothing untoward going on. Reassured, I eventually paid the full £6500. The rattle continued and I took it back in August for them to check it. The said it was just the spare wheel jack, even though I said I was convinced it was coming from the front of the car. They said no issue & I believed them. In September, the car had a warning light come on 'InSP4' water in the diesel filter. I booked it in and asked they look at the rattle again. They could not find a fault with the InSP4 code at all nor any evidence of a rattle. Then the car started developing intermittent faults including: InSP4 DPF light coming on and off when driving Emissions light coming on when driving/ Service light (car with spanner through coming on at same time Losing power in traffic (genenrally above 2500 rpm) Bad fuel consumption Car feeling like the clutch was engaged all the time (free-wheeling my driving instructor called it) Smokey start up Smell of diesel in the car 4 new tyres needed even though according to BSM service sheet said 4 new tyres when received as a fleet part ex (car was owned by BT before- serviced in house bang on time every year) when I had done 3k Not starting Radio dying, then coming back on a few days later The rattle which was there from the start Poor tracking, wheels forward, steering wheel on angle. The car went to BSM every month between late August and now, sometimes it was in 3 or 4 times a month. Both I and they are getting fed up of it. I have paid for tracking and 'laser wheel alignment' in February. BSM say their mechanics cannot find nor replicate the fault. However, they have just found and repaired faulty drop links to both sides, which has cured the but I am told now I need 4 more new tyres as all are at 1.7mm. They have said as a 'goodwill' gesture they will re-do tyres at cost price. Unfortunately, the drive of the car has really changed and it is awful! The service manager, who I have quite a good relationship with, has said the following: *They did not check the vehicle before delivery *They are unsure if the previous site did either *They are responsible for the drop links issue, they believe they were broken from point of purchase *They are aware of defects on Corsa's with InSP4- told there is no fix for this issue. They initially suggested the following to remedy: *Send the car away for 4 weeks to the dealer it came from for diagnostics/fix *Part ex the car at a value of £3900 I initially agreed to have the car sent away, then they rescinded on that within an hour of suggesting it. They then sent me to the used car area and gave me the part ex value and told me to look at other cars, I did have a look but couldn't afford anything they had, which they weren't happy about but I am not in a position to take on finance at the moment (which they wanted) I've paid off my credit card in full now and I don't particularly want to debt myself up to the hilt again as I want to try to save for a deposit on a house. They left it by saying that they were aware of issues on the car's model (not my car specifically). They told me to drive it back if the faults recurred within a week, they specifically asked me to give them a weeks grace to talk to 'managers'. However, whilst on the forecourt, the car wouldn't start but by the time the manager came over, it had started! This evening the car won't start again, the AA have been out, it didn't start initially with them but then it did but no fault codes are being stored and the patrol man said 'I've seen this on these models before but I've not discovered the fault, I don't know where you go from here, sorry'. So, plan of action tomorrow, ring BSM again. Have e-mailed and been on twitter to them. Have put the above in a more concise e-mail. After that, where do I go? I don't feel safe nor confident in the car, it still loses power intermittently when driving, sometimes it won't start, leaving me at it's mercy or having to get the AA out (they have been out 6 times- can't find the fault, even though they see it happening. BSM want me to buy a new car, that much is clear, I don't really have the funds to do that. They say I have had 6k out of the car! I say they've admitted they sold it with a defect and we keep going round in circles. I need to go away with work on a regular basis with my job throughout April & May, so I want to get this sorted out. How do I start? Any advice on legislation or points to help me get it sorted. I don't mind them taking my car in for repair, it's been in 14 times so far with no result. I don't mind them taking it to another dealer, I don't mind them keeping it until it's repaired, I don't mind them offering to swap the car. I'm open and flexible but I need to get somewhere with them as I'm rapidly losing flexi time taking the car in all the time! ANY help or advice appreciated please!
  6. Hiya, I'm new here, I've lurked before and friends have used the site a lot so thought I'd join up and ask about my recent misfortune. We have an 05 Corsa 1.2 SXi, it developed a misfire which subsequently snapped the exhaust camshaft. Apparently a common fault on the 2005 model only. link It's out of warranty, 5 years old, 50k miles, I bought it from an independant garage a year ago where it was serviced, I had an oil change done around February. I checked the oil on Thursday last week and it was OK so I'm guessing it's the loose cam cap bolts issue. The AA man dropped it off at the local vx service place and I'm waiting for them to open tomorrow morning. Is it likely they'll help cover the costs? I'm looking at around £400-£500 from any other garage or over double that from Vauxhall by my estimates. Will the garage be any use or do I need to go straight to Vauxhall customer care? Thanks, Trev.
  7. I purchased a 1.3 CDTi Vauxhall Corsa Ecoflex Active in September 2012 and have had nothing but trouble with it. It is currently in the garage and has been there for 7weeks and they are apparently waiting for a new catalytic converter as a result of the DPF hose blowing and tearing. During this time I am continuing to pay the monthly HP payments. This is its 5th time in the garage and all the issues have been DPF related of which I was never informed about on purchase. I have been in contact with the dealer Peter Vardy and Vauxhall with no success. Is there any legal stance that after a certain time of them having your car, you are covered to get a replacement or halt the payments. I am using a hire car at present that Vauxhall are paying for. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi, I'd be grateful for any advice as my engine know how is pretty limited. I have a 2003 corsa 1.0 12v. A few months ago it was leaking oil, so I took it to a dealership garage and had a lot of work done, including replacing the timing chain and exhaust. I was particularly happy with the garage - their communication was non-existent, the price kept going up as they found more faults, and the air con that I'd asked them to look into was still broken when they returned it with no comment made. Last week, the engine died when I tried to start the car (unhealthy noise then loud knock). I took it to a different garage who had a quick look at the engine and found that all the spark plugs and valves were damaged. They suggested it was due to the timing chain slipping, and as this should be covered under the warranty, I should take it back to the original garage. The original garage has now had a look at it, and got back to me saying that the timing chain hasn't broken and looks normal. They say that it looks like one of the fingers off the camshaft broke off and jammed everything up, but to look into it further would need the head gasket taking off, costing £400 in labour. I am suspicious that the first garage is just trying to blame something that wouldn't be covered under the warranty. With my limited mechanical knowledge I don't know if a timing chain slip could damage the engine and the camshaft or if the garage's account is plausible, so would be greatful for any advice. It's not going to be worth repairing the car if I have to pay for a whole new engine, but if it's the garage's fault I don't want to let them off the hook. I'm thinking about getting an independent report - does that sound like a reasonable way to proceed?
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