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  1. i am writing on behalf of my wife. she was employed as a manager for just over 6 months, her employer phoned her up just under a week ago and told her they was terminating her contract as of immediate effect. This was done without any probation meetings and no meetings prior to raise any concerns. I don't want to go into much detail as at the moment she has just started by raising this problem with ACAS. The employer has since claimed via a letter a fictitious probation meeting took place AFTER the dismissal via phone call! This was probably done by them to distract from they acted unprofessional and possibly against employment law. She had disclosed all her health problems at the original job interview and recently was found to have some other problems arise during her employment. She has had time off because of her disclosed health problems but these have been for hospital appointments and she was told to put them in as sometimes sick and sometimes annual leave. Just before the phone call terminating her employment she had informed her Line manager she was going to the GP as she has been under a significant amount of stress with her job, within 10 minutes of notifying the line manage she received the call from the owner of the company terminating her contract. The doctor who assesses her gave her a fit for work note stated work related stress. i would like to point out that they are not going down the health route for sacking as that would be discrimination and they was made aware of that by my wife about 5 months into her employment after they was complaining about time off for appointments. She told her employers she was going to acas as she felt she had not been treated fairly to which the owner said they have a lot of businesses and have a lot of solicitors that they can seek advice from if she chooses to go down that route. anyway i went off course a little but i felt i needed to share a little info as a lead up to my question. As she has already seeking advice from acas under the new data protection rules would/should she make a SAR request to see exactly what info they have or wait until it goes to tribunal? is there a template for an SAR request with the new rules listed and also what can she ask for... also is it possible to ask for any emails, possible taped phone conversations although my wife was never told of any phone conversations that were being recorded, texts, correspondants etc which my wifes name is included in. any info would be greatly appreciated thank you
  2. thank you for the reply, the letter has been compiled and sent off regarding the VT now if possible could someone please help with letter that can be applied for reclaiming penalty charges, and also one for claiming back the mis-sold gap/mpp protection... this was added to the cost of the car as it was stated if my wife did not include the cover she would not get finance for the car. as of today total penalty charges are £484.00... £554.35 inc 8% interest gap/mpp totals £1,114.54... £1,300.66 inc 8% interest i have looked at PPI reclaim letters but these do not seem relevant for claiming the 2 charges i am seeking to get back. could someone please point me in the right direction or help me slightly re-jiggle any available letter templates and then i can add all the personal details later. any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. just a update and hoping for a little more help. we have held off on claiming charges and extras that was added to original purchase. this was due to a number of problems we come up against over the last few months that took up most of out time and had to take priority over a number of other things. we contacted advantage after visiting the CAB, we explained we was in extreme financial hardship but as my wife was still working and needed a car we asked to make reduced payments of £50. Advantage agreed to this and agreed to freeze all charges etc to help reduce the balance. since then my wife had to leave her job due to problems caused by pressures/stress of work and things happening with health, family etc... we decided at present we cannot afford to run the car and have therefore decided to VT the agreement, our income has reduced even more than before and at present our only income is ESA on a joint decision. my wife has written to advantage asking about a VT and this was there response... just wondering if anyone can help about what we can do about them asking for a fee for collection... because we couldn't afford the payments and running we had to cancel the road tax and SORN it, it still has MOT. we are now also going to send off the penalty charges sheet to try and claim them back... also the extras that was added to the cost of the car after being told by the guy selling the car 'if you don't agree to them you won't get the finance to buy the car' is there a template letter to reclaim the charges that can be used to claim back both types of extras as i am not very good at writing such letters. thanks to anyone that can help
  4. so i change the figures in the gap/mpp sheet to reflect the extra money that was paid after 7 installments for the first 7 payments £40.66, all other payments of £280 are £43.68? and simply send both statint sheets to advantage and ask them to remove the figures from the balance they still claim is owed?
  5. thanks for the help just to clarify, this was sheets i filled in before i read your last replies. for the first 7 payments made payments of £260.93 pm, £40.66 is the amount of charges all other payments of £280... £43.68 goes in the amount of charges. On the statint sheet can i simply place all charges after the extras (GAP+MPP) as i have already filled in both. Or would it be better if i did it by date, merging both. once these sheets are complete do i send them to Advantage to ask for the figures to be removed from my debt, then if they say no do i make a complaint to the company, followed by a complaint to FOS if there is still no joy? all your help is greatly appreciated GAP+MPP+CHARGES.pdf
  6. thank you for your time i have scanned the front of the agreement containing all the figures. regarding the charges and interest, what would their interest rate be to add in the cisheet ... it says that they can add interest rate on the arrears at 8% p/a also regarding the charge for the alleged home visit of £60, i may have missed something somewhere but i couldn't find any mention of that amount in the charges breakdown. HP AGREEMENT FIGURES.pdf
  7. i have tried to look up help regarding the reclaiming but as i am a novice i am slightly lost... Advantage was aware of periods where my wife was off work due to serious operations which meant not as much money was coming into the house and we was getting more and more into debt, yet they put her in a position where she believed she had to may more per month when she returned to work to catch up with lowered payments when sick... this added more to our financial problems and on top of that they add ridiculous charges for being behind on our payments! would it be possible in simple terms as to what steps need to be taken now to try reclaim the charges (and the extras that my wife was told she had to take out or else finance wouldn't be accepted) if these are also reclaimable. also do these amounts get taken off the actual amount owed. thanks again for your time
  8. i have added a statement of all payments and charges... altogether here is what my wife has been charged from the statement received. 1 x £60 = £60 (this was for a 'home visit' that never happened!) 29 x £12 = £348 9 x £7.50 = £67.50 1 x £5.00 1 x £1.50 = £1.50 4 x £0.50 = £2.00 £484 Charges When the original finance was taken out the forms were filled in at the garage but my wife was rushed along because it was late in the day. My wife was told that on top of the actual cost of the car plus interest other 'extras' had to be added and agreed to or the finance would not be accepted. The two extras she was told had to be included was GAP finance protetion (GAP) and mechanical breakdown insurance (MPP). These 2 extras added cost as follows GAP: GAP product price £449.00 Finance interest £314.30 Total payable £763.30 Monthly Payment £15.90 MPP Mechanical Breakdown Insurance price £699.00 Finance interest £489.30 Total payable £1188.30 Monthly Payment £24.76 Total of 'extras' £1951.60 Just on a side note the amount that was actually for the car is below. total cost of car was £6278.00 advanced payment - part exchange £200 advanced payment - cash £50 Amount of credit £6028.00 (total amount payable inc. interest £10997.96) Mail - Fwd_ Account Statement.pdf
  9. to cut a long story short(ish)... my wife got a car on finance a few years ago from advantage finance. the value of the car was £6,000 ... the amount payable back was £12k my wife at the time was in a well paid job and was able to afford monthly repayments of £260, a year or so after the original start of the agreement my wife started to suffer from various health conditions which involved having a number of major surgical operations that meant she had to take time off work. During these times she had to ask for reduced payments, after much persuasion advantage agreed reduced payments for a few months each time. when my wife went back to work advantage told her that she needed to pay extra each month to reduce the arrears. She agreed to pay £280 every 4 weeks. this amount was quite considerable and on top of petrol, car tax, insurance, mot and repairs it became quite expensive running the car. recently our financial situation has become extremely bad, causing health problems for myself and my wife. in total my wife has already paid over £8,000+ towards the car, but we have also noticed that advantage have added an awful lot of charges onto her account each month.. . one constant one is for being behind with payments!!!! many other ridiculous costs have been added as well. advantage have also claimed my wife is now over £2,000 in arrears!!!! my wife explained her situation to advantage who refused to put the account on hold at first but after 3 letters all explaining her situation they finally agreed. their constant pressure and threats are not helping with our situation, just adding more stress and adding to our debt problems. because our situation got that bad we visited a debt advisor due to the amount being paid on the car our money coming in was far less than what is being paid out. as the CAB was quite rushed we didn't get much info about the car except that we should ask about payments, charges and other costs they have added. now the thing is we previously asked in november 2016 for all the info the had and sent the request with the £10 and got the info on a disc. that was over 8 months ago. the CAB didn't discuss many options what we could do with the car except give it back to advantage. my wife was advised to first send a letter requesting all financial transactions, if they didn't respond within a time frame complain to them, after that if we still was not happy to then go to FOS. the thing is we do not want to be to really be paying another £10 for another sar request. is there a way that we can request all payments, penalty charges and added payment insurance etc from advantage without any cost to ourselves and if so could anyone point me in the direction of a template letter as i am not very good when composing formal letters. at the moment we are in a no win situation...my wife needs a car for work, if she doesn't have a car she can't get to work any advice would be greatly received thank you for your time.
  10. 8 weeks from day of complaint i received their response whilst waiting i have still been receiving the emails, letters and phone calls threatening action. i sent them a financial statement showing i owed a whole lot more out than i had coming yet that didn't seem to make any difference obviously credit scores don't make any difference to this company... just checked mine on noddle and it seems my rating is 456 which is nearer to very poor than to poor.
  11. I wrote a letter of complaint stating irresponsible lending and put in the fact they didn't check properly that i was able to pay the debt back, they also didn't check my credit rating, or if they did they didn't take into my terrible credit rating. I also included other info including the constant emails and phone calls plus their refusal to help me get it sorted by the use of email. QQ was supposed to be dealing with the complaint, but after i put in the complaint to QQ I still kept getting emails and phone calls. I then wrote to them again telling them that i wanted to add to my original complaint saying that they were still contacting me and also threatening to pass on my debt to someone else whilst the complaint was being looked into. QQ then responded with a email simply stating 'Thank you for contacting the Final resolution Department,We apologize you have experienced. Please be advised that while we are reviewing your complaint, that does not cease the Collections activity of any current loan.. ' In the letter i received today from ARC it states they have wrote to me previously... this is incorrect... this is the first time ARC have ever contacted me. there is no mention of them working on behalf of QQ, therefore i am guessing QQ may have passed it to ARC, they may have even sold it to them whilst my complaint is in the process of being looked at. If a debt is in question or there is a complaint being addressed can a company still pass on a debt or sell it on?
  12. August last year i was struggling for money, stupidly i applied for a payday loan from QQ at the time of taking this out my credit rating was appalling. i made the first payment but after that found myself struggling to continue making the payments due to several factors. the loan was for about £400 but since then it has gone up to £700+ . i emailed them a number of times asking to consider writing of the debt and gave them the reasons why including low income, loss of benefits / job, stress of debts, bad credit score etc. I also pointed out that the constant phone calls and emails every couple of days could be perceived as harassment. with all the calls and emails i kept receiving i decided to send them a income / outcome sheet showing there was no way i could afford any type of repayment offer at present and asked yet again if they could put a hold on any action, but was constantly told if i didn't phone them they couldn't sort it out and they would proceed in trying to collect the money. in every email they sent i was told if i didn't offer pay the amount or offer a repayment plan by phone my account would be sold on i told them i would prefer to only correspond via email yet they continued to phone (even after i asked them to stop doing that) and emails still kept coming saying i hadn't made any offer of repayment or tried to contact them (even though i kept explaining my situation in emails!) at the start of January this year i wrote a complaint, that they acknowledged, i explained all my problems and also that if they had done the correct checks i would not have been granted any loan. I also requested the once again that they stop any action unfortunately their reply was they don't stop any action even when dealing with a complaint. today i get a letter from Arc Europe threatening county court action within 14 days of their letter if i do not pay the amount in full or make a proposal to pay off the debt. could someone please give me any advice as what to do now thank you
  13. thanks for the reply... maybe they need to be a little more helpful when dealing with such benefits (maybe let people know a week or so before they completely stop the money) i am unable to contact them until their usual opening times which is monday... if i call them to tell them i would like a Mandatory Reconsideration can i also tell them i would like to do it via a letter so i can outline some of my problems or should i wait until i have to take it further. im guessing not many decisions are overturned at the MR stage. also when i phone them can i request certain info that was submitted by the assessor ? just wish i could find info that would enable me to get through the MR and possible Tribunal phase as i would prefer to go into it with some knowledge . i have found a site that offers this but they are asking for a membership fee and i do not know how helpful it would really be... plus with not much money it is not really an option at the moment.
  14. seems these guys like to kick you when you are down... and right next to christmas as well!!! i started claiming ESA at the start of june 2016 this was mainly due to problems with my back and feet. both these are constant and i am subscribed 3 different types of pain relief taken on a daily basis to try to relieve it. anyway i had waited for over 5 months for an assessment... they only pushed it along because i visited my local job center to ask why it was taking so long... as you only get put into a different bracket after the assessment i had only been getting the standard amount of money each week. today i noticed a payment for £10.45 for ESA!!! had no idea what it was for... then i get a letter in the post saying due to the assessment i am able to work and as of the 7th december my money has stopped... whilst on ESA in september i tore ligaments in my ankle caused by balance problems... i was unable to walk for a week or so. now i have to use a crutch, then i found i had a DVT a week after the fall possibly caused by the trauma to the ankle. as well as the pain killers I see a physio for my back problems and have steroid injections in my feet for the pain. my wife lost her job and started claiming JSA in november. so at the moment we do not have a lot of income. all this aside i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice... the assessment took ages and now they say i am able to work they will not pay me the money that was supposed to be back paid from the 13th/14th week after making the claim upto the assessment date. the least i was expecting was to be put in the work-related activity group and to get a couple of hundred quid back pay just before christmas i got sick notes as was asked, also had to go to A+E a number of times due to serious falls. i have been feeling low for some time now and this could be the nail on the coffin adding severe depression into the mix. i read that i can ask them to take a look at it again... there is no time frame for them to do this so i could be waiting 6 months again without any money. After they have looked at it and still said they are still not paying it i then have to appeal it and even more wait. JSA is listed as an option but if i claimed that it would be saying i am fit for work and that is not the case, that is why i applied for ESA in the first place. sorry if i rambled on a bit... any help would be welcome
  15. thanks for the reply, i emailed the court explaining the situation... got a conformation email saying they should respond between 5-10 days i emailed lucas credit services as the letter from cohen states payment and correspondence should be with them... waiting for a reply i just managed to get through to the court. .. they wouldn't speak to me regarding my sons problems, i did give them a brief bit of info about why i had called, the only thing they could tell me was that there seems to be a 2-3 week backlog regarding letters to the court. they just advised me to contact the claimant direct.
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