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  1. Hoping for some advice..... Had my car clamped this morning for an unpaid parking ticket. The car itself is on finance, so when I told the bailiff this he said he was immobilising the car instead. He's acknowledging that they can't remove or sell the car, but says immobilising it is fine. His paperwork states he has taken control of it, though he says that telling me he's changed that to just immobilising it is enough. Surely he shouldn't have immobilised it in the first place, it's not my property, though it is the car mentioned in the paperwork for the PCN. He's ada
  2. Hi guys I wonder if you could offer advice please Jbw enforcement agent appeared at my home this morning looking for my 21 year old son. I did not open the door no will i. Son is not here at the moment but i do have a bed wardrobe ect in my dinning room for him to use if he was to be here - no belonging other then some clothes and odd toiletries and no car in his name. Notice just says enforcement for warrant £616 And a ref number . phoned son who told me to open his mail and discovered letters about non payment of dart charge from march this year.
  3. Hi guys. I need some advice on a tricky one. I have bailiffs in enforcement stage, however managed to come to an agreement. Two PCNs, one from a local council, and other one from Dartford Crossing. I have recently filled bankruptcy application and waiting for a decision. Question is: if my application is approved and court order is made can bailiffs still take any further action, or am I ok to stop paying before an interview with OR? I included those pcns in my bankruptcy application. Any help would be really appreciated.
  4. I am being chased for an old council tax bill. The council has set up an attachment of earnings arrangement with my employer (NHS). Now I have had a visit from an agent of JBW who is being very insistent, but not physically threatening. I was about to leave home for a funeral when he called so didn't wish to talk to him in any detail at that time. I have now found the paperwork for the AOE and my plan was to email a copy of this to JBW. Surely they cannot come at me from all directions like this? I work on the NHS bank, usually 20 hours pw but sometimes less, so I don't earn very mu
  5. Hello, I had a payment plan set up with JBW to pay monthly, I all payments had been met except my February payment was made 2 days late due to me not being paid myself (self employed). Today i had a visit from a bailiff stating that because the payment was late that it has now incurred a £235 fee on top of what was outstanding. The thing that really stings is that i only had 1 payment left to make for a sum of £138 (due end of March) so now the total has sprung back up to £373!! I have spoke with somebody from JBW and said that i had no correspondence from them saying that the matter would be
  6. Hi all really need some advice am so worried. We have c/tax arrears for 2015/16 which up to today we had left 596.20 the last payment we we're due to make was late by 7 days due to my partner being self employed and the way payments fell due to Christmas. Anyway we have always made payments as agreed with jbw never have we not paid(over a £1000 has already been paid to them) well today I received a not so lovely visit from two bailiffs who to say the least we're not the most pleasant of people I have ever meet. They issued us with a enforcement notice for full payment which now st
  7. Good afternoon, Hopefully someone can give me some guidance at what i can do to resolve a matter i have with JBW group. On the 25/03/14 i received a letter to my address that stated I owed £354 to the London Borough of Bromley for council tax. I contacted JBW via email and asked what and when this was related to, They responded giving me the address of the property and the time period which dates back to 2003. I advised JBW that i don't know anything about this debt and was not at the property at the time the outstanding amount it for.They replied with the following "Dear Mr James,
  8. Hi, we have an old council tax debt that was near on £2000, we had a payment arrangement with our local council and we were late making 2 payments and it was handed to a bailiff who we contacted right away by email and phone to make offer to pay and set up a payment arrangement. They would only accept amounts we couldnt afford or stick to,we made a clear repeated offer of £50 monthly and did income forms.despite this and our contact with them they then sent enforcement letters citing lack of contact and would not retract them unless we paid the amounts they wanted or the full amount.
  9. Looking for some advice please.... We are in arrears with this years council tax, we set up a payment plan with the council but due to circumstances with work we didn't stick to the agreement, we knew it would go to court and be passed to an enforcement agency..... We have had dealings with the same issue over the last few years.... On the 12th sept we received a letter from jbw advising that the amount of £1140 was now payable to them, the same day we received an attachment of earnings order from the council for unpaid council tax arrears, we assumed this was for the amount advised
  10. This looks horrendous. http://www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk/Bailiff-inadvertantly-recorded-attacking-woman/story-26657418-detail/story.html
  11. http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/Accused-using-angle-grinder-remove-wheel-clamp/story-26395740-detail/story.html
  12. I am hoping someone can help me please, today I had a visit from a JBW Bayliff,, who was pursuing me for a council tax debt from 2011 from a previous property, In all honesty I thought this had been dealt with, he told me the LO order was put in place on the 24/10/2012 and that he was here today to take my goods, I explained that i thought it had been dealt with and I explained that I was going to phone the local council to get clarification as I already had a earnings attachment order on my wages, and had a previous attachment that had now been cleared,
  13. Morning, Had a letter from JBW "Notice of Enforcement" Bromley Council. Left the address (repossessed) mid 2008. Spoke to Bromley and they informed me that I was responsible for the CT until the property was sold. That's fine not a major issue but they won't take payment from me and told me to speak with JBW. Problem is I have emailed them 3 times now (don't want to speak on the phone) and still no response? I don't want them turning up and adding charges etc. Not sure if I should ring them? Also I heard somewhere that a warrant is only valid for 12 months? The Warrant Issue Date: 03
  14. :sad:Hi - I have council tax arrears and spoke to my council yesterday to organise a repayment plan, but was told that this has gone to the baliff - JBW Group. I called them (I have not recieved a letter yet) to organise a payment plan and was told that they cannot organise repayment plans, they have to have someone visit and take notes of all my goods and discuss repayment plans then. This sounds very odd to me, and was also told that if I don't do it this week then the charges next week will be nearer £300! I've organised a time on Friday for them to visit b
  15. Hi there, This morning I had a visit from a bailiff from JBW Group who had clamped my car parked on private property. I had not had any previous visits from them and they had not previously levied the goods (car) via a signed walking possession order. As he clamped the car without this would this be classed as illegal as it is an abandoned levy? What he did provide me with was a notice of seizure of goods & inventory. I explained to him that my circumstances were classed as vulnerable and that I could put a payment plan in place. He informed me that he wo
  16. Hello This is my first time here and I have done some research and THINK I am heading in the right direction but just checking! We have a LO for council tax. It's gone to bailiffs. I have asked council to accept a payment plan and they say no, talk to bailiffs. They have visited. LO is for £1300. I have contacted them in writing asking them to accept a payment plan. to which they said they couldn't without a Levy in place. As far as I have read, this is untrue and grounds for formal complaint. I replied to this effect and they "note the co
  17. Guys/Gals Had a final notice posted to me fromJBW last week with charges for an alleged PCN, amounting to nearly £600. I wrote to them for a full cost breakdown. They replied that the original was put through the door on a certain date, the strange thing is, my door was off the hinges due to a new door being fixed so i know they did not attend. The one charge I have been hit with over and over is for 15 telephone calls to my aleged answerphone on a landline number I used to have over 2 years ago. They state this was given to them by a service provider. I have checked the bailiff fee scale
  18. HI, i received a letter through my door on 13/08/13 from JBW with reference to an outstanding PCN, fee's as below: Balance before visit £101.44 Attendance to levy fee £33.60 attendance to remove fee £210 TOTAL £345.04 I sent them a letter on the same day stating that i had no problem paying the original fee together with a £28 first visit fee (as this was all i was aware they could charge) i also said i was un-willing to pay the £210 removal fee as they had nothing to levy on. I enclosed 2 cheques for £64.71 each, amounting to £129.44 which i believed to be what i realistical
  19. Hi All, Helping a friend out. They have been visited by the above company while at work letter put through door. They have written to them explaining they have the wrong address but have ignored. The name on the letter is asian and they are white british. Would upload letter but not enough memory. What can be done.
  20. Hi, Not sure anyone can help here. Just had (today) a rep from JBW Group knocking on my door requesting that I pay £398.33 for a council tax. Pretended to be a court bailiff to start with, followed by a rep for Hounslow council then an employee for JBW Group. No identification shown at all even though requested. Threats of taking stuff and court were made. After some questioning as I thought it was a load of tosh, I apparently owe council tax or £355.83 + £47.50 in costs dating back to 16/10/2003 which was the "offense date". The sum was issued in 16/9/2004. Now I lived as a pri
  21. Hi All I wondered if someone could give me some urgent advice. Myself and a friend have a joint Motor Trade Insurance policy and we buy and sell cars. My friend was driving his car on Tuesday when he got pulled up at the side of the road by a Police/DSS/Bailiff road block. The JBW bailiff told him that there was outstanding parking fines in the name of the company (would not tell him what vehicles they were for) and said he was seizing his car. My friend disputed this even consulting with the police who said yes its unfair but you have no choice but to pay. Needless to say my friend p
  22. Hi all, I'm hoping that the kind people here can advise me. This afternoon I found a letter pushed through my door in an envelope marked Delivered by hand with a space to write the time and date but none was written. Inside was a Notice of attendance from JBW. The box with details of client and balance etc are typed not written. Myself or my husband have been in the house all day and no one knocked on the door apart from a man about our bins so obviously nothing to do with this letter as he showed me his ID. . Anyway this letter states Balance Before T
  23. Hi all, I have no idea how to deal with my situation and I hope someone could be able to give me some advice. My boyfriend got a parking ticket by Newham London/TFL which he failed to pay on time (December 2011). Marston Group was after him. When he got letter from Marston he paid penalty same day (July). Few days ago he was clamped on the street by JBW. When he asked for what they said that for ticket from December last year. He informed JBW that he already paid this ticket but JBW said that he needs to pay £500 and if he really paid he will get money back. He tried to conta
  24. After having a run in with JBW a while back and i submitted an out of time application I thought all was fine until now someone for JBW has just put a clamp on the car I use, but don't own JBW have been told that I don't own this car so it is quite clear that they are doing this to harass. Aparently my appeal was turned down but this is the first i have heard of it. Were do we go from here as the car cant be towed as it is not mine. This has been done by a Mr steptow/e who is not a registered Bailiff at least not for JBW.
  25. Hello all, I have an outstanding fine for a box junction offence, which i challenged at the time, and the local authority said they would take further.(Islington BC) I cant recollect any correspondence on this matter for 6 months. This morning JBW turned up with van, and wanted to serve a levy. I had no vehicle outside house, and did not let them have access, but they were demanding £785.44. They could produce no paperwork, but he only had details on a smart phone. I told them that i had no money, (unemployed) and that i had not received any recent letters, for their visit. They t
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