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  1. I hope someone can help. My daughters husband had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago today.. All went well on the day. He was fit as a fiddle. Two days ago he was complaining of stomach pain sickness and Diarrhea. also he hands and feet were numb and he was a strange purple colour. This was on the Wednesday at 11 am and my daughter phoned the gp who said it was a gastric flu...She said she wasn't happy and could he make a house call whereupon she was tod they don't do house calls. In the space of time it took to get her 3 year old from nursery and get back some 20 minutes her husband was dead ..She tried cpr and the paramedics tried but he was gone. There will be a post mortem but the coroner thought it was probably a massive bacterial infection from the vasectomy which turned into septis and it killed him in less than 4 hours.. The day before he had been fit and healthy at work.. we will know for sure on Monday My daughter has lost her best friend and is beyond grief they had 7 children and they have lost their dad. were are in complete shock don't know what to do next....will my daughter be able to sue and get some help for her and the children...They have lost the main breadwinner more importantly will we get answers thanks in advance for any advise give
  2. My partner received a letter from the building society today with a letter and a form for him to sign and return.... Declaration of intent to reside /sole residency And a warning that if they found out that there was another occupant residing at the property within 6 months they would take proceeding for fraud...They will be conducting a credit search on him for that time.. I shall have to keep everything in my name at my place and stay on the electoral register etc until the 6 months are up... I have never heard of anything like this before... Our lives are effectively on hold for 6 months... No I checked and no credit search has been done on me ...
  3. I thought It very strange as well...But they were clear that the original mortgage offer of 70,000 would be reduced to 48,000 if I was living with him and not employed...? It isn't a joint mortgage and I just don't get it. I have searched on google about all the new hoops you have to jump through to get mortgages now but nothing like we have encountered.. I am guessing they think he will have to provide for me and this isn't the case at all...I would work when i moved and foster when I am approved. The financial adviser suggested he just say he is single and living alone and not rock the boat...
  4. My boyfriend is in the process of buying a house and had a mortgage offer that is currently with the underwriters. All was going well . But today his financial adviser called him to tell him if I was to be living with him they would reduce the mortgage offer considerably as I am not currantly working... affordability issues. I was made redundant 3 months ago and I am currently going through the process of becoming a foster parent. I have my own property and my boyfriend moved in with me while his house sale was going through and I was going to give this place up and move in with him and foster as planned but this has thrown a spanner in the works. We have no other choice but tell the mortgage company that my partner will live at his new house by himself. Obviously when he has the keys we can do as we please. What I don't understand is... the new house is 50 miles from my currant location and so even if I was in work here I would have to leave as I wouldn't travel 100 round trip everyday. How on earth does this work... Im confused and worried that my partner will have his mortgage offer withdrawn because of me
  5. My next account that I have had with no problems for two years currently stands at about £890... some of which is interest and more recently late payment and insufficient payment charges.. I was working up until a month ago but have since lost my job to ill health.. I also got divorced and family home was sold (no equity) so a lot has happened recently.. I had a breakdown a few years ago and after a long spell of fairly reasonable mental health I have slipped down that black hole again... Subsequently I am currently under the care of the mental health team and on employment support benefit... This next debt is the only one I have...I contacted them in writing and explained that I was a) not working at the moment and b) living at a different address I have given them the new address and explained I will pay them as much as I can ,currently £10 a week and they have written to me at my new address stating that customer services will contact me to discuss payments. I am avoiding their calls as I feel unable to deal with them on the phone right now.. Also how do I stop them from continuing to put these charges on...At this rate I shall never pay anything off. I would appreciate any advise please
  6. I have been on esa for about a year.I have Anxiety disorder ,depression,ptsd and some obsessive behaviour. I was on jsa but couldn't cope with it and had a relapse and ended up where I am today.. The last sick note I had was from 26th may to the 31st august.I was getting paid and the last payment was on the 24th july.I then got a letter saying my sick note would run out on the 26th july and I was to renew it. I rang them and said check my sick note it ran till the 31st August,,,He said he couldn't check it because it would be impossible to trace it?? I said I had a copy should I send to them.. He said a copy was not allowed and to go back to my gp and ask for a replacement copy of my last sicknote which I was to send into esa straight away. It took a few days for my gp to sort this out its a busy practise and eventually sent the new sick not off on the 31st of july.. and got proof of posting. Rang esa today because my payment that should be there today wasn't and they say they havnt received it and to ring Monday it can take 11 working days ? He also said I should have taken it to the jobcentre and they would have scanned it over to them.That is not the information I was given. I am so anxious that they have lost it.
  7. Thankyou I have just emailed them to ask the question
  8. I am moving into a housing association property in July I have been a tenant for over 20 years just exchanging to a different area with my new partner. It appears the new place has prepayment meters and I don't want them Its expensive and I have always paid by direct debit for years.I am with Southern electric and I will be again when I move, as it them have put the prepaid meters in at the request of the tenant there now. Will Southern Electric take them out and put in credit meters allowing me to pay via the bank? Free... I don't see why I should pay as I am a customer of theirs. Any advise is welcome .
  9. I have just spent several long minutes speaking to a british gas adviser and Barclays, about a deal between yourselves and Barclays finance, regarding a boiler I had fitted two years ago... The biggest rip off ever. Not a pleasant conversation as I was being mocked and laughed at until I lost it and asked for a little respect!! Big companies should know better, both big high street names and they come up with deals that are nothing short of daylight robbery. I would have been better off with a Wonga loan and im being serious NEVER again will i have any dealings with British gas or Barclays and I will not hesitate to relate the horror story to warn anyone else against the pitfalls of this issue After 2 and half years I find I have paid £87 off a 2,660 agreement for a new boiler £1273 was interest... For every £49 I paid a month £40 of it was interest.. .I would have been paying that for the next 10 years. I settled the account today and found the settlement fiqure was £2563. I feel slightly ripped off . Neither company gave a damn and were totally disinterested in my grievance. Please people be aware read the small print and do not trust British Gas
  10. I applied for a post as a cook in a nursery 0nly 10 hours a week. Its not in my home town and I gave my boyfriends address as it is literally round the corner. I spend most of my time at his house anyway but pay my council tax and bills at my flat where my grown up son lives. Well now I have to have an enhanced CRB check and they want proof of address.I have nothing in my name at my boyfriends place ,everything is at my flat address. I have a passport (although its in my former name, I have an adoption certificate and loads of utility bills etc for my main residence but nothing with the address that I applied for the job with.. The job offer was on the proviso that I could provide all the necessary documents. What am ii to do, any advise would be greatly appreciated
  11. No meals included and no formal agreements, unless i need to have one in place.
  12. So ,is This is how it works...I take a lodger who pays me £80 a week (seems to be the going rate for round here) I no longer claim job seekers allowance because its classed as an income. I notify the council and i will recieve full housing benefit even though im not in receipt of any benefit... I have typed this details into the benefit checker and it still comes up with you have to pay £12.86 a week for the spare room?? Surely it isnt spare anymore the lodger is in it...
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