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  1. Rohannah


    Hi DX thanks for the tidy up and apologies for meandering , I personally do not think there is anything else to be done with it either it will go where it goes many thanks Ro
  2. Rohannah


    Bandit at the time these were defaulted they were all separate , there was some confusion when they were sent to Metropolitan as the account numbers got mixed up. This was rectified and they got the ppi refund for the card from HSBC which they took off the the loan and overdraft which at that point were still separate. Earlier this year HSBC unexpectedly paid a ppi refund on a separate paid off loan this was deducted from the credit card , no explanation was given. The following month they sold the accounts to Marlin . I'm assuming Metropolitan combined the loan and overdraft , the car
  3. Rohannah


    no not consolidated, card is still separate . The loan and overdraft have been combined probably by Metropolitan and as far as I can gather this was prior to being sold on. I'm re-aquainting myself with it all Ro
  4. Rohannah


    Hello Ford thank you , I have no idea re: the exemption , the loan was circa 2010 . Other threads are on PPI forum and HSBC forum . I apologise for the slow reply we are still dealing with the results of the storms a few months back cheers Ro
  5. Rohannah


    Hi dx yes all sold on now , loan not a managed one. I have no idea when it got combined or why , thanks Ro
  6. Rohannah


    Ok I've had me big think , credit file checked and debts have disappeared ? I'm advising OH to stop payments to bank as he doesn't know where it's going. The DCA seems to be sending letters from two separate offices and one of them appears not to be in the loop ( they use very cheap office paper too ) Have a good weekend folks Ro
  7. Rohannah


    Hi all, my OH's account sold by HSBC to Marlin DCA their letters tell him he must only deal with them in future but to carry on paying HSBC. I sent 2 CCA requests over 3 weeks ago, reply for credit card was "they were referring back to HSBC for the info". The reply for the loan "it's not covered as it is a current account" . I wrote back to query this as it appeared it was the loan and overdraft combined but as my husband had received no notification of this from HSBC I wasn't sure, reply same as above. Letter arrives yesterday complaining that they had r
  8. Hi got answer from DCA regarding CCA's for credit card and loan, the cc was acknowledged but no agreement sent (overdue now ) but not the loan as it has now become a current account which is not covered by the regulations because it does not give credit. I have to assume it has been combined with the overdraft but as no-one notified my husband this was the case I have written a letter to the DCA requesting that they at least provide the signed agreement for it . best wishes to all Ro
  9. Hi Mike, it takes forever to adjust after night shifts , oh is very quiet at the mo I've dashed off a couple of cca requests for him although I'm not sure they achieve anything really .I hope you like living in Wales depending where you are it can be very different hope R gets a decent job soon Ro
  10. Having no willpower I tried every " official "anti smoking aid on the market,, the large tablets burnt my throat the small ones blistered my mouth, the patches blistered my skin , the imitation cig gave me very sore red guppy lips many wasted pounds later I deduced from all this I was allergic to something in them all. I had two things left to try e-cigs or hypnosis so I got a trial pack of e-cigs ( not holding out much hope ) but I have not smoked a real cigarette from that day. I hope government won't get silly about this issue the money that is not going up in smoke is still going
  11. Hi Mike, how are you and your wife these days ? I've been out of the loop for a while but I may be needed to write a few more letters I had a quick tour round the forums this week it doesn't look like it's getting any better to me, Ro -- about to lose it with this charm bar thingy
  12. Hi Brig great to hear from you,it would have been nice if the bank had considered offering the cash but at least it's made a dent in the amount owed. It appears they sold the debts on shortly after they deducted the ppi , c'est la vie as they say Ro
  13. Quick update out of the blue the bank coughed up the PPI and have recently deducted it off the credit card debt, very odd it's not as though they were being chased for it . Hope every one is well Ro
  14. Hi Mike, I think they've got a bit hacked off since then it's not been easy for them you know . MCS was trying to collect on this CC last year but when I wrote and told them they had the wrong account number for the card it was corrected to the number for the OD which was ok except they messed up the amount to be paid. I don't know if you had the same format OH was making payments to HSBC but when the accounts were passed to collections the payments to HSBC bounced back so he knew they definitely had been passed over, to date the CC payments have not bounced b
  15. Thanks for the input, when I put the account into dispute with MCS I did so because in my mind the figure they were attempting to collect on was incorrect and as they appeared to have no knowledge of the complaint being upheld I sent them a copy of the letter from the FOS and explained why I was disputing their right to collect the amount quoted. The bank may have the right of set-off but their in house collection department agreed to suspend collection activities until the matter was clarified, the offer letter from the bank merely states that the offer if accepted
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