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  1. Hi Bankfodder, Thank you so much for your reply. I do believe that Vodafone are aware what they are doing is unlawful and know that it wouldn't hold up in court as everytime a story like this reaches the press or becomes prominent online, they suddenly waive the bill saying 'it is clear the phone was being used as part of an organised crime'. In September 2015 they finally implemented a policy whereby if you notify them within 1 day you only have to pay the first £100 and if you notify them within 5 days you only pay the first £500 - something that the government put pressure on them to enforce way back in 2013 but they somehow got away with doing until now; clearly they make a lot of profit from these incidents. The DCA is lowells which I have read awful things about. If they did decide to take me to court, could I argue that Vodafone should not be enforcing the full bill on me because of the points you made above (plus additional points) or would none of that matter as now apparently they do not own this bill any more (although their name is still on the credit report)? Thanks
  2. Vodafone have put a default on my credit report and are causing me undue stress and anxiety due to a phone I had stolen in Barcelona. The thieves stole my phone and within a few hours racked up a bill over £2,000 by ringing premium numbers and putting them on hold to ring the same numbers - over 900 calls were made. It is clear that my phone was used as some sort of organised crime activity and there have been many cases in the press of Vodafone lumping other people with bills like this, only to waive the bill when brought to the attention of the press. I am now at the point of contacting press as this seems the only way Vodafone comes to a fair decision. I have not long graduated and instead of enjoying being young I am beginning to get depressed - I have debt collectors after me, a ruined credit report and no idea of how to get out of this situation. anyone got any other tips on how to deal with this situation or anyone had a similar experience? Forgot to mention that the incident occurred in September 2014, a default was registered on my report May 2015 and the account was apparently sold on to a DCA in the last few weeks
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